The more joyful sex you have the better you feel in every way   Sex is a great immune system stimulator so whilst you are giving and receiving pleasure and enjoying sex you are actually taking good care of yourself and ensuring you fight off infections too. According to Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a… Read More


We all need vitamin D3 whatever our age and especially when we are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety or depression. We are particularly vulnerable to S A D during the winter months as we are unable to have as much sunlight as we need.. Our bodies obtain vitamin D3 which strictly speaking is a… Read More

peaceful sanctuary

I have prepared some simple tips on how to help you stay positive and maintain a strong immune system during this challenging period. 1) Take a walk in nature or at the local park If possible, try to talk a walk daily, but avoid crowded places. Movement helps improve blood circulation; the sun will help… Read More


According to official data 72% of women and 52% of men in the UK are failing to consume sufficient dietary magnesium. 25 years ago we could have eaten a portion of broccoli and a portion of spinach daily, which would have been sufficient for our magnesium requirements. However, because our soil quality is so poor… Read More

Keep Calm Christmas Bauble

10 Commandments for reducing stress over Christmas 1. Smell sweet orange or mandarin essential oil. Give yourself instant joy. 2. Go to bed before midnight. Your body and mind will rest and recuperate. 3. Let go of expectations. Just enjoy the moment 4. Exercise and feel those delicious endorphins. 5. Eat healthy, meals – yes… Read More

Orgasmic Health

Here is the ultimate resource produced by Annie for you to achieve the best health by following her guidelines. This book contains nearly two decades of clinical experience that she has found that help her clients get really healthy. Written in straightforward language to direct you in ways that are practical and do-able as you… Read More

Raising Your Vibration

A number of us are guilty of not paying much attention to our vibrational frequency. Many people just aren’t aware of the affect it can have on our overall wellbeing. The science bit! Everything is made up, of a bunch of atoms, floating around in time and space, mostly surrounded by air. These atoms are… Read More

Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil has a multitude of properties to boost the mind, body and spirit. Here are 10 of the main benefits, showing what a great all-rounder it is: 1. Aphrodisiac Well, it is nearly Valentine’s Day and roses are associated with romance for a reason… the scent of rose essential oil has been proven… Read More

lose weight

Over-indulged at Christmas?  Try these tips to help you lose weight naturally. Take in most of your calories before noon. Studies show that the more you eat in the morning, the less you’ll eat in the evening Cut down on the carbohydrates by bulking up your meals with vegetables. Sniff peppermint oil. Peppermint oil can help control appetite… Read More


Relationship Success Blockers For a long time, Claire didn’t know why all her relationships failed. After two failed marriages and a few unsuccessful relationships in between, Claire came to me, desperate to understand where she was going wrong. I used kinesiology to determine what was blocking Claire’s success in the area of relationships. During the… Read More

Relaxing Christmas Tips

Here are some tips to help you remain stress free in the run-up to Christmas! However busy you are, take a 10-minute walk, preferably in nature This could be during your lunch hour. Take a good multi-vitamin and multi-mineral. Particularly make sure you are getting enough vitamin D3. Low levels of vitamin D3 have been… Read More

Her Majesty's Prison

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to deliver relaxation therapies to certain groups of people who need it most. In my 19 years as a complementary therapist, I’ve found that one of those groups of people is prison officers, and I feel very blessed that I’m regularly invited into… Read More

3 Nesbitt Close

I’m very excited to announce that Heaven Scent Bliss will be at new premises from Saturday 30th September. The new address will be: 3 Nesbitt Close Stafford ST17 9TP The new place (a bungalow) has so many good features, the main ones being: 2 dedicated parking spaces for use by clients (you can see them… Read More


The Law of Attraction is based on the quantum physics phenomenon that our thoughts become our reality. Focus on the things we want and positive outcomes – and these are exactly what we will get. “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass” – Paul J… Read More

energetic protection

The reason for me writing this blog is that the majority of my patients are sensitive people who are badly affected by other people’s negativity and emotions. If we are absorbing others emotions and sometimes their symptoms it is very difficult for us to maintain perfect health. It is also quite difficult to know which… Read More

Here are some of the conditions that have been shown through research to benefit from a balanced increase of water Angina – caused by water shortage in the heart and Lung axis. Arthritis-caused by dehydration in the joint cavities Asthma-caused by drought management programmes in the body Autoimmune diseases Back pain caused by water shortage… Read More

