A visit to the beach. Does this conjure visions of an annual event, involving a car load of children/toys/bedding/provisions etc. Spending a week all confined into a small space. Too much alcohol being consumed and everyone returning home sunburned and grumpy?

beach_pebblesOr, like me, do you take time out for yourself to recharge and de-stress. You don’t need a week, a day trip is good. For me beaches are my favourite places on this beautiful earth. I don’t sunbathe, my fair-skinned, freckle faced, Celtic self does not permit, but my heart draws me back as often as I can manage.
The beach is a magical and spiritual place. A place where all four elements converge. A place for powerful transformations. The water from the ocean crashes or laps against the shore. The sand is warm beneath your feet, feel it between your toes. The breeze drifts in from the sea, moistening your face with salty air and the fiery sun blazes down on your face. What an amazing combination of magical goodies, right there, waiting for you.

Next time you visit, plan time to benefit from this magic. Go for a walk at sunrise, when everything is still new and fresh. Take a small container with you to fill with sand. This can be used at home for magic that incorporates the four elements. The same with a bottle of ocean water. Sand can also be used to cast a circle once you get home, for magical workings.

Beach-shellsCollect a few seashells. These provide protection, particularly for your home. Position them around your house or use to make amulets for yourself, family, friends, pets etc or in vehicles. They are also the symbol for the Goddess of love, Aphrodite, so can be used in workings related to love and passion.
Do you have someone negative in your life that you would like to banish? Write their name in the sand near the shoreline. Stand and watch the sand wash the name away, along with the negativity connected to it.
Similarly, if there is something you need to let go of in your life, any limiting thoughts or beliefs, the ocean can help. In many traditions, 9 is a magical number. Write the issue on a stick or piece of driftwood. Stand at the shoreline and focus your intent on letting go. Count 9 waves. On the last wave, throw the stick as far as you can out to sea and watch as the waves take your problems far, far away.

beach-dolphinsPebbles, shells can all be used for divination. Stone divination (lithomancy) is an ancient skill. Google will tell you more!!
Gifts from the beach can be used to make a protective “witch bottle.” Unlike the traditional ones, filled with vinegar or even urine and sharp objects like rusty nails, use the lovely things you find. Gather sharp bits of broken shells, pieces of broken coral (already broken and on the shore) stray shark teeth maybe? Put them all together in a bottle and fill up with sand and sea water. Once sealed, this can be used against psychic attack.

The beach is my absolute favourite place to meditate, particularly at sunset. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to experience some awesome ocean sunsets. Three on my favourite list are on, or just off the coast of Ibiza! If you go there try a boat trip off the coast of Sunset Strip – San Antonio. There are dolphins too if you are lucky.

beach_drummingThe cliffs above Cala Tarida beach are witness to breath-taking sunsets, but without a doubt, one of the most profoundly spiritual experiences of my life so far, has been listening to the Sunday evening drummers on Benirras Beach as the sun went down. (Have a look on YouTube)

Wherever your favourite beach is, try a few of these things. You don’t need a whole holiday, a day trip would do. Whenever I’m done at the beach and getting ready to leave, I like to give thanks in my own small way for the magical treasures it has bestowed upon me, by collecting a bag of litter. Always leave places as you would like to find them.

If any if this resonates with you, yet you have not had chance to think of a beach visit so far, you could always book a seashell healing treatment with Annie? Protection, healing, nurturing and relaxation and you only have to travel as far as HSB in Stafford.


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