Allergy test and corrections
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Ever since a little girl, Annie at Heaven Scent Bliss has helped me with a variety of wonderful treatments. Following the allergy testing, I was able to find a diet plan that suited me and, thanks to Annie, stop me feeling so poorly. I couldn’t recommend higher; a friendly environment with expert treatment. – Jade S

I had non invasive allergy testing with Annie. It was a very informative and relaxing experience. It confirmed my suspicions and also identified other substances and foods that I am intolerant of, which I now avoid. I can highly recommend. – Phyl E

I took my oldest daughter to see the wonderful Annie Day at Heaven Scent Bliss after 4 months of debilitating nightly pains that the hospitals were flummoxed over – Annie undertook a pain-free, non invasive allergy test, gave my daughter a prescription and by the 4th night she was pain free! So I went along too, and after some of my allergies were switched off, I was left with a Rapeseed Oil allergy. Now that this has been removed from my diet the difference in my moods, energy and physical well-being has been noticeable.

My youngest daughter also visited, poor love was diagnosed with many food and animal allergies. Having now addressed these, her asthma and excema are now problems of the past!

I can’t recommend and thank Annie enough. Brilliant. – Kim P

Annie is always warm and welcoming. I’ve had allergy testing and other treatments and always leave feeling so relaxed and much better than when I went! I would recommend Annie and her treatments to anyone who has health or wellbeing concerns. Wonderful caring lady! – Karen D

Annie Day was really lovely. She put me at ease straight away. I didn’t know what to expect, but Annie explained everything fully. Annie did the allergy testing, and found everything I was allergic and intolerant to. My life has changed dramatically, and I feel so much healthier – Alexandra P

I recently had a allergy test done by Annie at Heaven Scent Bliss and I have to say I was a little sceptical at first after the test method done by kinesiology so I went and got a second opinion from apparently ‘The most advanced bio-energetic testing machine, The Asyra Pro’ through a company called about wellness. I couldn’t believe the results as they were practically identical! Annie is absolutely brilliant! She is an angel to talk to and the power of Annie’s abilities are incredible. I would highly recommend Heaven Scent Bliss for anyone who is searching for alternative medical treatments. I will be booking other treatments with them very soon. – Josh J

I had a Health Kinesiology allergy test with Annie last year and it identified foods and pesticides I am allergic to. I’ve made alterations to my lifestyle and the foods I eat and the results have been amazing. The test was completely non-invasive and I would recommend it to anyone looking to understand what they are allergic to. – Rachel R

Allergy testing at Heaven Scent Bliss – LIFE ALTERING!
Report Review All four members of the Wyldbore family have had allergy tests and corrections from the wonderful Annie Day at Heaven Scent Bliss. It solved many problems for us from hay fever to food allergies and both my daughters have seen improvements in their skin, getting rid of blemishes, spots & irritation. I highly recommend getting tested by Annie, it has made a huge difference to all of us. – Penny W

Non-invasive and life changing
Report Review If you are concerned that you may have an allergy to something I cannot recommend Heaven Scent Bliss more. Both myself and my daughter had health kinesiology to determine any allergies we may have with Annie and the results have been life changing. My daughter was only 5 years old and having had the NHS allergy tests as a child myself I was determined that she would not go through that. Annie was wonderful with her and we came out knowing exactly what to eat and not eat to help with the issues we were both experiencing. Wonderful service and definitely the best way to discover if you have any allergies. – Kate B

Allergy Specialist
Report Review Annie is a genuine and lovely caring person. She is a specialist in her field and her knowledge is very thorough. The results she achieves are incredible and consistent. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her. – Richard B

Report Review Annie is a truly inspirational lady. Her treatments tick every box and she cares with such passion that it cannot help but make a difference to your life. I’ve had the allergy testing treatment and it is excellent. HIGHLY recommended! – PJR_B

Energy Medicine
Annie is a very talented and knowledgeable lady who has transformed my life with her therapies. i am now more focused and clear with my thoughts and actions and it is all down to Annie Day. Thank you so much – Ellen xx

