I have been a complementary therapist since 1999 and is still as passionate and energetic as I was at the start of my career. Unfortunately many of my fellow students and colleagues are no longer in practise and the reason for this is that they did not learn to protect themselves from others energies.

When your patient, family member, friend is distressed we liken it to them “drowning” if you get in the water with them you too will drown So the healthier option is to throw them a lifeline, a raft, a branch or a rope whilst you stay safe on the bank. TO do this you will still be as compassionate and empathetic as always but you will protect your energies form others grief, loss or anger issues as when you are absorbing others emotions it is difficult to discern which are you’re own emotions and which are others which can be disconcerting to say the least!

energy protectionWe recommend that each morning as part of your daily cleansing routine you Imagine surrounding the whole of your physical body and aura in a strong bubble with a hard protective coating on it & fill it with the light of any colours that resonate with you, experiment with what feels best for you.
Or imagine putting on your armour which covers all of your body and aura.

One of our students imagines a pink lobster shell covering her entire being and aura and this works really well for her. – Be as imaginative as you can. My personal favourite (as I am an angel worker), is to ask Archangel Michael to protect me and to wrap his blue cloak of protection around me It feels divine and very comforting. You can also us Reiki, Sekhem or Rune symbols to protect you And yew tree leaves, twigs and Rosemary have been used for thousands of years as protectors!

In December 2009 we found the following Prayer for protection “I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the guides upstairs, and most especially to the members of my spiritual ‘A’ team. I request that they provide me with power, protection, and support as I engage in spiritual fieldwork. I also ask that my vibration be set on high allowing my travelling soul to journey into spiritual realms in complete safety while my physical body awaits my return surrounded by a perimeter of protection I offer my profound gratitude in advance.

Thank you.

Happy journeying

With love light and sparkly blessings
from Annie Day
of Heaven Scent Bliss

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