Skype/Sea Shell

I had a Skype Sea shell healing session with Annie in November and it was the most amazing training I’ve ever had. She made complicated information really simple and the whole course was bespoke and gave me more that I could ever imagined. I’ve been in touch with her since to extend my practice and she has always been able to answer my questions and to guide me towards my goals. I really can’t thank her enough Its been life changing meeting her and I’m travelling down from Scotland to attend her course in the New year. – Debbie from Falkirk November 2018

Bespoke Crystal Healing for Animals

I attended a bespoke training session with the beautiful soul Annie. It was 121 tuition on crystal healing specifically for working with animals, I cant believe how much I learned and how confident I feel in doing the crystal therapy on animals. Thank you Amazing Annie. – Sue from Cannock Oct 2018.

Health Kinesiology

Wow what can I say. I came into Heaven scent bliss feeling battered broken and hopeless and left 90 minutes later feeling Hopeful relaxed and pain free Ill be back for more HK very soon. Thank you. – Gill of Lichfield Dec 2018

Health Kinesiology

I have CFS and had been off work for 3 months and had tried everything the NHS suggested. Then a friend recommended Annie. After 3 sessions of HK im returning to work next week part-time and am making more and more progress every day. She has given me hope for a full recovery that I never thought possible. Give her a try she really is a miracle worker. – Julie of Tamworth Dec 2018.

Course in Animal Healing

Annie did me a training session on animal communication and healing that was so helpful and comprehensive. She taught me to dowse when none else has been able to help me to do this. I feel so confident now in working as an animal communicator and healer and it’s all thanks to Annie. A great teacher and lovely lady I’m recommending her to everyone as she can help all of us. – Tina of Aldridge Nov 2018

Health Kinesiology

I’d left an abusive relationship 3 months ago when a friend recommended I see Annie as I wasn’t sleeping and was feeling very low in energy and mood. Even after 1 session I started to feel more like the real, vibrant me from years ago. I’m getting stronger daily and have joy and hope in my heart. She really is an amazing healer and I’m booking in for regular monthly sessions of HK as its doing me so much good XXX – Debra Tamworth Dec 2018

Allergy Test and Correction

I had an allergy test and correction done by Annie 3 weeks ago. I felt better immediately and as soon as I started to eliminate the things that aren’t good for me my skin has healed my cough has gone and I feel full of life and vitality. There was no Blood tests or scratch tests, just relaxing muscle testing with great results. I really can’t recommend her enough. Go and see her -you’ll love what she does and how you feel from her treatments. Annie is without a doubt a Super Star. – Julie from Lichfield Nov 2018..

Health Kinesiology

I went to see Annie Day as I was finding it hard to recover after the death of my beloved dog. She helped me to move forward and the treatments were so gentle and respectful and honouring. What I wasn’t expecting was that I’ve continued to see her for HK and my self-esteem has never been so great. I’ve made lots of positive changes and feel happy most days now. I really can’t recommend her enough. She truly is an Angel. Thank you Annie You’re amazing xxx – Sue from Stone Dec 2018.

Hopi Ear Candles

I cant quite believe what has happened to me as a result of seeing Annie of Heaven Scent Bliss. My wife booked me in with her as ive tried everything to be rid of the tinnitus Ive had for 7 years. I had Hopi ear candles and after 1 session the tinnitus has disappeared. Im going back for more Hopi treatment in the New year as I felt so relaxed and at peace and slept the best I have done in years Mike of Lichfield Dec 2018

Treatment Via Skype
Original from Shirley Harvey on Google Reviews:

I have been seeing Annie Day on and off for years now, and I always want to come back for more. Her treatments are out of this world (quite literally sometimes!) and leave me with a feeling of deep inner peace and calm. But its afterwards I notice subtle but powerful differences in how I feel and how I show up in the world

Annie has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met and meets each person with love, none judgement and complete acceptance and this permeates all she does and all her treatments.

More details and Skype Treatment and testimonials see here for more.

