Therapist and Trainer
Annie Day is an amazing being. To be receiving training & healing off such an incredible teacher feels like a treat & an honour.
Annie’s knowledge seems never ending & with her amazing attitude and outlook being in her company is like a bright sunny day.
Annie tells me there are fairies all around us & I believe her because when you are with Annie it really does feel like anything is possible.
She is a blessing on humanity for sure. If you want a genuine, kind hearted guide, healer and mentor don’t look any further.

Annie Day is your girl. – Sally (SJS Nutrition)

Orgasmic Health – Book Review
I first implemented some of the recommendations made by this book some 18 months ago, such as drinking good quality water and eating organic food which have had a significant benefit on my physical well-being.

However with the end of my relationship with my girl friend and the impact of the Covid restrictions, they have all had a significant impact on my mental well-being.

I decided it was time to do something positive about it. Initially I tried self-help meditating video’s on YouTube and spent hours absorbing what was on offer, some good some tedious. So I decided to reach once again for this book. Well I wish I had referred back to it months ago. I forgot how much amazing and positive guidance is contained in this very easy to read book. In less than two hours I had read it again, cover to cover and I believe it covers all the vital aspects that are of prime importance to both your physical, spiritual and mental well-being. This time, I got the greatest benefit from the section on affirmations at the back of the Healthy Mind and Body Chapter. It has some great affirmation suggestions to help provide a positive state of mind. It also reminded me to forgive for my past behaviours and love myself unconditionally.

This is definitely the go to book if you are looking for some simple but extremely effective methods to improve so many aspects of your life. I highly recommend this book and can guarantee that the two hours you spend reading this book, will be two hours of your life well spent. I am sure I shall be reaching for this book many time again in the future. – Haydn

Heartfelt Expression
I am Thankful Grateful and Truly BlessedTo my beautiful soul sister, I cannot express how I feel about you and how eternally grateful I am to have you in my life, I don’t know how I would have coped over the past year without you. I know the universe is almighty and recognised how formidable we would be together but also knew that as our biological families take a different path, we would need each other. To me, you are my family and I will always be here for you. I truly believe together we will achieve incredible things and contribute to healing the world. Love you with all my heart Xx ❤️💞❣️
– Rachel Craven, Birmingham

Multiple Therapies
I have faced some personal challenges over the past two years and found a lovely Holistic Therapist who has made a significant improvement to my physical and mental well being.
I had an allergy test which identified food groups that my body was struggling to cope with, not that I knew it at the time. So having changed my diet, I have gradually lost over a stone in a year as a result, not that I was looking to do so, but am feeling better for it and gone down a waste size or two!
I have also had Grief Recovery which has helped me beyond measure! Ionic Detox, Hopi Ear Candles and Egyptian Sekhem treatments.

The minute you meet her, she puts you immediately at ease with a happy smile and cherry persona.

I thought I would share her link in case anyone else feel that they can benefit from any of the many therapies she has to offer. A truly talented and gifted soul! – Haydn, March 2021

Health Kinesiology
MandyI discovered the wonderful Annie Day after a twelve month period of suffering with constant mouth ulcers, extreme fatigue and other ailments that I put down to hormones, but had no diagnosis or support from my GP. After just one session of Kinesiology, my mouth ulcers subsided and Annie advised me of the homeopathic supplements that my body needed in order to heal.
I now hold Annie very dear – she is a vital contributor to both my physical and mental well-being and has supported me over the last 15 months with a range of symptoms and conditions including severe Inflammation, Fatigue, Sinusitis, Migraines, Stress, Lockdown-induced Anxiety and Hormone Imbalance.
I cannot recommend Annie enough – she offers a plethora of treatments and therapies, all delivered with a warm and loving approach.
Thankyou Annie, you really are Heaven Sent.
– Mandy Haddock xxx

Health Kinesiology
RachelI cannot recommend the amazing Annie enough. She has provided unimaginable support for me over the past year which has been the most challenging of my life. I was slightly unsure of what kinesiology entailed prior to seeing Annie but I cannot explain how truly beneficial it has been. Annie has such an innate spiritual intuitive gift for knowing exactly is required to rebalance my body and mind and I have experienced an array of different wonderful therapies. Its impossible to pen all of Annie’s amazing attributes apart from to say she truly is an incredible person and I encourage you all to see her for self-care, self love and general wellbeing. – Rachel

Full Body Massage
David GriffithsI initially booked a FBM with Annie during my recovery from a painful lower back injury. Since going through these treatments I have noticed my back is much more tolerant of stress and occasional injury, and when i have pushed things too far then recovery time is hours rather than days. However, the good news did not stop there. I had an occasion where I was feeling physically unwell, caused by stress, but so bad i thought something was really wrong. I went to Annie for a treatment and I can only describe it as ‘transformational’. It really was exactly that. I had gone in with a feeling of deep unease and discomfort around the stomach and solar plexus area and was feeling extremely stressed. When I left, and in the immediate hours following, and since, the feeling around the stomach was gone, my stress disappeared and I was back to normal again. I do not exaggerate when i use the term transformational as it was an incredible turnaround. Annie takes such care in her treatments and they are personalised to the individual. Prepare to transform your life!– David Griffiths

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