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Testimonials in 2016

Wiccan Magick
Sometimes, you just need another enlightened soul to confirm what you know to be true, give you a shove in the right direction. Thank you my beautiful friend Annie for the doing the shoving!! I am carrying with me the green sparkly healing light of Archangel Raphael. Today I have been busy making crystal grids, spell casting and setting intentions. Boosted by the awesome healing magic you have bestowed upon me. I am now the confident creator of my own destiny. Bless you beautiful Goddess 😘
P.S. I told my GP I required to cancel my up coming operation, as after 3 years of the NHS messing me about and spirit friends telling me to avoid it. The problem has now been sorted by a Shaman using powerful magic. The look on his face? Priceless! Rachel S-P – Staffordshire

Health Kinesiology
I have known Annie for many years, training alongiside her as a Health Kinesiologist. After a period of massive upheaval in my own life, as someone I trust, I started treatments with her to help turn things around.
Her treatments are are not only powerful, they are also incredibly fun and interesting. No two treatments are ever the same.
The work she has done, and continues to do, supports my growth and finally allows me to be happy and be more self confident to explore new avenues.
This is powerful magic, although so gentle at the same time.
Please feel free to share, and do get in touch with her as she offers a wide range of relaxation therapies, including Health Kinesiology.
Andrea Cece Bennett – W.Midlands

Seashell healing
Hi Annie,
So pleased with the results from last Saturday, Hannah’s sneezing has definitely reduced. I’m pleased with the way Hannah has accepted this as well – she has stuck to just one cup of coffee a day and is drinking lots more filtered water. We picked up a small jug water filter for her to take to Uni but she started using it straight away, even boiling her ‘organic’ pasta in the filtered water. Sue – Mid Wales

Seashell healing
I loved the sea shell healing workshop the information and love and dedication of family has been a wonderful and valuable experience for me. She’s helped me to have the knowledge to expand more into I really am. Her joy and creativity has been felt in all of the activities and sharings Thank you Annie this has been amazing lots of love Maria xxx Stafford

Seashell healing
Where do I start? I have been to any seashell healing workshop previously and they have always been awesome that this is undoubtedly the best ever! Thank you thank you thank you! I have loved every think the connections to Lemuria are very roots, the affirmations, the Oracle cards coupled with Annie’s infinite wisdom and beautiful energies plus the beautiful healing and seashells themselves has provided me with the most beautiful healing. As a Cornish girl, I feel I have returned to my beach. Thank you Annie for your exceptional skills and magic. With much love and seashell blessings Clare XX coven

Seashell healing
Annie’s course was absolutely amazing and I loved it. I knew little about the powers of seashells and now I know a lot of things about them. I loved it and been able to practice all the things we have learned on other people was fantastic. The day was wonderful. The experience was amazing. And thanks to an AI now know lots of things I didn’t know before about seashell healing thank you xxx Wolverhampton

Seashell healing
I thoroughly enjoyed this seashell healing workshop with Annie. I especially enjoyed working with all of the beautiful shells and learning about the different ways they can be used for healing and divination. Thank you for making the day so enjoyable. The energy was amazing and so was the atmosphere really magical day Kali xxx Sedgley

Seashell healing
The seashell healing with Annie day was very very amazing. It was fabulous learning and chilling out with very nice people I would love to do it again. Thank you so very much Annie I had a brilliant day. Lots of love Bev  xxx Wolverhampton.

Seashell healing
Wow this was an amazing day that included powerful healing, fabulous information with like-minded people. I knew nothing about seashell healing before today. It was a fantastic day with lots of useful handouts, brilliant company., Recommend it enough make sure you do this day. Jane Pettit xx Lichfield

Seashell healing
As ever Annie day delivers a wonderful, exciting, magical day. Explaining: complicated, intricate details which are presented simply in a fun way so you don’t know you’re learning. There were many chances to learn more about yourself, learning about the world and how to use this wonderful knowledge to help other people. Thank you! Love and seashell blessings Ash XXX Stoke on Trent

Seashell healing
Annie, it  has been an absolutely wonderfully, powerful and exhilarating day. Not only did I learn more about seashell healing but have come to appreciate my own Goddess energy and thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the other goddesses. The seashells are awesome and I am so excited to now be able to connect with them and use them with all my clients. Lots of love Andrea xxx Birmingham

Goddess Workshop

If you`re a woman you will absolutely love this course. It is fun – filled, amazing, confidence – building and the most invigorating course that helps you to shine from your inner being. Annie DAy is a magical treasure Anytime spent with Annie reminds you that life is exciting and there to be enjoyed so whatever you do GO AND SEE ANNIE XXXX

Ashley Hadley – Stoke On Trent – Apr 2016

Goddess Workshop

Annie Days Magical Goddess workshop was so much fun I really enjoyed it Such a prefectday in every way To spend the day with such like – minded people was fantastic and amazing Cant recommend it enough xxxx

Beverley Mycock – Wolverhampton – Apr 2016

Goddess Workshop

The Goddess workshop with the most beautiful incredible Annie was absolutely amazing. I loved it – it was so empowering and inspiring If I had to pick out what was best it would be Belly dancing, Goddess cards, Singing, the thought – provoking Goddess info was all fantastic. The releasing ceremony, and manifesting techniques were very moving and emotional and a rare treat. Thank you for being the most inspirational incredible Goddess self and for such a beautiful awesome day with All of Us Awesome Goddesses XXXX

Clare Corfield – Coven – Apr 2016

Goddess day

Thank you Annie I came into the Goddess workshop not knowing what to expect and feeling quite nervous. I have had the Time of My Life and Lived every minute of it. The dancing, the singing and reading out the Affirmations was very grounding. Annie has the knack of making you feel part of the group from the very first action you do. I also feel Ive made some good friends today. I went from feeling scared and unconfident to feeling Yeah!! I can do this and can do anything Love & Empowerment Sue Dwyer xx

Sue Dwyer – Stafford – Apr 2016


My wife and I have recently been having Tantric massage training from the wonderful Annie Day of Heaven Scent Bliss She has taught us how to re-engage with the romance and passion of our elderly years and it was much better than we could ever have expected Thank you Annie We really appreciate your knowledge and wisdom and for making it so much fun XXX

Teresa Rogers – Stoke On Trent – Feb 2016

Health Kinesiology

I`ve been having HK from Annie for about 3 years as she keeps me sane and healthy with such a busy world

She has helped all members of my family from our cats children my self and my mum and weve all had fantastic results A fantastic lady delivering awesome amazing treatments Cant wait to see you next time Thank you Angelic Annie Love and Bright Blessings Clare XXXXX

Clare Corfield – Coven – Mar 2016

Allergy test and corrections

rachael_robb Rachel Robb

Marketing Consultant at DStorm Marketing

Hi Annie,
I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile.

