A number of us are guilty of not paying much attention to our vibrational
frequency. Many people just aren’t aware of the affect it can have on
our overall wellbeing.

The science bit!

Everything is made up, of a bunch of atoms, floating around in time and
space, mostly surrounded by air. These atoms are in a constant state of
motion. That includes all of the atoms inside us humans. Everything that
manifests itself into your life, is brought about by matching the vibrations
of our thoughts/words/deeds along with our physical bodies.

So, that being said, what can we do to optimise our personal vibrational
frequencies, in order to manifest optimal experiences for our overall
health and wellbeing?

There are a few simple measures you can take towards starting this
process. Quite a few may seem obvious and require little or no effort.
Others may need a little more time and research on your own part.

Acts of kindness

You don’t have to run off to Africa to build a school or give all your life
savings to Cats Protection!! You could do that, but start small. Smile! A
simple smile to people may mean nothing to you, it may mean
everything to a stranger.


Be conscious of your thoughts/words/deeds. Everything you say, think
or feel manifests into your reality. Try finding one beautiful thing
everyday that made you smile and write it down.


Those who say they have no time to meditate, often need it the most!
Just 10 minutes per day can have amazing results on your state of mind
and raise your vibration profoundly. Never meditated? don’t know where
to start? Find some short, guided meditations on YouTube that resonate
with you.


That word can strike fear into the heart of many. Visions of sweating
away at a gym, red faced, gasping for air, clad in lycra? Again start
small. Put on a YouTube video of your favourite band, play music while
doing housework, ironing, gardening etc. Boogie about inside your own
home and while you’re at it, why not sing? SING SING SING! at the top
of your lungs, who cares if you are terrible, who cares if you are out of
tune? It does you good.

Another excellent, beneficial practice is yoga. Also terrifying thought
right? Not necessarily. There are gentle yoga classes suitable for all
ages and abilities, even if you have limited mobility or health issues,
they can be adapted to suit your needs. For more information on this, if
you are in the Stafford area, have a look at https://www.facebook.com/kerrie9
or contact Kerrie on 07887 687288

The Main Event – FOOD!

Without doubt, the most overlooked aspect of vibrational mis-alignments
is what we choose to eat. Clean eating, is a phrase bandied about a lot.
But what does it actually mean in real terms? Clean eating is simply
choosing foods that are as natural as possible with minimum

Here are a few simple changes you can make to your eating habits.

Cut down on processed foods
They are loaded with chemicals and preservatives and often contain
ingredients that have been sprayed with pesticides. These foods are
digested much more quickly that wholefood equivalents and therefore
lead to weight gain.

Cut out or limit alcohol consumption
Alcohol is empty calories, has no nutritional value and leads to
numerous health problems.

Drink more water
Water should be your first choice of drink throughout the day. Most of us
are more dehydrated than we realise. Choose good quality bottled
water, avoiding bottles that contain BPA (which is a manmade chemical
found in plastic, that can seep into the water and disrupt the endocrine
system, which regulates all your hormones) Or purchase a water filter.

Tap water also contains unwanted chemicals and additions.

Pay more attention to labels
Know what you are putting into your body. Google the funny names and
science sounding big words! Educate yourself as to what the law
permits in the food industry. You will be surprised (probably horrified) at
some of the ingredients. Trust your own intuition as to what you feel
comfortable eating. What will make you feel good later?


Cutting out meat completely would be the ideal situation. If you do
however choose to eat meat, opt for locally sourced, free range or
organic. While this doesn’t necessairly ensure that the animal has been
well kept and managed, its marginally better that the mass produced,
intensively farmed alternative.

Unrefined grains
Quinoa, wild rice, oats etc are far superior and much better for your
health than their refined counterparts. Again, always check labels.

Fruit and veg
We all know about our 5 per day, right? Yet only one in four of us are
actually eating them. It doesnt have to be as difficult and time
consuming as you think. Remember its 5 fruit AND veg. One protion is
only 75g, which is about the amount you can fit in one cupped hand. If
you are making your main meal, chop up loads of yummy stuff and
throw it in! Celery, carrots, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions,
even tinned veg counts. You’ll soon be at your quota.

Watch out for hidden sugar. There is far too much sugar in the average
adult diet. Statistics have shown that it is up to 4x the reccomended
amount. Natural sugars, like the fructose found in fruit and lactose in
milk etc, should be enough for our bodies. However, it’s the processed
refined sugar that sneaks in undetected. Agiain, check labels. We
expect to find sugar in sweet treats and deserts but a lot of savory foods
contain it too. Especially pre-made sauces etc.

The environment
Consider the impact of your choices on the environment. Look into
where your food comes from. Is it locally sourced, sustainably farmed?
This sounds like a weird one, but it is important.

AKA salt. As with sugar, we consume far too much salt. As before,
cutting back on processed food will help. If you do use extra salt, switch
to good quality sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. these both contain trace
element vitamins and minerals. Basic table salt is heavily processed
and has no nutritional value. It too has been linked to several serious
health problems. Notably, increasing blood pressure. Use that do de-ice
your drive!

In conclusion

Orgasmic Health BookAll this may sound like a lot of crazy “hippy” nonsense to some. Others are already reaping the benefits of the changes they have made. My advice is, give it a try. One small step at a time. Build up gradually. Self love is where the healing begins. You deserve to be loved. Begin by loving yourself enough to raise your vibration. You deserve to be the best, most fabulous version of yourself.

If you would like a more in depth guide towards leading a healthy, happy life, check out my book. Available to purchase directly from myself, or via Amazon.

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