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  • [amazonjs asin=”1401917186″ locale=”UK” title=”Realms Of The Earth Angels: More Information For Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards And Other Lightworkers”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401920012″ locale=”UK” title=”Angel Numbers 101″]
  • [amazonjs asin=”156170640X” locale=”UK” title=”Healing with the Angels: How the Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life”]


Guidance Cards

  • [amazonjs asin=”1561709069″ locale=”UK” title=”Messages from Your Angels: Oracle Cards (Deck)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401902480″ locale=”UK” title=”Archangel Oracle Cards”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401918336″ locale=”UK” title=”Angel Therapy Oracle Cards”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401922732″ locale=”UK” title=”Archangel Michael Oracle Cards”]

Egyptian Sekhem



  • [amazonjs asin=”0316853798″ locale=”UK” title=”The Atlantis Blueprint: Unlocking the Mystery of a Long-Lost Civilisation”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1891824171″ locale=”UK” title=”The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 1 (Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”189182421X” locale=”UK” title=”The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: v. 2 (Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”B01BRUVT9C” locale=”UK” title=”(The Lion People : Intercosmic Messages from the Future) By (author) Murry Hope published on (November, 1989)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”089281750X” locale=”UK” title=”Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5, 000 Years Ago”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0007131380″ locale=”UK” title=”Egyptian Birth Signs: The Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Horoscope”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1591794455″ locale=”UK” title=”The Magdalen Manuscript”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401922732″ locale=”UK” title=”Archangel Michael Oracle Cards”]

Faeries & Fairys



  • [amazonjs asin=”0738731331″ locale=”UK” title=”Faery Craft: Weaving Connections with the Enchanted Realm”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1862053022″ locale=”UK” title=”Good Faeries/Bad Faeries”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1440538573″ locale=”UK” title=”Mermaids: An Enchanting Exploration of Their Myths, Legend, and Lore”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1857933362″ locale=”UK” title=”Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401917038″ locale=”UK” title=”Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards (Card Deck & Guidebook)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0743201116″ locale=”UK” title=”The Faeries Oracle”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1561707856″ locale=”UK” title=”Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards: Heal Your Life with Help from the Fairies (Large Card Decks)”]




  • [amazonjs asin=”0007200846″ locale=”UK” title=”The Magdalene Legacy: The Jesus and Mary Bloodline Conspiracy – Revelations Beyond The Da Vinci Code”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1594772355″ locale=”UK” title=”Magic and the Power of the Goddess: Initiation, Worship, and Ritual in the Western Mystery Tradition”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1590030028″ locale=”UK” title=”Goddess Bless!: Divine Affirmations, Prayers and Blessings – Contact the Goddess You Need, When You Need Her”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1401903010″ locale=”UK” title=”Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1846603722″ locale=”UK” title=”Gods and Goddesses”]




  • [amazonjs asin=”073870573X” locale=”UK” title=”Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual and Spiritual Development”]

Spiritual and Sexual



  • [amazonjs asin=”B007IJS11Q” locale=”UK” title=”The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0007107978″ locale=”UK” title=”The Multi-Orgasmic Couple”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0874775817″ locale=”UK” title=”The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1594770689″ locale=”UK” title=”Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0099462389″ locale=”UK” title=”Men In Love”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0752205269″ locale=”UK” title=”Exotic Massage for Lovers: Sensual Techniques from the Ancient East”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”B01BOE1JEQ” locale=”UK” title=”(Courage to Love– When Your Marriage Hurts) By (author) Gerald Foley published on (September, 1992)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0753508818″ locale=”UK” title=”How to make love to the same person for the rest of your life… and still love it (Black Lace)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0943358191″ locale=”UK” title=”Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy”]

Art of Manifesting



  • [amazonjs asin=”1848503350″ locale=”UK” title=”The Biology of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0340933321″ locale=”UK” title=”The Cosmic Ordering Service”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0091851262″ locale=”UK” title=”How To Get What You Want And Want What You Have: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Personal Success”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1847370292″ locale=”UK” title=”The Secret”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”B000KK22GU” locale=”UK” title=”The Secret (Extended Edition) DVD”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1847371884″ locale=”UK” title=”Secret Gratitude Book”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1471130614″ locale=”UK” title=”The Secret Daily Teachings”]

Tree Spirit Healing



  • [amazonjs asin=”1474601472″ locale=”UK” title=”Meetings With Remarkable Trees”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1861630816″ locale=”UK” title=”Tree: Essence of Healing (isbn 181630816)”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0722534086″ locale=”UK” title=”Tree Wisdom: The definitive guidebook to the myth, folklore and healing power of Trees”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”0752459457″ locale=”UK” title=”Yew: A History”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1402718349″ locale=”UK” title=”Tree Magick: Fifty-Two Magical Messages for Inspiration, Protection and Prediction”]
  • [amazonjs asin=”1844090787″ locale=”UK” title=”Tree Angel Oracle: 112 page book & 32 card oracle deck”]
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