“Dear Annie

I just wanted to let you know that since my Health Kinesiology allergy test with you in October, I have not had a recurrence of eczema on my eyelids. Prior to the treatment with you, I was getting eczema at least once a month, but desensitising my body to the allergens with the set allergy detox seems to have done the trick! I no longer have to worry about getting a flare up of eczema before an important business meeting. I can’t thank you enough!

Rachel Robb
Jan 11, 2016

Testimonials in 2015

Fertility Help

I`ve seen Annie for a couple of sessions of HK  to help me to conceive We did lots of detoxing and rebalancing and I`m delighted to say that I am now pregnant I cannot recommend magical Annie enough Love & Massive thank yous Rupinder xxxxx

Rupinder Kaur – Walsall – Dec 2015

Help for Fibromyalgia

I suffer badly from
fibromyalgia and I can vouch wholeheartedly for Annie Day who had helped me
immensely with my pain! Thank you Annie  xxxxxx you have truly made a difference
in my life!
️ hope they find a cure for this Sooon!!!!

Jessica Davanzo – Rugeley – Nov 2015

Angelic Workshop

I met Annie at a networking meeting which I do believe
was meant to be, from the minute I laid eyes on her I know I was meant to work
with her! Needless to say, I booked into her Angels workshop.

 The day was the most empowering event I`ve been to, I
learnt so much about angels, myself and the power I have within to really get
what I desire out of life and business. 

I would recommend any of Annie`s workshops to
anyone that would like more from their lives, she is a magical ray of sunshine
and works wonders!

Rachael Shalloe – Cannock – Nov 2015

The Art of Manifesting Workshop

Annie, just to say Mark and l really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. We both
felt it cemented a lot of the things in the secret for us both and l have
bought Belbar Moher`s book on kindle and Mark has got Bruce Lipton`s
book.  We both loved the havening and are going to do that every day,
together with mindful breathing. Thank you so much Annie xxx

Sandie Gregory – Hansacre – Oct 2015

Annie`s Magic Massages

I`ve had a fantastic massage from Annie recently She soothed all my aches and pains away, reduced my high blood pressure and I literally floated out of her practice having really experienced Heaven Scent Bliss

 I`ve had massages from all over the world and have never experienced anything to touch this She is incredibly talented  Ill definitely be back for more Thank you Annie xxx

Graham Shaw – Sutton Coldfield – Oct 2015

Angelic workshop

What an amazing day yesterday at the Angelic Workshop with Annie Day of Heaven Scent Bliss! A lovely atmosphere and calm environment where we learnt all about communicating with angels using cards, crystals, trees and aromatherapy. At the end, we used what Annie had taught us to try some healing on other workshop attendees. That was a real experience with incredible results and I feel so grateful to Annie for sharing this skill with us. I`ll certainly be practising it as often as I can.rachael_robb

Rachel Robb – Stafford – Oct 2015


I`ve just had the best massage ever from the lovely Annie Day of Heaven Scent Bliss She does exactly what she promises and when YOU have experienced one of her Heavenly massages You will really experience Heaven Scent bliss  …… as I did

 Give it  a  try you will be glad you did
Highly Recommended 5 star treatment from an Angel
Thank you Annie Ill be back again very soon

Geoff Page – Walsall – Aug 2015

Hopi Ear candles and Kinesiology

Just had a wonderful Hopi Ear Treatment with Annie ( Angel)
My hearing is so
much improved that I`ve been able to turn it down a notch from my usually setting today! 
Sorry for those I`ve been shouting at lol!
Thank you Annie 
PS Kinesiology was well … amazing as per usual Xx
Now off for afternoon 👣👣😊

Liz Jones – Great Wyrley – Aug 2015


Thank you the Awesome Annie Day an amazing health kinesiology session again. I feel revitalised and of course it is the magic fairy dust to blame if I am mischievous today. I feel full of Heaven Scent Bliss once again. Love You xx

Angie Price – Cannock – Aug 2015

Indian Head massage and HK

Indian Head massage and HK

Paul C Wynn
33 mins ·
Thanks to the wonderful Annie Day for tonight`s Indian Head massage and health Kinesiology Therapy, it was truly Heaven Scent Bliss

Paul Wynn – Walsall – Jul 2015

Kinesiology and Havening

“Annie gave me a HK session aimed at sorting out my long term fright of wasps and flying. Using both HK and Havenning I was made to feel very relaxed but here`s the best thing.as the treatment went on I started to feel relaxed about wasps and flying in airliners whenever I brought my thoughts to bear on them! Even better, this relaxed feeling has continued since and kicks in whenever I think of either of these two `nasties`. It really worked a treat and of course I had the bonus of the lovely Annie giving me the treatment.Brilliant !”

David Griffiths – Compton – Jul 2015

Hopi Ear Candles

I had gone completely deaf in both ears and just couldn`t face going to the doctors to have my ears syringed again, as it has been ineffective and painful.

Annie lives next door to me so Id had a look at her website and decided to try a more gentle and natural route. Hopi Ear candles. I`m so glad I did She explained  what the the ingredients in the candles are and that I  might feel warmth and hear crackling. I did feel the warmth and it was very relaxing but I  didn`t hear anything as my ears were still blocked
On the second visit I felt it shift the wax and I honestly think I can hear better than I have in a very long time Perhaps there had been a gradual build up of wax
My job entails me listening to complaints and answering the telephone so Annie also recommended protecting myself from negativity and doing affirmations that have really helped
I cannot recommend Annie enough Definitely 5 star treatment and service
Ill be back to try something else very soon
Lots of Love Amanda XXXXX

Amanda Tonnah – Penkridge – Jul 2015

Kinesiolgy Magic

I met Annie several years ago, and I have to admit at
first I thought what a load of nonsense, I thought conventional medicine,
doctors etc was the only solution to any condition or problem. I was so wrong, there are too many things to mention,
I will just list the ones that stand out.

I`ve had a skin condition on my hands for years, doctors
kept on prescribing several different steroid creams which had no affect, so
they would just prescribe a different one. My first meeting with Annie, gave me
a homeopathic cream which cleared up in days!

