Sexual Healing Therapy

Sexual Healing

What is Sexual Healing

Annie as a Sex therapist is a trained counsellor who specializes in human sexuality. She is NOT a “sexual surrogate,” which is another field of sexual healing. For many people, Sex therapy can be an invaluable way of accessing & dealing with sexual health/ sexuality issues, potentially to the point of resolution.
Annie as a Sex therapist is also a multi – talented educator who is well informed on the subject of human sexuality. The treatment routine will vary for each individual, but would typically include education concerning human sexuality, as well as specific sexual exercises recommended as homework. Annie believes that our Sexuality is as unique & varied as our finger prints. The education & exercises may be prescribed to the patient & partner (if applicable) to help them reprogram their minds, bodies & spirit concerning the subject of sexuality.

Sex therapy is often sought out by individuals who suffer from such forms of sexual dysfunction as addiction, inhibitions, erectile dysfunction (being unable to achieve or maintain an erection), rapid ejaculation, lack of interest/desire, differing libidos, to name but a few. It may also be sought out to resolve sexual issues between partners. The most common themes addressed in sex therapy are the lack of sexual arousal, the inability to reach orgasm & the inability to orgasm during intercourse.

In treating a lack of arousal, Annie may prescribe specific techniques for awakening the body using energy massages with as little sexual contact as possible. You will then gradually progress to contact exercises that stimulate the entire body with touch, kisses, and massage, while focusing on each of the sensations experienced. This phase can progress to playful genital contact, but without the pressure to go further. When the patient is ready, he or she is urged to practice oral pleasuring to whatever degree is acceptable. The goal is to allow any fears or inhibitions to surface & to be re-programmed. Eventually, the patient is urged to attempt intercourse with their partner, even if in gentle, limited stages. Often the fact that the couple are “forbidden” to have sexual intercourse in the first few weeks of therapy in itself is sufficient motivation to increase the individuals interest in it. In a playful way this is the saying that “Forbidden Fruit always tastes the sweetest.”

At Heaven Scent Bliss, Annie uses Kinesiology (accessing the bodies innate wisdom) to produce a unique, bespoke individual healing session. (See the Health Kinesiology page for more information on this). She may also use psycho – sexual counselling which mostly involves conversation, exercises & homework related to the patient’s particular sexual health/sexuality issues. She uses her extensive knowledge of Tantric & Taoist Love Making Techniques to add to the overall dimensions of Sex therapy.

Annie will also be making use of her other complementary therapy skills so may prescribe: herbal remedies, essential oils, essences, crystals, specific books/ articles, websites & playful activities.
How many sessions you will need to attend will be discussed with you during the first session as this is your unique programme of healing tailored specifically to your needs & desires.

Frequently patients attend for Sex therapy with Annie because they are experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Annie is a trained relationship counsellor & was part of the presenting team of World – wide Marriage Encounter for 5years teaching couples to communicate, openly, intimately & honestly.
Annie also worked for a charity called Retrouvaille – a French word that means to re – work, for 3 years which was designed to help couples whose marriages are in crisis to either revitalise their marriage or to admit that there is nothing left to save & so usually an amicable divorce would ensue.

She brings all these skills & experiences to her Sex therapy work meaning that even if there are no problems Annie can still help you to reignite the Romance & Passion of the early years of your relationship, before children, careers & worries got in the way of your enjoying Sacred Sexuality with your partner.
Annie’s Sexual healing may be defined as “awakening a person’s desire to feel alive & awakening the sensual self, without the usual shame or hidden agendas.” Annie as a complementary therapist offers all patients unconditional love & acceptance, activating a deep potential for healing. She believes that performing “random acts of kindness” & not being attached to the outcome can bring about the most profound healing experience. In a broad sense, by offering this type of sexual & spiritual therapy Annie believes that gestures as simple as giving a compliment or appreciating someone’s value, become another aspect of therapy as she is assisting in activating a person’s will to live–potentially blissfully.

Some of the issues that Annie can help you with are: Physical Sexual dysfunctions, helping you to “come out” with regards to sexuality issues such as being Gay, Lesbian, Bi – Sexual, Transvestite, Transsexual, Transgendered. Annie will help you with overcoming phobias & fears surrounding sex, safe sex techniques, safe, sane & consensual BDSM practice.

Sexual & Spiritual healing can assist in releasing traumas, restore normal sexual/ spiritual functioning, & release unhealthy inhibitions, guilt & shame. It can also encourage positive self-esteem & awaken unconditional love, self-worth physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. As we individually heal these restricting issues, Annie believes we do so for all humanity.

These are simply some examples, not an exhaustive list of what Heaven Scent Bliss can help you with. Give Annie a call confidentially to discuss your needs. Sex therapy is also available via Skype so our patients can then access appropriate healing in a time & space convenient to you.
For a confidential chat about Sexual & Spiritual Healing & Sex Therapy call Annie today & start your journey of Sexual Awakening

Namaste Om Shanti (X)

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