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5* 1 Oct 2023 on Google
I would give Annie a 5star review because she is truly inspirational as a teacher and therapist I am completely well for the first time in my life thanks to Annie I have experienced hopi ear candles Egyptian sekhem massage kinesiology grief counselling ionic foot spa detox and much more Annie has helped me believe in myself both personally and professionally she is warm kind intelligent and full of empathy brilliant go and see her . – Jayne Ferguson BA therapist

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
Thank you Annie for my Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, I’d never had one before and wasn’t sure what to expect and it completely blew me away. Whenever I’ve had massages before I’ve been concerned that I’m going to be pummelled however this was nothing like any massage I’ve experienced before.
I was so blessed out, total relaxation. I could feel the tension leaving my body de-stressing and relaxing my muscles and busy brain. I’ll be back for more for definite 💗🙏💗💗 – Tracie (June 2023)

Deep Healing Massage
I met Annie Day in mid 2021. This was coming off the back of a double lung transplant in February 2020. Due to an issue, post op my spinal cord was damaged, and after two failed spinal surgeries, I was completely numb from my bellybutton down and told that I probably wouldn’t ever walk again.
I was nervous too, to have a massage in the state I was in; overweight & very out of love with my body, depressed, anxious & arriving in a huge electric wheelchair. My confidence had gone. Then I saw Annie at the door, beaming and giving off a really upbeat but calming vibe.
We launched into conversation & most of my fears had evaporated.
Annie was so kind, thoughtful, professional but also really personable. She told me right away don’t listen to the doom & gloom of doctors. You have it in you to surprise everyone! It was the positive vibes I needed & I knew right away Annie is special.
The first treatment she was amazing helping me up on to the table, to roll over, dress etc… i needed so much help back then but nothing was too much for Annie. I trusted her knowledge & could tell she knew her stuff. I was so numb that massage, and found that I was actually numb from half way down my back.
I had many more treatments with Annie, often making little breakthroughs. Example, I was starting to get some sensation back near the top of my legs but my feet were still totally numb… until Annie worked on my right foot. All of a sudden, bang! I had sensation, not only that, the best way I can describe it is; an orgasm in my foot!
I know without doubt that Annie was a big part of getting feeling back in my body. She also helped me to fall back in love with my body & mind. I am now walking, running, dancing, lost all my weight from 101kg – 72kg. I have no idea what my life would be without her in it.
There are ever so many other positive ways she has helped and influenced me over these last couple of years.
Her massages are by far the best I’ve had in all areas; no pain trying to get knots etc out, she melts them slowly. Many times I have complained of a certain issue, every time she knows how to help.
Kind / caring / honest / open / professional / enlightened / positive … with a huge wealth of knowledge purely aimed at making our lives better, and us happier.
She’s a real light in the world. It’s a privilege to meet someone such as her.
Do yourself a massive favour… book to see Annie, you will leave feeling fab & be back many times 🙂 – Greg (February 2023)

Incredibly relaxing amazing massage, I went because my back was sore and didn’t even realise my hip was sore too until I noticed it wasn’t sore anymore after the treatment. Would definitely recommend! – Kim Brill (April 2023)

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