My wife whilst pregnant, was suffering terribly, heart
burn achy joints, she felt like she was 90 years old. A visit to Annie found
out she was dairy and gluten intolerant, once she changed our diet she felt
amazingly better, and had a great pregnancy.

Recently our 2 year old boy, developed very quickly an
infection in his Penis swelling it 4 or 5 times the size and making the skin so
tight it was awful, it was early evening on a Saturday so at 8 pm he was in
A&E, where we had to wait until 1 am to be seen, they wanted to and
attempted to force his foreskin back which I refused to allow them to do. They
then wanted to put him on a drip pumping high doses of  antibiotics into him. I declined and
eventually left the hospital with an oral high strength antibiotic, which I was
told would take 7 days to have an effect. We rang Annie the next morning and
bless her she told us to bring him over, Annie gave him some homeopathic
tablets, essences and used some aromatherapy cream and did reflexology on him.It is now Tuesday morning 48 hours later and the
infection has gone and the swelling reduced massively, I can`t thank Annie

I highly recommend anyone to see Annie about any
condition, what I`ve learnt is doctors treat the symptoms Annie fixes the cause

Gary Whittaker – Telford – Jul 2015


I have been seeing Annie for kinesiology treatments
for many years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her insight and the
depth of her healing. I have seen her for everything from emotional trauma to aching
joints and I always come away feeling lighter and more relaxed with whatever
issue She has a gentle yet 
authoritative approach that really makes a difference Ill be seeing you next month  for my next magical session and lots of fun 

Love & sparkles Kate xxxxxxx

Kate Beddow – Stafford – Jun 2015


I went for Kinesiology today for the 1st time with the amazing Annie Day of Heaven Scent Bliss When I arrived I felt hopeless, worthless and was low in mood and energy and an hour and a half later I feel hopeful, magnificent , inspired and ready to face any challenge And my energy and mood are rocketing Thank you Annie You  are a very Special Lady and I will be back next month for anointer fantastic session

Love and sparkles Karen xxx

Karen Smith – Cannock – Jun 2015

Divine Massage and HK

I injured my back on Sunday and was in excruciating agony. I last had a treatment with Annie 5 years ago, as she had really helped my back to remain stable and pain – free since that time. I had forgotten how wonderful her gardens and  home are. I received a big welcome and within minutes I felt as if wed only spoken yesterday . She used HK to establish what my body needed to address the injury which turned out to be a combination of essences and the most wonderful full body aromatherapy massage, with mini reflexology and India head massage too. I fell asleep at the end of the treatment When she woke me up ………. some time later, I felt and do feel absolutely wonderful and completely pain free ! I`ve booked in for a months time so that  I am receiving regular “fixes” of Heaven Scent Bliss Thank you Annie You are amazing xxxx I really cant recommend Annie Highly Enough

Darren Gibbons – Burntwood – Jun 2015


I had my first session with Annie on Sunday and I can honestly say it was one of the most magical, uplifting and enlightening experiences I`ve ever had. I feel like I`m at the start of a new, wonderful journey and I can`t wait to see where it leads

Lisa Palmer – Penkridge – 2015

Kinesiology (Skype)

Greetings Annie 8-)#

Many thanks for the recent skype conversation and
healing. Even after all these years I am still completely amazed by the efficacy
of kinesiology and your approach to it. I was really in a fair bit of physical
and emotional discomfort by the time I got in touch. I think that all manner of
stresses had been building up and it would probably have been a good idea to
have contacted you when the idea first occurred rather than delaying for a
couple of months or so. The delay has meant a full appreciation of what was
achieved during our chat.

Suffice to say that I feel happier and stronger in heart,
body and spirit. The various aches and pains have receded most markedly, the
body is working much more effectively than it was before we spoke and I am no
longer enduring periods of fear and doubt when I first arise in the morning.
All of the various responsibilities that I have willingly undertaken have
ceased to be a burden and have become once more entertaining, helpful and
rewarding parts of what it is to be alive.

Jess asked me to let you know that she, too, has noticed
the difference.

In fact, she said that I`ve been so chilled-out of late
that she thought, at first, that there might be something amiss!

So, as usual, I feel we have worked some real magic and I
continue to value you, and the variety of approaches available at Heaven Scent
Bliss, as my first emergency service. `Annie day, any day` continues to be my
motto where matters of health are concerned.

with love, light, delight and total respect to you amigo
xxxx dr

Nick Ben – Wales – May 2015



Annie Day 22/03/2015

Testimonial for Annie Day

Like many people I had never heard of
Kinesiology. Having read a promotional leaflet of Annie`s
which outlined some of the therapies she specialises in, I was curious to find
out more about it

I told Annie I was feeling somewhat
stressed and needed to feel energised.

During my session Annie held my wrist
and monitored my muscle movement responses to a set of

I`ve really enjoyed all my sessions
so far which have all been totally amazing and relaxing
I can`t
really explain it but during my sess
ions it
hits on what I require to benefit me and I`ve noticed that
this continues after the session is completed and unravels over a course of

I can highly recommend Annie and the
array of therapies she offers, she`s got a way that just
makes you feel at ease throughout

Liz Jones

Sole Sister Professional Foot Health

Liz Jones – Cheslyn Hay – Apr 2015

H K allergy testing

had a very stressful start to the day which made me late for my appointment
with Annie, she was wonderful at helping me to feel calm, once I finally did
arrive. My session today was for allergy testing and Annie was spot on with
what came to light. I left feeling de-stressed and calmer than when I arrived.
Once at home I lay on my bed to read and fell asleep for 4.5 hrs of perfect
sleep. Felt great when I woke. Can`t wait for my next session Annie xx

Sue Dwyer – Lichfield – Mar 2015

Crystal Therapy Course

caroline_evansCaroline Evans

Finally I can gather
my thoughts after a hectic start to the week, which the memory of a wonderful
course with Annie on Saturday has helped me get through with my sanity intact
(well, as much as it has ever been intact!)! What a wonderful Crystal Therapy
and Crystal Doorway course, Annie you have such infectious energy and love
for your teaching and for sharing your gifts. It felt like I had come away
with a little piece of you x So many high points in one short day: the chance
to spend time in the company of some amazing women / goddesses, each with
their own beautiful story to tell of how they had got there on their
particular journey; learning so much about the beautiful gifts Mother Earth
selflessly gives us in the form of crystals and how to give back to Her in
the way we use them for the good of ourselves, the others and the Universe;
the privilege of witnessing one classmate`s amazed discovery of the magical
power of crystals and, in doing so, being reminded of the time we each had
that moment in the past and being able to re-live it through, and with, her;
laughter; the kind of fellowship only women can create together within 2
minutes of meeting each other; and the window cleaner…. – well, I reckon he
was the most popular lad down the pub that night with the story he had to
tell! Annie, you are amazing and I can`t wait for our physical paths to meet
again! However, your spiritual path forges a way through our lives each day
xx Thank you and Blessed Be xx

