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Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

What are Hopi Ear Candles?

The magic of fire has fascinated people from the very beginning of time and control of this element gave light and warmth. 

Ear candles evoke a similar fascination and have been used by many cultures as an effective natural therapy since ancient times. 

Historical roots can be found among the peoples of the Siberian prairies, Asia and the North and South American Indians. 

The Hopi, the oldest Pueblo people with great medical knowledge and a high degree of spirituality, brought this knowledge to Europe with the professional involvement of BIOSUN. 

Since 1985 BIOSUN have been researching the use of Ear candles and re-establishing their popularity. 

Increasing numbers of people in our culture have enjoyed and benefited from the pleasant effects of this age-old ceremony. 

Original BIOSUN Ear candles are still made by hand using the traditional recipe and the finest regularly tested ingredients. 

BIOSUN only use pure beeswax, honey extract and traditional herbs such as St John’s wort, Camomile and pure essential oils for their Ear candles. 

More and more satisfied customers around the world use BIOSUN Ear candles. They benefit from more than 20 years of Ear candling experience and the high quality and safety standards. 

The red line (maximum burn) marking around the candle and a specially developed safety filter ensure simple and safe application. 

The ear candles and the lymphatic drainage massage work in perfect unison to bring a very peaceful treatment outcome.

What happens during a treatment

BIOSUN ear candles are about 22cm long and have a burning time of 10 – 12 minutes. 

During the treatment you will lie on your side, with your head supported on a pillow to keep the auditory canal in a vertical position. 

Your therapist will light the ear candle at the unlabelled end, opposite the safety filter and place the non-burning end gently into the outer ear passage. 

Your therapist will hold the ear candle firmly in place throughout the procedure. 

The ear candle will never put itself out. At most the ear candle may be burnt down to 1cm above the red maximum burn marking. 

The ear candle is then carefully removed and extinguished in a glass of water ready nearby. 

We treat both ears one after the other, each with a new ear candle. 

A subsequent rest of about 15 – 30 minutes will positively support the overall result. 

Only BIOSUN candles are used at Heaven Scent Bliss to ensure quality. 

Your first visit will be slightly longer than subsequent treatments because it includes an assessment. 

The number of further treatments will vary according to each individual’s needs, how long a particular condition has lasted and how quickly the body is able to respond. So this is something that will be discussed during the consultation. 

What are the Benefits of Hopi Ear Candle Treatments?

Hopi Ear Candles can be effective in the treatment of:

• Snoring
• Migraine and Headaches
• Colds and Flu
• Sinusitis and Rhinitis
• Hay Fever and Allergies
• Tinitus
• Preventing the of build up of wax
• Relieves vertigo and meniers
• Great for relaxation
• Good for face and head drainage

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