Health Kinesiology and Ionic Detox
Today, I am absolutely buzzing. Sun up at 6.30…I’m barefoot with my toes in the dewy grass, grounding myself, face absorbing the fabulous solar energy. I am back to my awesome, powerful Goddess self ❤ Those of you who are still reading, will want to know what has facilitated this long awaited change in Rach?
I’ve been battling with some very dark energy for some time. Whilst I do all I can to dissipate these energies myself, sometimes you need help. Like pushing your car if it breaks down, you can push it yourself but it’s easier with a friend.
Luckily for me, I have a lovely friend, Annie, she is an expert in these matters. 😁
I saw her Monday for a Health Kinesiology session. This is where Annie tunes into the biochemical consciousness of your own cells to find out where the problem areas are and what needs to be done to restore them. I started with an ionic detox, (you soak your feet in a special container) whilst this is happening, I was unloading all my negative emotions in the form of random wittering to Annie. She has the kind of beautiful shiny aura that makes this so easy and you can’t hide anything. It all just comes tumbling out. You are safe and calm in her presence. By the time we had done that the water was like mud!!! A long over due treatment. We then went to Annie’s lovely treatment room. I needed a chakra cleanse and polish, which was done. Then Annie tuned into the things that are hindering my healing process. Again, if you think this is all nonsense, go see for yourself. You can’t kid the universal energies! Annie knew I was still drinking Pepsi max as there was still aspartame in my system. I had eaten bread as I am allergic to it and it’s causing inflammation. Long list of other stuff (none of which I had disclosed!)
Then the best but, I meditated for a while, don’t know how long it was longer than usual because the universal energies and angels conspired to lead Annie’s next patient to postpone as they obviously knew I needed the treatment that Day more than they did. They are all seeing all knowing and make stuff happen!
Annie has placed cosmic batteries in my hand and a bag full of the correct items I needed on my navel. While I was meditating, I was getting massive amounts of bright green healing energy from Archangel Raphael. After a few minutes an intense blackness was creeping over me. I kept calm as I knew I was safe and protected. I started to shake and yawn so much my eyes watered. I became aware of a figure manifesting to my left hand side. It began to drag the dark energy from me. For a few minutes I felt really nauseous, my throats felt tight and my head again to pound. There was suddenly a big whooshing sound and all the blackness was gone and replaced by the bright green light and flashing golden sparkles. The figure by my side??? It was Anubis, who is now my private sentinel and is guarding and protecting me. Two days of sleeping had revived me from the exhausting experience and hence the new improved positive, beautiful Rach is here. Many blessings on you Annie my lovely Goddess friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️ – Rachel Sturman-Panter

Allergy Testing and corrections
Thank you Annie for your gentle, kind approach to my ongoing treatments. It is reassuring to know that all the advice I’m receiving is benefiting my health and well being. It amazes me sometimes the extent to your knowledge and passion of complimentary therapy, thank you for sharing this with me.
Patient for 9 years – Joanne Felton

Kinesiology and Ionic Detox
Here’s just a few words just explaining my experience with Annie day at
heavenscentbliss , What an amazing experience !!
Annie made me feel completely comfortable and so welcome and friendly on my
1st visit but I didn’t know what to expect!
My symptoms were feeling like I was 90 my bones ached , I was completely
lethargic and my stomach was always bloated and uncomfortable I really
didn’t feel like a woman in early 40s , I explained my situation as I had to
do something about it as I was 3 months pregnant with little Alfie I just
couldn’t go on , I had tried conventional medicine but never got the right
diagnosis so here’s what Annie did …. after a consultation she took me to
her treatment room where she diagnosed me by using kinesiology muscle
testing technique, she performed an allergy test and to my surprise I had
many allergies from gluten dairy soya MSG aspartame and many more , my
body was also telling her other things such as needing a body detox , she
performed the body detox with ionised detox spa treatment and switched off
many of my allergies , after the treatment I felt amazing better than I had
in a long time .
I then cut out of my diet all the allergies that Annie couldn’t switch as
they’re here for the foreseeable future …and to this day I feel just
amazing Annie will always recommend you drinking pure good quality water as
this also helps with detox and clear your body .
I would highly recommend Annie to everyone as this is the most natural way
you can heal ,she’s friendly and very professional, all the family use Annie
now and I wouldn’t go back to conventional medicine ever .
Thank you Annie Day for showing us the way we are very blessed xx – Deb Whittaker

Kinesiology and energy medicine
A massive thank you to my lovely teacher and beautiful friend , and soul sister who took the afternoon out to teach me some amazing natural healing I’m so full of gratitude for this lady in my life just because she’s just so wonderful and spot on with all she shows me , I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and presence in my life and just wanted to say I love you ❤ I want to tell the world I love you ❤️ just because your you . Thankyou Annie Day you are a star xxxxx 🙏🏼💋 – Deb Whittaker

Allergy test and corrections
I’ve had an allergy test and corrections done for a number of things
especially an allergy to cats that was making me feel really poorly After
Annie Days Allergy corrections I’ve been great She’s brilliant and it was
relaxing and very thorough Thank you Annie I’ll be recommending you to
everyone I know who has similar issues Thank you Annie

Indian Head Massage
I was given a voucher for an Indian head
massage as a birthday present from Annie Day. I went in feeling stressed out
and agitated and came out feeling very relaxed and peaceful I’ll be back
soon for another Amazing Annie Day XX – Catherine Marsh Penkridge

Health Kinesiology
I’ve had all sorts of different treatments to overcome arthritic pain in my
back from osteopaths to massage therapists and nothing worked long term
until I found Annie Day I’ve had 3 HK sessions and am felling so happy and
pain free I cannot thank you enough Annie You are a star – Teresa Chandler

I’m in awe of the amazing Annie Day I went for a treatment feeling lost
vulnerable and low in mood and came out feeling full of joy, hope and
excitement for the future I really cannot believe how different I feel
Thank you Annie I can’t wait for my next appointment You truly are an Angel
– Love from Charlotte (Castelhead) Stone Jan

I came to see Annie as I was having problems with ED that
was causing problems for my partner and I. I felt much more positive from
the very first treatment and the issue has now been resolved Were both very
grateful for Annie’s gentle effective treatment that has made such a
positive difference Thank you Annie Can’t recommend you enough Best wishes
– John XX Stoke on Trent

Would just like to compliment you on your fabulous business. Your services
are professional, caring, and boy oh boy do you know your stuff. I cannot
praise Heaven Scent Bliss highly enough. Thank you Annie – Neil xx , Lichfield