Caroline Evans – powys – Mar 2015

Hk Magic

I have been a total emotional wreak, in a lot of pain for over a year and my confidence has dropped right into my boots. Today I went to see Annie and in two hrs I came away feeling as if the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I left feeling so calm and serene 
Annie thank you so much for your help and look forward to seeing you again next month 

Sue Dwyer – Derbyshire – Feb 2015

Hk Magic

I run businesses which
at times can prove to be quite demanding.

Kinesiology has changed may
life and Annie Day is amazing! It was incredible that Annie could easily tap
into what was happening in my mind by “reading” my body. I was overwhelmed by
the accuracy of things that were both operating within me at a conscious and
unconscious level. After one session I was able to see the situation for what
it truly was and within a few days was feeling much brighter and on top of

Thank you Annie for releasing
knowledge about the effects my emotional state has on my physical body, I am
sold on Kinesiology to ensure I am on track to always try and be a positive and
focused human being.





Graham Shapiro – Penkridge – Feb 2015

Conventional is not always best…

Conventional is
not always best…


I got thinking
recently that we are so often told that we should do things in conventional
ways, certain ways are better than others – that the traditional experts are
right.  This is true for many things –
science, medicine, even beauty.  I then
realized that when I started Xodos, I did it for the exact opposite reason –
Soprano IceTM Pain Free Laser Hair Removal is most definitely
different from the ‘norm’, absolutely not the same as everything else, and
that’s its greatest asset.


Then I started
thinking about the great Mrs. Annie Day of Heaven Scent Bliss.  If you’ve not met her, you should.  She started as a holistic therapist against
all the odds 17 years ago, and realized that Doing Things Differently was very
much her vocation in life.  Many people
raise their eyebrows when holistic therapy is mentioned, or dismiss it as
‘mumbo-jumbo’, without really knowing what it involves, or what it could do for
them.  Equally many then try it and realise
it is, for them, the best thing they could have done.


Annie believes
that there is far more to health, healing and wellbeing than being prescribed a
pill – and she couldn’t be more right.  I
met Annie last year, at the height of building what has turned into an amazing
business, but when you are in the middle of it, it can occasionally be a very
stressful and lonely – not to mention tiring – place to be. I realized I wasn’t
looking after myself, and couldn’t find the time to make things better. I was
tired, irritable, hormonal, gaining weight, and was looking run down and in
constant discomfort from grinding my teeth at night.


I decided to ask
Annie if she could help – after all there wasn’t much to tell my GP, and I
certainly didn’t want medicating!  My
first session, Annie was Reiki, followed next time by Health Kinesiology. I
wasn’t sure what to expect, but I came out feeling so much better! I felt like
the Reiki ‘filed’ all the stuff in my brain that I was struggling to keep in
order and felt calmer, confident and was able to get back to work feeling
refreshed and ‘ordered’.  Reiki can be
deeply relaxing, and you don’t even need to believe for it to work! (just ask
my non-believer husband!!)


Kinesiology is a complementary therapy concerned with rebalancing the energy
system of the body. 

It uses muscle testing to identify the
problem areas: light pressure is applied to a muscle and the response is

the stresses are identified, gentle techniques are used to bring the body back
into balance and harmony with itself. 

Common forms of treatment
include the use of magnets, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, or even a
particular thought. 

Most clients find the session a relaxing
and enjoyable experience, although they may be a little mystified as to how
such unusual treatments can leave them feeling so much better! 


the body ‘tells’ Annie what it needs, you get a very individual treatment, just
for you.  Apparently next time I go, my
body needs Indian Head Massage, which I’m delighted about and can’t wait! 


pretty sure there are no ‘normal’ or ‘conventional’ practices out there that
would have kept me feeling like I do, and able to continue working the number
of hours I have done since I’ve been seeing Annie.


also does many other amazing therapies, including Aromatherapy, Allergy Testing
and massage – as well as being an internationally renowned Sex Therapist.


As a
happy coincidence, I have been able to introduce Annie to what I do – and she
is now free of the bind of painful waxing, stubbly legs and ingrowing hairs,
and I hope that makes her as happy as her treatments make me!


remember, just because someone tells you that they have always done something a
certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s the right way!


something different and you might be surprised!


can be found on http://www.heavenscentbliss.co.uk/index.php

Sally Wagstaff – Lichfield – Feb 2015

Amazing therapist

Annie Day has changed my life since I 1st met her 3 years ago  She is my greatest supporter personally and professionally.

 Her combination of wonderful therapies and gentle effective coaching has made such a difference to my business
 Each time I`ve gone for an award she has done a success spell and it has worked every single time against the fiercest competition
 I really cant recommend her enough She is an incredible woman and makes each session lots of fun Cant wait for my next appointment
Love ya loads Annie x x

Gerard Sharpe – Stafford – Feb 2015

Fertility support with Kinesiology

I`ve been having support from the Amazing Annie Day as wed already tried 3 cycles of IVF that were unsuccessful. Both my husband and I have found these sessions incredibly helpful personally and professionally and I can  now confirm that on the 31st Jan 2015 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that we just had to name after our Amazing therapist Annie  Thanks Annie this is the best present that we could ever have had. Meeting you has been life changing Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Miranda Calder xxxxx

Miranda Calder – Lichfield – Jan 2015

Crystal magic

Woop woop woop, thank you so much!

I am so excited.  And having learned Tree
Spirit Healing with you is so perfect because my favourite pendulum is made of
Welsh Yew, with an amethyst – it feels like it needs to come “home” to my Tree
Lady and realise its full potential!


Cheque will be in the post, insanely looking
forward to it.


