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I am naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, meaning I can see, hear and sense by touch, the past, present and future. I have been able to communicate with the Spirit world since I was a child, I communicate with all types of Spirit beings, Angels, Fairies, people who have passed over, Spirit guides, Gods, Goddesses, Tree Spirits, Elementals, and Ascended Masters.

I am also a natural born Witch and have a strong connection to nature and Magick.

I use my Magickal energies to enhance my psychic abilities and create Magick Spells.

I have worked as a Complementary Therapist, Healer and White Witch for many years and own Heaven Scent Bliss our spirituality centre.

I dance to the sound of my own drum. I am the sort of psychic and white Witch who lives close to nature; I do readings and spells because it is my gift to share. I live a simple life that is dedicated to Spiritual wisdom and Spiritual fulfilment.

I offer a selection of different readings and spells to suit all needs and tastes.

I will tell you what is revealed to me, both good and challenging. If something negative does come up in your reading then I will help you to look at positive ways in which you can deal with the issue and move forward easily, gracefully and effectively.

In all the readings I give I ask that divine love, joy and light will shine through to light your path and that spiritual wisdom illuminates your heart.

With Love Light and Sparkly Blessings

Quizanne X

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