art of manifesting
Art of Manifestation Workshop
Personal & Professional Success

Based on: “The Secret”, “Law of Attraction and Vibration”, “The Vortex” “Cosmic Ordering”, “The Biology of Belief”.

Heaven Scent Bliss 3 Nesbitt Close Stafford ST17 9TP
07869 123065

Do you want more results personally & professionally?
Do you want to boost your energy level, confidence, trust & belief in yourself?
Strengthen and build solid confidence & self-esteem to take control.
Change your results by changing your self-image.
Control your thinking.
Uncover and smash your own self-made obstacles & limiting values. If so this is the course for YOU

I recognize the power of my thoughts.
Whatever I think can be achieved

Venue: Heaven Scent Bliss
Call to Book 07869 123065

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