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Recently, I adopted a puppy. Taking him out on his walks every day, made me realise a startling fact. I don’t spend enough time outdoors in nature. I believe in our busy lives, a lot of us are guilty of the same thing.

This morning, I took the pup out early, it was chilly, but the sun was just creeping over the horizon. The air was crisp and filled with anticipation for the new day. I was struck by the beauty of it all, with the light glistening on the dew like a generous sprinkling of faerie magic. It was truly breathtaking. I wanted to stay in that moment forever, let the pup off his lead, to run around madly and explore for hours, bounding and sniffing, revelling in the joy nature brings. (More training is required first). In that moment I wanted to lose myself too.

I was reminded how much we need nature in our lives. How beneficial it is for our health and wellbeing. Nature is a powerful medicine, that works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is however very under utilised. We owe it to ourselves to tap into this abundant resource, to become our healthiest, higher selves. Many of us try to eat as healthily as possible, do exercise, drink plenty of water, but nature should be right up there at the top of the list of an holistic approach to healing. We are all deeply rooted in nature, whether we feel it or not. Getting back to source gives your soul essence an amazing cleanse.

I was lucky enough to grow up in an old Victorian property. It is actually a former vicarage. It’s grounds and that of the adjoining church are surrounded by ancient Yew trees. As a child, I was obviously not aware of the significance of this. Yews are used to ward off evil and negativity. They were placed each side of every access entrance to the land of the consecrated ground. I only knew that I felt drawn to them. I would spend hours sitting under their branches, reading my books or talking to my “imaginary friends.” I felt safe and calm.

As an adult, this attachment to trees intensified along with my other spiritual beliefs and practices. I am lucky enough to now live back in the countryside surrounded by them. I had to spend 5 years living in a town due to personal circumstances. I struggled really badly and it had a severe affect on my physical and mental health. I need to at least be able to see trees!!

Trees provide not only oxygen, shelter, food, wood etc, but also give off healing energy to all living beings that interact with them. It is specifically these vibrational frequencies that provide healing. As all trees vibrate at different frequencies, each species brings its own unique healing abilities and applications. Scientists are now beginning to catch up with us tree hugging hippies! Clinical research has been consistently returning the same results that Shamans and healers have been producing for millennia. Trees heal!!

There are many ways we can make time to reconnect with nature and specifically trees. We neglect to do so however, allowing our busy schedules to take over. If long walks in forests, tree hugging or even adopting puppies is not practical for you, there is another powerful alternative…..
I have had numerous tree spirit healing sessions with Annie at Heaven Scent Bliss.

They have never failed to yield profoundly amazing results. Annie uses a combination of tree essences, tree spirit symbols, tree witnesses, oracle cards and divination, depending on your individual needs at the time. Each treatment is intuitive and bespoke. As a Wiccan High Priestess, I resonate highly with this form of healing. It has never failed to boost my health and energies on all levels.

I have been so in awe of the power of this healing, I decided to attend on of the Tree Spirit Healing Workshops presented by Annie. I wished to gain the knowledge and techniques to expand my skills matrix.

During the course, we learned relaxation and divination techniques. How to make and utilise different tree essences. The healing properties of different species. Tree mantras, tree spirit symbols, runes and discover effective healing pathways that heal mind, body and spirit. In my opinion, the workshop is a must!

I have noticed on the Heaven Scent Bliss Facebook page, that Annie is able to offer workshops “off prospectus” to suit your own schedule. She can deliver them to groups of four or more either at HSB or in your own home, (subject to availability) How fab is that?!

For those of you feeling “bleh” as the nights get darker and the weather cooler, give yourself a time out to renew and revive your energies. Book a tree spirit healing or do the workshop. In the meantime….go hug trees!
Tree Spirit - Shamans

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