Hope you’ve had a wonderful, light-filled


Caroline xxxxx

Caroline Yorke – Sheffield – Feb 2015

Wiccan magic

Julie Lawton

22 January at 20:36

You are an amazing woman Annie Day xxx keep sparkling bright and doing what you do, helping all those who follow your light to be all they can be, it is an amazing gift you share so freely. Love and sparkly hugs you wonderful lady xxx

Julie Lawton – Stone – Jan 2015


Annie, I just wanted to get in touch to let you know that I
didn’t clench my teeth last night! My jaw is still a little sore but it isn’t
anything like as tight and I have been able to yawn normally since my
kinesiology session yesterday (which I haven’t been able to for over 6 months
now!). Thank you so much magical lady xx


Lots of love,

Kate x

Kate Beddow – Stafford – Jan 2015

Sex Therapy

Annie is Amazing
I know my sessions changed my life and sometimes even if things don`t go to
plan you look back to what Annie inspires you to do and the results are truly
wonderful. I still have my picture of Arch Angel Michael up on the wall plus
another one !!!! [ Annie kmows ] that helps me to feel my Heaven scent bliss xx

Angie Hart – Cannock – Jan 2015

Testimonials in 2014


I have been a
total emotional wreak, in a lot of pain for over a year and my confidence
has dropped right into my boots. Today I went to see Annie and in two hrs I
came away feeling as if the weight of the world had been lifted off my
shoulders and I left feeling so calm and serene
Annie thank you so much for your help and look forward to seeing you again
next month

Sue Dwyer – Derbyshire – Feb 2014

Health Kinesiology Session

Just wanted to
say my Kinesiology was amazing!
I`m totally gob smacked by it really and what a greedy lady I am
requesting all that! Lol. 😉
If you haven`t ever tried it you most definetly should I can highly
recommend this with Annie at Heaven
Scent Bliss
Looking forward to my next session in the New Year
Thankyou Annie
Liz X

Liz Jones – Great Wyrley – Dec 2014

Sex Therapy

I have been having Sex therapy from the amazing Annie Day since September and I cant stop smiling  :0)  Annie has helped me through her wonderful transfomational compassionate skills to be the Sex Goddess that I`ve always dreamed of being  ;0) I have so much energy and everything in my life is working better ;0) I really cannot recommend her enough And what is even more phenomenal is that we have never physically met as I live in California USA so all the great treatments I`ve has we`re done over Skype ;0)  Shes a truly wonderful woman and I`m so very grateful that shes in my life Thank you Annie You Rock Girl !!!!

Tamsin Gold – California USA – Dec 2014

Heavenly massage with Annie

Dear Annie Thank you so much for my WONDERFUL massage! It really hit the spot and I still feel very chilled out and at peace You have the touch of an Angel  Annie XXXXX

Can I please book in as soon as possible for another Heaven Scent Bliss Experience preferably the 1 st week in January   Love & Great Massages Sue xxxxxx

Sue Partington – Walsall – Dec 2014

Neals Yard and manifesting

Recently I have been making changes to my life to get
back to using all organic and no nasties personal care products. I have been
resisting the 2 for 1 offers and the reduced to £1 shampoos and making a real
effort to spend more, because my body deserves to be happy and healthy. I went
over to my friend and mentor`s last week and was going to buy some moisturiser
and shampoo from her and came away with a new micro business. I can`t tell you
how much I am enjoying these products. I am having a launch party this
afternoon and I can`t wait to show everyone else how beautiful Neal`s Yard
products are. Now this is never going to be the focus of my
working week but I can make sure I am using the best quality products for
myself and my family and spread the word at the same time. What could be nicer?
I have already had several orders and can`t wait to see people`s reactions when
I share the beautiful gift sets this afternoon.  I never intended to become involved in being a
consultant but sometimes things just fit and I`m so glad I manifested this new
opportunity by obsessing about good quality skin care for myself and Laura. So how does this affect you? Well, it affects
everyone because it is a basic law of the universe. You get out of life what
you put in. As you sow so shall you reap. Karma. However you choose to explain
it the bottom line is that thoughts have energy and you shape your world with
your thoughts. If you are always pessimistic and expect the worst
in everyone and every situation, guess what will happen? If you are happy and
bouncy and expect everyone to be the best and kindest version of themselves
then you will probably be right. Change your thoughts today and see how your life can
change. If you would like to know more about manifesting let
me know, I`m putting together some information and a possible workshop for the
Spring! Have a sparkly positive weekend and I will see you
next week, Love and twinkles, http://katebeddow.us4.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84ac85e992729ea96

Kate Beddow – Stafford – Nov 2014

HK Teaching

To whom it may concern – as you will know I am one of
Annie`s students who has been lucky enough to have been on her health
kinesiology course. As it`s my son`s 8th birthday on Wednesday I will miss this
session, but as it has been such an outstanding course I really wanted to offer
you my input too. I have been having Hk sessions (health kinesiology) with
Annie for some time and it really has been life changing, however I was
somewhat doubtful that I could actually learn how to do it myself! As I know you
will see for yourself Annie is a very inspiring and empowering teacher with a
real wealth of knowledge and her enthusiasm for the subject is definitely
catching. I started the course mainly to learn how to allergy test on my
family, but there has been so much more I have loved learning about in
particular the psychological aspects. Annie makes areas which I think could be
quite difficult to grasp very accessible and thought provoking. All the way
through we have ample opportunity to see Annie demonstrate techniques and then
plenty of time to practice on each other under her guidance. I think because we are working with what our body needs
whether it be emotional or physical it has felt so important to understand the
shifts that occur and feel safe and supported all of which Annie does
beautifully. The handouts too are really useful and easy to understand which
makes practicing at home much easier. In addition as I am visually impaired I
can feel at a disadvantage when learning, however Annie is very mindful of this
and checks whether I have any extra needs. I have felt confident enough to
practice at home and am eager to bring in my case study on the last week to
show her what I can do!

 What`s more the course is a lot of fun and I shall be
disappointed when it ends, it certainly leaves me wanting to learn more with
Annie. I know all this will be apparent when you attend on Wednesday but I hope
my comments help too – I have really found this course invaluable.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in



Clare Corfield

Clare Corfield – Coven – Nov 2014

HK for relaxation

I have had a wonderful relaxing treatment with the Fantastic Annie Day. I arrived on her door step stressed out, low in energy and mood and 90 mins later left feeling soooo relaxed and at peace, energised and motivated. I feel incredibly happy !!!

 Thank you Annie This has been a real shift for me
Ill be back for more Heaven Scent Bliss in 4 weeks cant wait ((*)) Lots of Love Michelle xxx

Michelle Renhard – Stafford – Nov 2014

Long Lartin Prison

Thank you to all the Heaven Scent Bliss Team as the feedback from today`s staff health day has been extraordinary.!!!

