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What is Reflexology?

The Earliest known references to reflexology date from ancient times. Whilst no written documentation exists to provide a precise history of reflexology, there is a wall painting within an Egyptian tomb in Saggara, which depicts two people working on the hands and feet of another two people. 

The Hieroglyphic inscription on the painting was translated as "Do not hurt me; I shall act so you praise me". 

Reflexology is a science that believes that every part of your body is reflected in your feet and hands; there are even corresponding areas that can be found on your ears. 

By stimulating these points or reflexes, blood circulation in the body is relaxed and energized. Reflexology works on every system in the body aiming to bring balance however serious the health problem. It also helps on an emotional level, relaxing and calming a stressed and anxious mind – Reflexology truly is a holistic therapy.

Eunice Ingham at first called the therapy compression massage, but eventually changed it to reflexology.

Today, reflexology is developing and progressing into the most effective therapy for holistic health care. Exciting new techniques mean that each treatment can be adapted to your specific needs and faster results can be achieved in promoting your body’s own healing response. 

Reflexology looks for the underlying causes to redress the balance in the individual’s body and mind to bring about complete healing. Reflexology can be used to treat all age groups but gains are especially true of the elderly and children. All conditions can be treated successfully with reflexology, in a relaxing and stress-free way that allows one to feel cosseted and nurtured.

What happens during a treatment

Your first visit will be slightly longer than subsequent treatments as it includes an assessment.

As Reflexology is a holistic therapy all aspects of your lifestyle will be taken in to account, including things like diet and general medical history.

Many people have feelings of well-being and relaxation after a treatment, which in itself can be a great benefit reduceing stress and tension.

Treatments vary according to each individual’s needs, how long a particular condition has lasted and how quickly the body is able to respond. So this is something that will be discussed during the consultation.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

The benefits of Reflexology are:

• Drug Free
• Redresses the balance of your body
• Suitable for all age groups
• Relaxing
• Looks at emotional and psychological factors
• Complements orthodox treatments
• Addresses the underlying causes of symptoms
• Maintains good health and well-being

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