Animal Healing Therapy

Animal Healing

What is the purpose of Animal Healing

The aim of animal & bird healing is to restore homeostasis (balance) within the animal & to assist the body, mind & spirit in regulating itself. Annie believes that the most potent healing available for both animals & humans works on: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual issues. Annie uses the inspirational, beautiful, healing power of Make me a Channel of your Peace – The prayer of St. Francis of Assisi – an amazing animal /bird healer.

Animal healing & communication at Heaven Scent Bliss uses a combination of Kinesiology & most of the complementary therapies that Annie is a Master practitioner in, to provide what is needed to rebalance the missing energies of the animal. Animal healing is about giving pure love & intentions to creatures that usually have no way of voicing what ails them. Annie trained as an animal communicator several years ago & is an intuitive healer in all aspects of her practice.
Benefits of healing

Healing works with the animals own resources aiming to achieve balance within the animal.

• Healing can help with pain relief & boosting the immune system
• Healing can be calming in stress or trauma conditions
• Healing can produce a sense of wellbeing and peace.
• Healing can stimulate tissue and cellular repair.
• Healing is a totally natural treatment that can not only reach an animal’s physical body but also their mental, emotional & spiritual aspects too.
• Healing can help terminally ill animals make their transition from this life to the next.
• Healing can help other therapies work more deeply

What happens during an Animal Healing Appointment

The 1st visit will last approximately 90 mins. Annie will take a comprehensive consultation with you about your animal/ bird. After a thorough consultation she will give healing to your animal accessing the animal’s unconscious mind through the process of Kinesiology.

Your animal will draw the correct amount of healing energy that he or she needs & it will be directed to the appropriate area. During the healing session your animal can be close to Annie or remaining further away, whatever you are most comfortable with.
Your animal will always be able to benefit from the healing energies as Annie uses a body blank similar to that used in crystal therapy / distance healing techniques to apply magnets, crystals, essential oils & essences.

Most animals/ birds respond extremely well to healing. They usually go into a very relaxed state & allow the energies to work at a profound & potent level. After a treatment it is usual that your animal will relax deeply & sleep.
Absent/ distant/ healing.
Absent or distant healing is also available from Annie & works in the same way as physical healing. Annie prefers to work with a good photo whenever possible & she will send the healing to the animal via the photo using the power of Reiki & Sekhem.
If you would like healing for your animal/s please do get in touch. Healing is not an alternative therapy but complementary & should always be used in conjunction with good veterinary advice.

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