loyalty cardThose who love Annie’s therapies and have gained health benefits will usually continue booking with her to maintain their well-being. We recognise and appreciate your continued support. But a tangible appreciation is even better than words, so we will recognise your loyalty by providing you with a card that can be used to help reduce your costs.

How it works

Once you’ve started on a treatment procedure, your card gets ticked with each treatment count. After six treatments, you get the seventh one free of charge.

Recommend Someone

We are also incredibly grateful when you recommend friends, family or work colleagues. When you do this, “they” also discover how much Annie can help them and love you more for it! However in addition, we want to reward you and your recommendations by rewarding the both of you!  So you get 25% off your next  treatment session and the person you recommend also get 25% off their first session. Yippee!

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Gift Certificates

gift certificateWe also do gift certificates for giving to  friends and loved ones. What a wonderful thing to show that you care about them and have thought of something that they will appreciate.  It is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, special occasions and anytime you want to say “thank you”.

In these days of mass produced products made by the exploited poor, this gift is something different and special. And it is organic!

How it works

The straightforward way is to pay for a therapy and get a certificate with the paid-for therapy listed. Multiples of the therapy or different ones can also be bought and specified on the card. This is good for someone you know well enough to choose the therapy for them.

However, if you are uncertain which therapy your recipient might enjoy, you can get a certificate with £25 or multiples thereof and the person can pick and choose what therapy they like or would like to try.

Call for information: 07869 123065

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