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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage (IHM) is known to have been a family tradition throughout Asia for well over a thousand years, where it is known as ‘Champissage’ (the Hindi word for head massage.) 

Narendra Mehta grew up in India where massage was part of his everyday life. He came to England in the 1970s to train as a physical therapist and was dismayed to discover that not only was this type of massage not generally practiced, but that the head was virtually ignored by other therapies that he was learning and practicing. (He is a qualified Osteopath, Masseur and Reflexologist) 

He returned to India and 1978 to study and practice Champissage, upon returning to England a year later, he began to perfect a sequence of movements to include the upper back, neck, shoulder, head, scalp and face. 

This treatment made its debut at the 1981 Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition at Olympia London, where almost 180 people experienced the benefits of Champissage Now widely known as Indian Head Massage. 

The beauty of this treatment is that other techniques can be blended in, as massage is an individual and holistic treatment, and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

What happens during a treatment

You will need to complete a short consultation from. Remember the Indian Head Massage treatment is individual to you, during the consultation you will be able to discuss any specific requirements with your therapist. 

Indian Head Massage is carried out with the client sitting comfortably in a chair. The head and neck are supported throughout the treatment in case the client feels sleepy.

There is no need to undress as the treatment can be given over clothing.

• Reduces:
• Eye Strain
• Headaches

• Alleviates:
• Neck Tension
• Shoulder Tension
• Improves Scalp Circulation
• Aids Lymphatic Drainage
• A Great Stress Reliever
• Induces a feeling of Well-Being
• Incredibly Relaxing

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