Egyptian Sekhem
What a beautiful soul you are Annie Day. The Egyptian Sekhem attunement session was awesome! I just love doing energy work with you and I really can feel a difference following your attunement. You have a wonderful gentle power to your energy Annie. Im radiating Sekhem heat constantly and yes our dogs adore it So basically WOW!!!! lots of love and Bright Blessing xxx – Dr Tina Westwood

Dragon Energy Course
It was great to learn things in the garden. The energy of the whole day was wonderful. As always – you really brought the subject to life. The manual is great and I know I’ll be using the skills you taught me from here on in.
Thank you Annie I’m so happy that I attended this course. Great value for money I’ll be back for more
Love & Joy Debs

I enjoyed the beautiful meditation and Earth star work – in fact the whole Course was just what I needed Thank you Annie XXX – Kerrie

The whole workshop was amazing. Definitely 10 out of 10 for everything I’m looking forward to attending your next courses. My favourite parts were The Earth star energising, Connecting with my Guardian Dragon, The water Dragon protection and releasing into the fire Thank you Annie. Dad and I will be back for more. Lots of Love & Dragon Blessings Tina XX

Tree Spirit Healing Class
Thank you for your loving kindness, healing gifts & magical teachings Annie!
I received so much more information, insights & guidance from the spirits of the trees through you as their loving guardian. I highly recommend these teachings and can’t wait to get started offering these services & classes to my clients & students.
It was so easy & so much fun playing with you & can’t wait to get started sharing the wisdom of the trees, fairies & elementals to help all sentient beings feel more grounded, safe & supported as we re-birth the new earth in unity & community! I am so happy I trusted my intuition & took this course with you! Blessed Be – M.B., NYC

Fertility Treatment
I went to Heaven Scent Bliss for a Fertility massage and Reflexology. After just one session with the Wonderful Annie Day I am now 6 weeks pregnant.The only changes I made were the ones she advised me to do. I am extremely grateful to Annie as I would have had to go through IVF again otherwise – Lots of Love Rupinder xxx

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment
I can highly recommend Annie and this treatment. I have problems with my ears and eustachian tube and this is the only thing that has worked and cleared it for me. And its so relaxing! Thanks Annie x – Esther Howes

Book Review Orgasmic Health
I want to talk about Annie Day’s new book “Orgasmic Health“.

I’ve lived most of my life thinking I’ve always been fit and healthy enough, eating all the right foods and going to the gym often enough to take care of myself. Because of this I’ve never been in poor health, but I don’t think I’ve felt at peak performance since I was in my 20’s (a long time ago now)!

Being sceptical of books like this, I thought I’d read it since the other half already got a copy for herself, and see what the big deal is. Well………I was completely blown away by what I found between the pages.

Annie Day covers multiple topics in her book, including what to eat and when to eat it, tips and tricks for maintaining peak mental performance, as well as how to have more fun between the sheets!

Not only that, but the content reads so easily – there’s none of the word-salad filler I’ve seen in other health books. It’s just a great guide for good, clean living. Some of the things I found were completely new to me, such as de-gaussing with a hairdryer around your body. “Alright”, I thought when I first read it. But after giving it a go and genuinely feeling the effects of it, it’s something I try to do every day now. I’ve only been reading this book for a month but I keep coming back to it, it’s well worth the money for how much it provides.

All in all, Orgasmic Health is a comprehensive guide for how to improve your health – mentally and physically. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get more out of life! – Euan James

Aromatherapy Massage
I can highly recommend one of Annie’s aromatherapy massages. I have severe pain and muscle stiffness from MS and a spinal injury, which have also resulted in nerve damage. Not only does this treatment give me immense relief from pain, enabling me to get some much needed rest, Annie is also medically trained and has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. You cannot be letting any old body mess about with your spine!!! You need to be helped, not have further problems!! So, whatever issues you have, you will be safe with Annie ❤ – Rachel Sturman-Panter

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