It’s true to say I’ve been a little frazzled recently, so a crystal therapy session with Annie at Heaven Scent Bliss sounds very appealing. Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system, which treats the body and mind with the precise placement of crystals on and around the body. Since this holistic treatment is concerned with physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, it is just the thing to calm and re-energise me at the end of a very trying week.

crystalAnnie is as welcoming as ever. After a chat about life in general (and a cuddle of the teddy she is sending to her grandson in Indonesia), we step into her treatment room and I lie down on the couch. I have an hour and a half while my daughter is at her drama lesson, so I’m going to enjoy this.

Annie takes out a blue stone pendant on a chain, which I learn is a dowser. I’d always thought a dowser was used to find water, but this one seems to have an entirely different job. Annie holds the dowser near to me and it swings in a circular motion. As Annie asks it a series of questions, the dowser responds. To answer ‘yes’, it continues to spin round and round, and to answer ‘no’, it moves backwards and forwards. Annie is asking the dowser which crystals she should use to treat me, and in what order the session should proceed.

Once Annie has determined all aspects of my treatment, she takes the crystals she needs from a set of drawers and arranges them around me on the couch. The pattern in which the crystals are arranged is called a layout. Some of the layouts are quite intricate. The one Annie uses first is called the Seal of Solomon, based on a 6-pointed Star of David and commonly used to balance the chakras. The dowser has indicated that I need a garnet at the centre of this star. I happen to love the rich red colour of garnets, but never imagined I’d be balancing one on my stomach! At 2 finger-widths below my navel, the garnet is placed at my ‘CV6 download point’ – an acupressure point that revives the body’s healing process. Annie then places 6 clear quartz crystals around my body at each of the points of the star. As soon as the last crystal is in position, Annie begins to yawn – and yawn very loudly! Luckily, I know from previous treatments that this isn’t a sign she’s bored of my company! It is, instead, a sign that she is feeling a positive shift in my energy. Almost immediately too, my stomach starts rumbling – another sign that change is taking place. I feel confident that the crystals are working their magic.

garnetThe garnet is a powerful, energising stone, Annie reads from her crystal book. It is useful in a crisis, fortifies the survival instinct and brings hope and courage. Sounds good to me. I have an event coming up where a boost of courage wouldn’t go amiss.
The dowser is consulted again and my second ‘crystal doorway’, as Annie calls it, is going to activate my personal potential. I like the sound of that. In a business like mine, which relies on your personal knowledge and creativity, self-development is important. I hop off the couch so that Annie can put down a yellow cloth. This enhances the effect of the crystals in this particular layout. I lie back on the couch and Annie places 5 rose quartz and 5 clear quartz crystals (with points inwards) in very specific positions in contact with my body. Two of them are even taped between the tendons of my first and second toes on each of my feet! Annie explains that this layout clears emotional blocks, cleanses and heals and helps to develop any suppressed skills. It will help me to see more clearly, recognise who I really am and understand what it is possible for me to achieve. Powerful stuff!

crystal mixThe final crystal layout is what Annie calls the heart chakra template. This has everything to do with the heart in both a physical and emotional respect. This time, Annie places the crystals very close together. A rose quartz is placed at the centre of my chest and 4 clear quartz crystals (with points outwards) are placed around it to make a cross. Another diagonally arranged cross is made at 45 degrees to the first with smoky quartz crystals (I told you some of the layouts were intricate!) This will bring a sense of wholeness and peace. I’ve been feeling the stresses of the week gradually melt away throughout the session and I’m hoping this final layout will completely restore balance. As with the previous layouts, Annie yawns and my stomach rumbles along in accompaniment. But I’m glad to hear that positive change is taking place!

As I leave to collect my daughter from drama, my own personal dramas seem much less important now. Peace and order has been restored. And so, with a renewed sense of hope and purpose, I drive away from the little sanctuary that is Heaven Scent Bliss and thank my stars (and crystals) that all is well with the world once more.

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