Heaven Scent Bliss Allergy Treatment

Allergy Therapy

What is the purpose of Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is done using gentle muscle testing and energy assessment techniques from Health Kinesiology that identify those foods and other substances which are too challenging for your body to deal with and may therefore be contributing to your symptoms. 

We monitor the body’s response when we place a sample of a potential allergen on the body, just below the navel. Avoiding or limiting the foods or allergens you are sensitive to, while supporting the underlying causes of your health problem, is a simple, first step to better health. 

All samples remain sealed in glass vials so there is no chance of a reaction and no use of needles, blood testing or scratching. Most people find the experience relaxing and intriguing, all done in an hour with results given on the spot.

Allergy Relief

Health Kinesiology (HK) can also be used to give relief to the allergy(ies) you suffer from. Besides avoiding strong triggers, the wisdom of your muscles will reveal what you can do to reduce your intolerance threshold, including lifestyle changes that are synergistic with reducing your symptoms.

What happens during an Allergy Testing Appointment

Your first visit will be slightly longer than subsequent treatments because it includes an assessment. As HK Allergy Testing is a holistic therapy all aspects of your lifestyle will be taken in to account, including such things as diet and general medical history.

The number of further treatments will vary according to each individual’s needs, how long a particular condition has lasted and how quickly the body is able to respond. So this is something that will be discussed during the consultation

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