The reason for me writing this blog is that the majority of my patients are sensitive people who are badly affected by other people’s negativity and emotions.
If we are absorbing others emotions and sometimes their symptoms it is very difficult for us to maintain perfect health. It is also quite difficult to know which of the emotions we are experiencing are our own and which belong to someone else.

archangel_michaelOne of the best ways of protecting yourself is to call in Archangel Michael as soon as you are conscious in the morning and before anyone or anything can change your mood.
It is as easy as saying Archangel Michael protect me. He is omnipresent which means that he can be with everyone at the same time. People can experience a surge of warmth when this Archangel is protecting you frequently.
The places which are the most contentious and where we need protection most is in large gatherings. For example supermarkets, airports, theatres, sports arenas, restaurants, and pubs.
If you know you are going to be visiting one of these call him in again. In my view you can never be too protected.

amour_protectionAnother way of protecting yourself which can be used alongside Archangel Michaels protection is to imagine putting on sparkly armour which covers you from head to toe.
Imagine you are encased in whatever colour armour appeals to you most. I often wear magenta armour as this colour is also good for self-love and change. When I’m imagining putting this armour on, I set my intention that it will only allow positive, loving energies in.
The third way, which again can be incorporated with the other two methods of protection is to Teflon coat your aura. Your aura extends anything from 18 inches away from your body to several feet away depending on your environment. If you’re walking in nature it is likely to expand as you will be feeling safe and secure. So if you know you going to be visiting somewhere that will be challenging to you, imagine bringing your aura closer to your physical body, then Teflon coat it again with any colour that you enjoy.
Set your intention that this coating on your aura will only allow positive loving energies in.

By using all three methods, you will find that you feel more at peace, you enjoy feeling calmer and more positive and more energetic. As you are only expressing your own emotions and positivity. ENJOY

Earth starPart of your feeling very protected, safe and secure should include some grounding techniques as well.
Our Earth star is situated in line with our root chakra 18 inches below our physical feet and is claret coloured. Imagine sending energy from your root chakra to your left foot , then to your Earth star, backup to your right foot and returning to your root, forming a diamond.
Try imagining huge tap roots coming out of the soles of your feet, sending their huge tendrils deep into the earth. Imagine breathing from your feet all the way up your body. Imagine this is a dark claret colour that youre breathing in and filling your body.

You can wear particular crystals such as black tourmaline, Ruby, Garnet, obsidian, and labradorite. Ensure that you cleanse them with water on a daily basis to help the crystals to assist you.

The more protected and grounded you feel the more you will accomplish. Also the more energetic you will feel and you will be able to help yourself and others more effectively.
If you’d like to know more then please do contact me on (07869) 123065 or via email (click here).

With love light and sparkling blessings Annie xxx

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