Skype and Phone Treatments
to Suit Your Lifestyle & Location

A lot of people don’t realise that many of my treatments can be conducted by telephone or Skype. Phone and Skype treatments tend to suit those who are unable to attend Heaven Scent Bliss in person, due to mobility issues, busy lifestyles or simply because they live too far away. I’m currently working with clients based in France, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Dubai and even Australia!

Treatments You Can Have By Skype or Phone

The treatments I can carry out remotely are crystal therapy, guidance card readings, health kinesiology, including allergy testing, Reiki, angelic Reiki, tree spirit healing, seashell healing and Egyptian Sekhem.

It’s easy to see how certain therapies, such as guidance card readings, could be conducted by Skype or phone, but I’m often asked how I perform those therapies that usually involve physical touch. One such therapy is allergy testing, which I usually perform by health kinesiology. Testing for allergens using health kinesiology involves gentle muscle testing combined with verbal questioning. By exerting a light pressure on the patient’s wrist, I can determine the muscle response to each of the substances I am testing. A negative response means that the patient has a sensitivity to the substance in question (a food or chemical in someone’s personal care kit, for example). When I conduct an allergy test by phone or Skype, on the other hand, I use a system called dowsing. Just like muscle testing, this tried and trusted method used by healers all over the world allows me to gauge the body’s reaction to 777 possible allergens, bringing potential life-changing results for the patient.

Benefits of a Remote Treatment

So, Skype and phone patients can expect the same results from a session with me, as those who attend in person. And, as ever, I tailor the treatments to the individual. But there are other benefits of a remote treatment too:

  • A session by phone or Skype is much more flexible than face-to-face sessions. They are much easier to rearrange for you should the need arise and sometimes I am able to hold an extra or last-minute session for those times when you simply have to have a treatment, but can’t get to me.
  • Some of my clients prefer to have the session in the comfort of their own home too, and for some people, it also means that they are more relaxed during a treatment.
  • Skype is free! It’s also easy to use – all you need is a computer or mobile device and a broadband connection.
  • Finally, having a treatment by Skype or phone can save the time it would take you to travel to see me, which suits a lot of people during the busy working week.

Feedback From a Skype Patient

Here’s some feedback from a very grateful Skype patient of mine, Dennis, who lives in Dubai:
“I have been having Skype treatments from the lovely Annie Day for seven months. I was feeling massively stressed out, feeling very inadequate and basically had lost the joy for life. I had never had the treatments with a practitioner over the Internet prior to speaking to Annie. She immediately put me at my ease, with her warm, happy, energy that oozed positivity. Within a few minutes of the session starting I was starting to reframe, so my experiences and to use some of the strategies that my body had flagged up as necessary for me to integrate change. During every session the things that my body wanted me to do where all things that resonated with me, and usually I hadn’t disclosed to Annie what these where prior to her telling me what was required. I continue to get enormous benefits from Annie and always look forward fondly to our sessions together. I would encourage anybody to book in for a treatment with her as I am absolutely certain she would be able to help everybody. Definitely a five-star treatment from an amazing therapist.”

Skype and Phone Treatment Prices

A kinesiology session of 90 minutes via phone or Skype is £75, which can be paid via PayPal or BACS prior to the session. Allergy testing via Skype is £150, and all the other phone or Skype treatments are £55 for one hour.

To book in a session, simply decide which treatment you would like, have some diary dates available and then email me at Annie@heavenscentbliss.co.uk or alternatively call me on (07869) 123065. I look forward to hearing from you!

Call to Book 07869 123065

Here is a quote from Google Reviews attesting to the effectiveness of Skype based therapy:

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Annie several times for my show, Reawaken Your Brilliance. Annie is the ideal guest—informative, fun and interactive!Annie knew I was struggling with something and suggested we do a healing. I had never done a long distance healing before. As much as I believe in the body, mind, spirit connection, I always retain a bit of skepticism.Annie blew me away! I have done enough healing work to know, feel and see we were getting results why doing the healing. Annie started out by using kinesiology to see what I needed. Annie has more tools in her toolbox than any healer I have met. I was amazed at what kept coming up for me. I knew we were truly connecting as I knew more about my issue than I had disclosed. We also worked with crystals, tree healing & havening affirmations.During our sessions I yawned, coughed and had tears, which means I was releasing. I knew this was what was going on because of other in person healings I was doing. When Annie said or did certain things (like placing crystals on certain points) I could feel what she was doing.In case I wasn’t paying attention, the Universe had to give me one final “okay, we will prove it to you.” Annie tested and came up with several havening affirmations for me. One was, “I get plenty of sleep every night & my body appreciates it.” I had not told Annie, but I hadn’t been sleeping well for months.If you are considering doing a healing/working with Annie, but unsure if you aren’t living in the same area, don’t be! Annie’s gifts and abilities are able to come through via Skype. This session reminded me that we are truly all energy.I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Annie Day! – Julie Coraccio, Reawaken Your Brilliance

Call to Book 07869 123065

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