As a complementary therapist I have worked at Compton hospice for 5 years with acute terminal illness and respite care patients. The main factor for the underlying “Dis-ease” is anger which has been unexpressed and turned in on ourselves.

Often this was even more problematic and complex as patients remembered past neglect and abuse issues whilst being treated for their terminal illness.

This happened so frequently, that I started logging these incidences.

It may be that the “dis-ease” causes patients to feel dis-empowered and this prompts memories of other times when they experienced feeling dis-empowered. Many of the treatments for terminal illness are invasive and don’t respect the individuals dignity which adds fuel to the fire.

Some of the herbal remedies that assist in returning the body back to its vital homoeostasis are co-enzyme Q10 at highest mg possible (100mg 3x daily), Siberian ginseng 1000mg 2 x daily, Gentle Vit C 10000 mg can be taken every hour that the patient is awake as its water soluble so anything the body doesn’t need will be urinated out.

For each individuals amounts/ combinations you can either muscle test or dowse to get this exactly right.

For treating MRSA which patients with compromised immunity systems are often prone to I used Tee tree and May Chang essential oils to cleanse the patients room it can be made up into a spray to use for airborne aid, as a spray to deodorise the patients room and can be used neat on door handles and equipment.

I also had a patient with a fungating lesion to the face and as the odour of the wound was problematic for him and his family. I would put a few drops onto the edges of the dressing and on tissue paper on radiators/window sills so that the antibiotic, antiseptic, anti viral and anti fungal properties could be breathed in by all visitors to the room and the tee tree actually stimulates the immunity system and the fragrance is a citrus smell, so a clean and fresh fragrance too.

translucent flowerThe best advice for all patients with a terminal illness is to have complementary therapies – it doesn’t really matter which the patient chooses as these help the patient to relax and when we are relaxed our immunity system works at maximum potency.

I hope that helps,
Best wishes –

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