Hey Wonderful Heaven Scent Bliss family 👪 I just wanted to let you know that I am available to teach you luscious short courses on

    Egyptian Sekhem
    Indian head massage
    Aromatherapy massage
    Hopi Ear Candling
    Crystal therapy
    Making & using essences
    Ionic detoxing
    Animal healing & communication
    Seashell healing
    Tree spirit healing
    Awakening the senses with Tantra
    Effective use of Primary Love languages
    Havening & affirmations
    Goddess Empowerment
    Dragon Energies
    Communicating with Faeries & Elementals
    Angelic Power
    Sacred & Fractal Geometry
    How to remain calm in challenging times. 😍

Let me know which are your favourites 😍 Lets have a chat soon about when you can access the best learning for you 💫
Love and sparkling MerFaery Blessings Annie xxx 😋

Call to Book 07869 123065

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