From January 2015 until the weekend of September 18th I was planning and preparing to leave a relationship of many decades that sadly was neither loving nor respectful. I was aided in my escape by many friends who offered their love support and practical assistance which enabled me to escape safely to a new home… Read More

When your darkest cloud looms and you cant see the silver lining Just remember in the distance is the sun and when it feels like the worlds turning to the beat of a different drum Just remember to keep smiling and remember the best is yet to come Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely… Read More

Whatever you vividly imagine Ardently Desire Sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass Paul J Myers Success is doing the best you can do in as many ways as you can It is being honest just and true Always look forward and never look back Whatever it is that you seek… Read More

The Old Church, a beautiful deconsecrated church in Gailey, Staffordshire, is home to Magenta Circle.  Magenta Circle is a forum for people who are interested in metaphysical subjects such as Sacred Geometry, the Knights Templar and The Holy Grail, and it hosts speakers from all over the country. Built on the Rodbaston Estate in 1849… Read More

How about a quick and simple glass of warm lemon water with Himalayan salt? This simple drink can boost your morning health and wellness regimen — and it’s so easy to make. There are a number of professional athletes and Olympians who start their morning with lemon and salt water, which may say something about… Read More

1. You improve your concentration. We live in a hectic world these days. Our concentration is often incredibly split between work, home, electronics, and other stimuli. When you sit down and focus on one thing, like coloring, it improves your ability to focus elsewhere. 2. You unleash your inner creativity. Coloring inside or outside the… Read More

Can All Vaginas Handle Big Penis Lifestyle penis size Erections: ED & Lasting Longer PC Muscle & Vaginal Tightness… Read More

10 Reasons Why We All Should Be Eating Ginger Ginger is a well loved, tried and tested, flavoursome spice that has been revered for a myriad of health benefitsthroughout the aeons. It is mentioned in ancients texts and has been prized by many different cultures as long as mankind can remember. Ginger is zingy and warming,… Read More

Whilst forgiveness may be instant in some cases, it can certainly involve stages, rather like grief. Trying to forgive through a wall of anger, for example, is unlikely to work. You may need to process feelings, give yourself space and time for healing and reflection, perhaps look at a possible bigger picture for deeper understanding, and asking for divine support… Read More

logo_Heaven Scent Bliss

I have been a therapist for several years. As a Holistic Therapist I utilise my skills and experience to develop a totally unique programme tailored to each individual patient. My business journey started in 1998 when I won a contract to work for Children In Need and Comic Relief as a Children’s Worker at a… Read More

Gentle Care

As a complementary therapist I have worked at Compton hospice for 5 years with acute terminal illness and respite care patients. The main factor for the underlying “Dis-ease” is anger which has been unexpressed and turned in on ourselves. Often this was even more problematic and complex as patients remembered past neglect and abuse issues… Read More


Some people love beautiful clothes, others like expensive wine. Me? – Well, my passion’s a bit barking. You see I love trees. Yew, birch, oak …. you name them, i adore them. It all started when I was four years old and my grandfather built me a tree house in his back garden. I spent… Read More

I have been a complementary therapist since 1999 and is still as passionate and energetic as I was at the start of my career. Unfortunately many of my fellow students and colleagues are no longer in practise and the reason for this is that they did not learn to protect themselves from others energies. When… Read More

Erectile Dysfunction

I’m starting an MSc in September 2009, in Sexual and Spiritual Health and any input from other Kinesiologists would be most welcome. I have been getting clients presenting with: migraines, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive complaints and skeletal problems over the last 3 years on a fairly regular basis. After their initial session it has… Read More

hand reflexology

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the whole of the body is represented on the soles and tops of the feet. Therefore, a reflexologist massaging the feet can massage the entire body. Massage helps to boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and aids relaxation. This same complementary therapy can be carried out on the hands. Annie Day,… Read More

green health

We should all get out and enjoy the natural world, a walk in the woods is good for mind and body Many of today’s pharmaceuticals are derived from trees. Aspirin comes from willow bark; yews are the source of Taxol, used in the treatment of some cancers; ginkgo biloba improves circulation; tea tree oil is… Read More