Prison officers have been absolutely amazed at being able to relax and feel at peace in the middle of a crowded gymnasium with lots of people milling around. Thank you, we will be in touch hopefully very soon to get the HSB team in asap with even more therapists next time!
 What a great “trial” this was today Couldn`t have been better
I look forward to seeing you soon
Cheers Annie

Julie Spires – Long Lartin – Nov 2014

Belly Dancing 50 th Birthday Party

Dearest Annie I just cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and effort in making my Belly dancing party such an enormous success.!!! We all loved the Belly Dancing and the cheer leaders dancing was so much fun.We learned so much about hydration, the origins and benefits of Belly dancing and I haven`t laughed so much in a very long time

Thank you for producing a beautiful fun – filled evening
Ill be in touch about my treatment very soon With Love & Best Wishes for the future –  you amazing woman
Trudie xxxxxxxxx

Trudie Mc Guiness – Teddesley Park – Oct 2014

Egyptian Sekhem Master teacher initiation

I`ve had a wonderland day with Annie & my daughter Rosie having a Master /Teacher Initiation. I have felt so empowered by the Sekhem and felt ready for this next step.
 Annie made it very easily understood and I practised doing the initiations over and over again until I felt very confident at being a Master / teacher and left Heaven Scent bliss feeling like an amazing Sekhem Master of this beautiful energy
 This journey has been very healing and has helped me to be confident in my abilities and in what I can achieve in the future Thank you Annie Cant recommend You enough Love & Sekhem Blessing Kelly XXXX

Kelly Mc Keating – Essington – Nov 2014

Aromatherapy massage

Annie Day is amazing !!! I`ve had massages of all kinds, in all the major countries of the world and had some outstanding, unforgettable experiences but nothing prepared me for my Time Out Full body aromatherapy massage at Heaven Scent Bliss with the beautiful Annie

It was very sensual, pleasurable beyond anything I`ve ever experienced before and truly Heaven Sent . Everything she did was perfect and then just when I thought it just couldn`t get any better she gave me my own special blend  & instructions for usage at home.
How fantastic is that ?
I cant wait to be back in the Midlands again and to repeat the experience
 I really cannot recommend Annie enough she is indeed – Heaven Scent Bliss

Steve Escritt – Aberdeen – Nov 2014

Sex therapy

I`ve been seeing Annie for the past few months as Id gone off sex  since having my last baby 2 years ago

 Annie was easy to talk to and  I found myself telling her everything that has been bothering me and much more
I`m delighted to report that I now have an amazing sex life ( better than it has been for years) and have a high libido and feel like a Very Sexy Desirable Goddess.
I`ve been amazed at how gentle and None embarrassing the whole process has been
I felt as if I was just chatting to very knowledgeable friend
 Thank you Annie Ill be back for some more HK now I know what can be achieved by asking my body what it needs

Alison Grocott – Solihull – Nov 2014

Allergy testing and corrections

I just had to write and thank you Annie as since I`ve had my allergies all switched off and have changed the majority of my personal care products I`m really zinging with energy!

 I have high energy and feel better than I have in years!! I cant believe that I had been checking that my dogs shampoos had no nasties in but didn`t check the labels on my own personal care kit as Id been told that they were all “natural” ingredients!!!
 Thank you Annie I have had a new lease of life and this will ensure that my energy levels will continue now that everything has been checked for vital energy for me
The whole process was very gentle and I`m so happy that I`ve found you
Ill be back for some more HK next month ((*))

Charlotte Green – Sheffield – Oct 2014

Guidance Card Readings

My 3 family members and I had amazing guidance card readings from Annie.They were all accurate, relevant and very supportive We were all surprised at how spookily accurate our readings were Even when we hadn`t said what we wanted clarity and guidance about !

 Annie also gave us practical advice to help us move forward We really cant recommend Annie enough and we will be back for another reading in January so that we can start the new year with the best possible guidance and clarity with regard to the future.

Jodie Feltham – Alton – Jul 2014

Great speaker

Annie Day
Last Thursday evening was exciting, excellent, exuberant, empathetic & energetic with our confident vibrant speaker Annie Day who led us through her beautiful plethora of skills to create health abundance & happy lives. I had recently come back from the annual I Can Do It Conference London & my heart felt comment was this. “Annie`s talk was amazing & equal to the high standard of this international conference, giving scientific facts, & great examples of how it all works beautifully.” Huge thank you to Annie for blessing us with her presence & huge thank you to all who came & made this evening possible. Thank you also for all the lovely comments about the talk. 
We certainly did experience Heaven Sent Bliss….
Namaste & happiness Marion xxx 

Marion Parry – Shenstone – Oct 2014

Inspirational Woman

Birthday Annie. It`s Your Day… Relax with your ‘feet-up’! .. Well done. Ho!!
Don`t forget to keep inspiring us all with your own MiracleBeliefs
. You are so significant to many – even those
you don’t know.


Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh xx
Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment
United Kingdom – Namibia – South Africa – Dubai

Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh – Dubai – Oct 2014

Birthday testimonial

Happy Birthday Annie on this your special day.
Wishing you all the best for a great year ahead.



I Am Hope

Even, though we may be far apart,
Distance has no boundaries.
Nor has the Heart and Mind…
Nor the Love we can share as one.

Wisdom has no distance,
a teaching for everyone to learn.
Peace and respect can be had for all…
Nature provides medicine for the soul.

We can learn from each other,
as the past has shown so many times.
Creating harsh boundaries growing
Thorns, spiritually saddening the Soul.

It takes but one small voice to stir the air,
as history has repeatedly shown.
We emerge from the dark ages,
our enlightenment to unfold.

The time has come for our voices to merge,
to send our message far and wide…
To shout loud for the entire world to hear,
to join to the one cause to survive.

Let us stand together side by side…
growing tall and strong together.
Be kind to mother earth and all who live on her,
Peace, health and happiness for one, and all.

I Am Hope

……… Bruni Brewin

Bruni Brewin – Derby – Oct 2014

Hopi Ear candle treatment

I recently had the pleasure of having
Hopi Ear Candling with Annie

This treatment I found to be very
relaxing and I felt very comfo
rtable and at ease.

Afterwards my breathing appeared much
clearer ( I actually felt like I was breathing with both my
nostrils) my hearing appeared heightened and my tinnitus less noticeable.

