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What are Card Readings?

My name is Annie Day and I am Your Spiritual Guidance Coach through the medium of providing you with clarity and guidance using several different types of spiritual guidance cards. Thank you for deciding to look at the Heaven Scent Bliss website today and for deciding to allow yourself this unique opportunity to connect with Your Angels and Spiritual guides. I have been blessed over the last 13 years to conduct in-person, telephone and Skype Angelically inspired readings that have helped numerous people to accept guidance and support from their Angels and guides. This has meant that they were able to find answers and solutions that have helped them address and solve everyday life issues and challenges.

Through an Angel/ Spiritual guidance card reading, we will find YOU the Spiritual guidance you are seeking, especially during any challenging, difficult times for you now. We all have Angels and spiritual guides that are waiting to help us immediately. They love to help you, and they are so good at assisting you when you simply ask for, a reading they are there immediately ready to give you hope & clarity for the future. Whatever reason it is that you are seeking Angelic / Spiritual guidance for–YOUR angels are here to help you right now. If you are looking for healthy relationships, career guidance, an increase in financial abundance, healing for a specific issue or general spiritual guidance, the help you seek is here now through an intuitive Angelic/ Spiritual card reading. This Heaven Scent Bliss site is truly and magically the home of YOUR Angelic Guidance.

The Angel Commitment

You will be treated with sensitivity and understanding. You can ask any questions that are on your mind and I will do my best to provide you with the answers you seek, using my psychic and clairvoyant powers plus a variety of Angelic /Spiritual guidance cards. Rest assured that all of my work for you is strictly confidential.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

I make no extravagant claims and simply state the fact that the majority of my clients return for further work, which I feel, speaks for itself. Please see our testimonial section for further information.

Relationship Specialist.

A great deal of my work has been connected with helping people with their relationships. I have worked in this area for several years now and my relationship readings, support and advice are well known and have been genuinely helpful. For those that are looking for a little extra help. You may wish to also look at my Wiccan Magick section on our website. My spell work is conducted mainly working with the Angelic, Faery and Elemental realms in nature and as a Practising White witch I also carry out other types of magick and excel at weather spells and Love and Sex magic spells. Here are some of the packs of guidance cards you can expect to be using in your bespoke guidance card reading with Annie Day at Heaven Scent Bliss.
Card Readings Angel/ Spiritual Guidance card readings are relevant if you are particularly drawn to Angels, are feeling stuck within a certain situation, you’re at a crossroads or are looking for general guidance and assistance in your life.

My readings generally last for an hour and if you are unable to be with me in person, these readings may take place over the telephone, SKYPE or by email.

PLEASE NOTE – that by law, I have to inform you that any reading you purchase from me should be viewed as “entertainment” only. Any reading is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, legal or financial consultation. My readings are not legally binding and it is important to remember that, ultimately, YOU have the free-will and choices to choose the path(s) that you follow in your own life.

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