I’m starting an MSc in September 2009, in Sexual and Spiritual Health and any input from other Kinesiologists would be most welcome. I have been getting clients presenting with: migraines, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive complaints and skeletal problems over the last 3 years on a fairly regular basis. After their initial session it has become apparent that the underlying cause for many of these symptoms, especially headaches and migraines are sexual problems of one kind or another.

There have often been issues of being rejected sexually by the person’s partner, frequently this has been acute as well as chronic. This always has a huge emotional and psychological impact. It erodes the trust and intimacy in relationships as we are at our most vulnerable during love-making and this can eventually alienate the person to such a degree that the relationship breaks down and the couple part.

Again, frequently the trigger for erectile dysfunction has been acute stress were the man’s body cannot adapt from these high levels of adrenaline to a relaxed and loving state. Men often find it difficult to talk about this, especially with their partner, as he feels a failure as a man. The less he talks about how he feels, the more he seeks his own counsel, which at this point is not positive in most cases. So, the pattern emerges often that in an attempt to be a good provider the man is working too hard and too long hours and that is his priority as the ”bread winner’s. It means he has less time at home with his partner/ family. As he is not talking about what is going on with his ”internal chatter” this produces physical and emotional blockages to a satisfying sexual relationship. Then the cycle of avoidance of sexual contact by either one simply makes the situation worse.

The key is to encourage both parties to talk honestly about what us happening within themselves. This works very well, providing both parties agree to co- operate and to talk openly and honestly. Often lots of emotional / psychological work will come up in the individual’s sessions to address this issue once it has been spoken about – talking seems to be the most potent blockage-dissolver.
Through consistent use of herbal remedies and researching their effects it has become clear to me that Co Q1 0 is hugely beneficial for overcoming erectile dysfunction and it has such excellent effects on the heart too. It tends to be for these clients that Lamberts 120mg Co Q10 is the most effective as it is bio – available. Taking Siberian Ginseng for 2 weeks then Panax Ginseng for 2 weeks and alternating between these two is hugely effective and within 4 weeks usually clients are reporting great ‘ improvements. The dosage for clients of the 2 Ginsengs may well vary between individuals as with the Co Q1 0, but often as long as the client takes a dosage of between 150 – 300 mg per day, at least initially, the benefits have been enormous.

I’m highlighting the importance of this as I have witnessed over so many years the heart – break this causes. l am now thinking of including gentle questions on my consultation sheets for clients, as when I have been ”brave” enough to broach the subject of the person’s sexual relationships the person has been grateful for the opportunity to talk about this with someone they trust who is not going to judge them.

I hope this is of some benefit to other health care professionals and would welcome any input from others.

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