I would highly recommend Annie if you have ever thought about having Hopi Ear

Liz Jones

Sole Sister Professional Foot Health Car

Liz Jones – Great Wyrley – Oct 2014


 Dear Annie,

I`ve written this recommendation of your work to share with
other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Annie has a presence
when you meet her that encourages confidence and belief from. It`s a matter of
try something different and see where it takes you. The result is a positive
outcome every time, more relaxed and don`t miss out on the harp chair!”

Service Category: Complementary Therapy

Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Rhos Francis – Uttoxeter – Oct 2014


Penny wrote: “The essence of what is `Annie
Day`, love you wonderful day, you inspire me in more ways than I could ever
tell you, keep fighting the demons & keep shinning like the brilliant
bright star you really are 

Penny Wyldbore . – Sedgley – Oct 2014

Therapies at Heaven Scent Bliss


wanted to write a brief endorsement of the therapies offered at Heaven Scent
Bliss as I have received the most amazing treatments with you for some time
now. Over the past few years of me frequenting your practice I have encountered
nothing less than first class service, you make me feel wonderful from the
moment I arrive and are always thoughtful and professional. I find the
therapies are always intuitive whether it be a massage or healing and always
practiced from the heart. You can`t help but leave your centre on cloud 9 and
ready to face the world, not in the least because of the infectious smiles you
both wear! I`ve enjoyed my sessions so much that I have bought vouchers for
friends and family who have also loved their treatments with you. I can`t sing
your praises enough, thank you for providing such a special retreat.


Laura Butler – Shrewsbury – Oct 2014

Huffington Post article on the benefits of Sex therapy

Rachel Robb commented on a link you shared.

Rachel wrote: “Fantastic article with some really
interesting points about sex after 50. Your contribution is fabulous and should
inspire anyone who wants to kickstart their sex life to book an appointment
with you.”

Rachel Robb – Cannock – Oct 2014

How To Kickstart Your Flagging Sex Life

There was a time when it was considered inappropriate to discuss sex and
sexual anxieties. Certainly, what you got up to in the bedroom was nobody`s
business but your own. You would probably rather have all your teeth removed
with no…


Sal Robinson Fab
Annie x

Annie Day Thank
you MerFaery Goddess I really appreciate that Love & Great Sex Annie x x

 How fantastic is that? The Huffington Post
no less! Well done! 

Annie Day Thank
you love and sparkling blessings Annie xxxxxxx

Yesterday at
 · Like · 1


 Well done you Annie,
that`s great x

Penny Wyldbore Very
proud of you Annie, lots of good, no nonsense advice xx

Annie Day Thank
you Gorgeous Goddess love and sparkling blessings Annie xxxxxxx

Carole Renshaw Great
to see your wisdom being shared Annie! x

Annie Day Thank
you Carole most appreciated feed back Love & joy Annie x

Sally Wagstaff

a great article – fabulous to see! Anyone who thinks they need to read this
article needs to go and see the amazing Annie!

WIRE Members – Cannock / Lichfield – Oct 2014

Ionic detox footspa

I`ve just had to tell you Annie how amazing the benefits have been of having the 6 treatments of the Ionic Detox Bio Energiser foot spa have been. My “fatty liver” diagnosed by my GP, has healed My psoriasis is hardly there at all and my energy levels are higher than they have been in years

 I have really enjoyed spending time with you and learning so much about the different therapies that you do too I will be back for some more Annie pampering Thank you
Lots of Love Val xxx

Val Barrs – Cheslyn Hay – Sep 2014

Art of Manifesting Course – Meditation

Sal Robinson On this course you delivered Flooding every cell of your extraordinary body with LOVE 


feel so fortunate to have been at your art of manifestation workshop when you
did an amazing relaxation and visualisation around this – just gorgeous x

Sal Robinson – Penkridge – Sep 2014

Sea shell Healing Workshop

Marion Parry 

A beauti -filled
Day Annie Day – thank you so much for your inspiration & all the energy you
put into giving a lovely group fabulous information & experience of Sea
Shell Healing. I came back feeling as though I have a day on the beach & in
the sea! . Great to spend time with Sal & the rest of the girlies. Huge
thanks too Terry Day whos valuable contributions added enormously to a
success-filled Day! Here is one of my Mermaid sisters Namaste & gratitude xxxx

Marion Parry – Shenstone – Sep 2014


Hi Annie

Thank you so much for a wonderful kinesiology and havening
session. It was very relaxing, and I felt much ‘lighter’ afterwards. Best of
all, I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels and creativity.
Creativity is a big part of my job, and following our session the ideas were
simply flowing!

Please feel free to use my testimonial for your marketing.

Have a good week!


Rachel Robb

Rachel Robb – Stone – Sep 2014

NLP and Havening

Annie You are a wonderful amazing joyful woman who brightens up everyone`s day just by being you! I love it that you give yourself permission to be totally You and because of that your inner diamond shines through  for all to see. It has been a pleasure to work with you and experience your wonderful immeasurable talents  Thank you !!! Keep on smiling and shining your light Love Hugs Louise xxx

Louise Barker – Matlock – Sep 2014

NLP and Havening

Annie you are totally & wonderfully unique at every level and in every way. As you open the gates on your magnificence and awesome blend of special naughtiness it means that were able to give ourselves permission to Be the best Me, You,Us, that we can possibly be. You sparkle wherever you go and that enables you to tangibly and potently continue to spread your wings and fly beautiful lady- because the more you do the brighter the universe shines Much Love Julie xxx

Julie French – Derrington – Sep 2014

NLP and Havening

Annie Day You are a ray of sunshine! Inspirational  -A joy to be around !I hope you will be a part of my life for a long time to come. I Will take your smile and your laughter with me and your great hugs. ps I will always remember our Arrow breaking triumph Soul Sister Love & Big Hugs  xxx

Sally Rivers – Stoke – on – Trent – Sep 2014


Annie you are truly beautiful, a shining star !!!! I will always remember your warmth, and smile You have really helped me to to discover parts of me I hoped were there and now thanks to you they are ! You are fantastic, amazing, exciting, effervescent, magnificent glamorous, sparkling dynamic, loving, joyous and truly fantastic !! Thank you

Marrisa Jerrison – Derby – Sep 2014

NLP and Havening

Annie You are a bundle of joyful being! Your totally, magical energy shines out so brightly that it lights up peoples days or is it daze? You are Annie totally unique – a one off and very special! I know that my life is enriched just knowing you and that`s before You start weaving your magic! That`s You that is  Love Tony XX

Tony Burgess – Derrington – Sep 2014

Annie Day this is your little treat from me…

Annie Day this is your little treat from me…

I`m writing this poem
about Annie Day,
it`s not very hard to find great things to say.
She glitters and sparkles, both inside and out,
that laugh is infectious when Annie`s about!

