sekhemI struggle with mindfulness. I’ve got the meditation apps and I’ve tried yoga, but I find it difficult to completely empty my mind. I start off with all good intentions and even do the deep breathing, but before I know it, I’m working through a knotty problem at work or wondering what to buy for tea. At the moment, my mind is especially busy with an imminent house move and a new business. I was thinking the other day that if only I could crack this mindfulness lark, I might sleep better, instead of lying awake going through a never-ending to-do list. And then, a strange thing occurred. On Saturday, I had an Egyptian Sekhem session with Annie Day at Heaven Scent Bliss – and within an hour I was embracing mindfulness like a Buddhist monk. This is what happened:
The ever-generous Annie greets me with a piece of gluten-free carrot cake and a cup of herbal tea. Annie is telling me about her forthcoming trip to Indonesia to see her grandson. Her anecdotes about previous visits there have us laughing, and soon I’m swept up in her excitement. While we talk, I temporarily forget all the things I have to achieve over the weekend – paperwork, housework, ironing, work for clients, packing a bag for my daughter, who is going on a school trip….
Annie and I go through to the treatment room. I haven’t had Sekhem before, but I have had Reiki, and I’ve been told it’s fairly similar. I can either sit up for this treatment or lie on the couch. I choose to lie down and Annie covers me with a blanket, while my mind rakes over the order in which I’ll tackle all my jobs this afternoon. Annie puts some oil from a small vial onto the palms of her hands. It is Sirius essence, made with vodka. Egyptian Sekhem, Annie tells me, is linked to the star system Sirius. This is where the Sekhem energy comes from. It flows through the practitioner to the patient, leaving them with the feeling of having had eight hours sleep. I’m all for that!
Sekhem, Annie explains, works on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. She asks me to set my intention for the outcome of this treatment. I’ve been suffering with a virus recently and it’s left me low on energy, so I’ve been eating high fat and sugary foods to compensate. I want to focus on a return to good health. Annie stands at the foot of the couch and puts her hands around my feet. They are lovely and warm on my forever-cold extremities. After a few minutes, she moves up to my ankles, and then, once another few minutes have passed, she moves on to my shins. We chat as Annie makes her gradual progress up my body. Like with Reiki, once you’ve set your intention, Sekhem works its magic whether you’re quiet or talking during the treatment.
buddhist_monkAnnie tells me that Sekhem literally means ‘power of the might’. It is a powerful, transformational energy that was practised by the priesthood in Ancient Egypt, and can be passed from person to person through an attunement process similar to Reiki. Sekhem is associated with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet was a warrior and is depicted with a sword, which she uses to cut away all negativity. It is only once this negativity has been removed that we can receive unconditional love. Sekhem is therefore all about love – loving ourselves and loving others. And as Annie explains, if we don’t love ourselves unconditionally first, we can’t truly give that love to others.
Annie’s hands reach my head. She places her hands over my eyes. After a while she moves to my ears. I suddenly notice that I don’t feel like talking anymore. I feel my body relaxing, and I find that I’m not thinking of anything but the sensation of being warm and comfortable. My breathing slows, as Annie moves her hands to the top of my head. My limbs are heavy now and I feel like a cat curled up in the sun. I have no worries and I am totally calm – not sleepy, just calm. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a feeling of rest in the middle of the day.
mindfullnessAnnie moves back to my feet and I know the treatment must be coming to an end. I keep my eyes closed, enjoying this feeling of complete and utter relaxation for as long as possible. After another few minutes, Annie is gently calling my name. I hear it, but my body feels so heavy, I really don’t want to respond. I open my eyes and I’m amazed at how peaceful I feel. Annie asks me if any areas of my body felt warmer than others, while she was doing the treatment. I did notice that there was far more heat at the bottom of my rib cage on the right-hand side of my body. Annie says that the liver is located here. That would be consistent with my intention for good health, as the liver deals with digestion and removes toxins from the blood. Being ill and eating a poor diet will have put it under strain, and Annie’s healing Sekhem energy will have been working harder on the liver than on other areas of my body.
I wonder out loud what the difference is between Reiki and Sekhem energy. Annie tells me that it is the source of the energy that differs. Apparently, when she is channelling Reiki energy, Annie sees a white light in her mind’s eye, but with Sekhem, she sees a sparkly turquoise light. It all sounds rather mystical, and as with all these amazing treatments, there is no explanation other than ‘it works’.
So, refreshed and ready to tackle the ironing, I marvel at my sudden ability for mindfulness. I feel strangely proud and wonder whether I’ll be able to recreate this tranquil state at home. All I can tell you is that I was the ‘queen of serene’ for the rest of the day. I slept like a log that night and whipped through a pile of jobs the next day, as well as swimming fifty lengths and going for a long bike ride. Clearing our minds, just for a few minutes each day, is wonderful for our wellbeing, and I’m so grateful to Annie for allowing me to experience such peace at one of the busiest times of my life.

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