Those tumbling red
locks, and her mischievous smile,
and sequins galore, can be seen from a mile!
With such healing hands, she can fix you a treat,
with glorious scents, so heavenly sweet.

Above all her
talents, and fabulous heart,
there`s one thing that REALLY sets Annie apart…
Whoever you are, she will brighten your day,
by sending her sparkling blessings your way.

What a beautiful
woman, who teaches the rest,
to respect our uniqueness, and love ourselves best.
With much love and kindness, it`s important to say,
We`re already blessed to know you Annie Day!

x x x x x

Leanne Knapman Humphries – Cannock – Aug 2014

HK and CFS

I have been experiencing CFS chronic fatigue syndrome for  many years with little appropriate help fro various  NHS consultants and GP`s when finally my brother gave me the details of Annie Day at Heaven scent bliss. I am amazed that in 5 sessions of her kinesiology I am back to being me again –  I have full mobility, energy and am feeling happier than I have done in many years Give her a go You wont regret it   * Thank you Amazing Annie You rock lady  x x

Karen Smith – Cannock – Aug 2014

Art of Manifesting

I loved this whole day: the meditation was so wonderful on self love and all the techniques from havening to visualizing, writing our cosmic order, changing negative words to positives in pairs, making manifestation books and wheels was brilliant  All the instructions from the secret Biology of Belief which was amazing, then letting go  of all our fears and limiting thoughts was great and being with so many like – minded Goddesses and Gods was fantastic  !!!!I cant wait for the next workshop Thank you Annie & Terry XXXX

Rosy Banger – Claverly – Jul 2014

HK Allergy work

Where to begin …… I was covered from head to toes in a very itchy rash, my breathing was awful and I felt thoroughly miserable. Id seen my GP 3 x times & each time he gave me another useless cocktail of drugs that made me feel drowsy and low in mood !!! Then sanity prevailed and I called the awesome Annie day who booked me in asap for her own very special blend of magical HK. We started my session with Hopi ear candles which immediately relaxed me and helped my breating enormously, next she did  an allergy test which showed that I was being toxified by all the Aloe based products that I had been told were safe and natural which actually contain parabens  and SLS and their Aloe  juice has GMO sorbitol in it!!!  Annie checked for lots of other substances  and switched most of those allergies off too  <3 She also checked all my personal care kit and found again that lots of the products that were aloe based were the culprits in lowering my immunity system as my body had been fighting all these nastys for far too long. All of this was done very gently and I felt very nurtured and was glad of Annie giving me the time and the space to cry for some pretty huge loss and grief issues that had been troubling me for some time. She gave me lots of willow water to drink because of its high levels of salicin and calcium – which I admit I`m hooked on! I just cant get enough of it XXX :0) She also tested for me that NYR products would be best for my sensitive skin as they are all organic and have no nastys in them and I adore the smell ! I tried the Frankincense on my skin and once shed massage it in I felt so much better,  the redness went down in a few minutes – it was such a relief . I then tried a couple of deodorants, shampoos, shower gel, conditioner,  and I am completely hooked so much so I`ve signed up as an NYR consultant The relief I felt XX Just when you would think my treatment couldn`t get any better ….  whilst Terry cooked me an omelette and organic salad Annie placed my feet in her ionic detox foot spa and well what can I say It really was Heaven Scent Bliss ((*)) I cant wait for my next treatment and cannot recommend Annie enough Definitely had a treatment that does what it says on the tin XXXXX

Jessica Davanzo – Rugeley – Jul 2014


I recently had the opportunity to get a reflexology
treatment from Annie and
I enjoyed it so much
that I want to share with you all

what a fabulously stimulating and yet at the same time,
very relaxing experience it was.

I`ve had lots of full body massages before and although a
different treatment,

I have to say that the overall feeling of relaxation I
got was much deeper than those.

I am really impressed with Annie and how she manages to
set me at ease and uncoi
l the tension
that can sometimes build up in me as a busy working mum.

At the end of my reflexology treatment I was left with a
wonderful inner calm that I feel everyone
should experience.

So I can highly recommend Annie Day to everyone here with
complete confidence.
And for anyone else like me, who wish to temporarily escape from the rat race,

I suggest you give Annie a call and chill-out in Heaven
scent Bliss

Thank you Annie, I can`t wait for my next session !! 

Liz Jones – Great Wyrley – Jul 2014


I`ve just had 3 sessions of HK with the beautiful Annie day I have to say that I was VERY skeptical about trying this and I have been amazed at the things that I`ve been able to release that were hurting my haert and all the positives Ive  gained since having this treatment It really is life changing and I cant recommend Annie enough Her treatments are 5 STAR Thank you Annie xxxx

Max Smith – Kidderminster – Jul 2014

Faery Day

The weather spells were brilliant All of it was as always brilliant! It was great to spend time with friends old & new The tree spirit symbols were brilliant and understanding faeries elves and gnomes and their functions was great  My life makes so much more sense now that Ive done this workshop So thank you again Terry and Annie Love & Naughty Faery Dust KarenXXX

Karen Miles – Allen – Wombourne – Jun 2014

Faery Day

I loved it all! It was just what we all needed a reason to play and have fun  I loved laerning and playing with the Faerys The dancing, singing, releasing, guidance cards , making our own Faerys , manifesting wheel, great inspiration and naughtiness Thank you – you have helped me to be a very joyful faery XXXXX

Cl – Coven – Jun 2014

Faery Day

The whole of this day was spectacular fun and could not have been improved I loved all of it !!!!!!! and cant score any of the criteria out of 10 it would have to be at least 100 Love & Faery Days Cody xxxxx

Cody Allen – Wombourne – Jun 2014

Faery Day

Everything about the fairy day was outstanding I especially enjoyed doing all tyhe creative things – it was good to play and it was a great bonding exercise for myself and my children Thank you to you Both Live & Fairy Blessings Marlica xxxxxx

Marlica Williams – Birmimgham – Jun 2014

Faery Day

What can I say they`ve done it again – I thought that the Faery day Could not be improved upon but today`s workshop was even more magical !!!! I loved the singing, dancing, releasement ceremony, our star wishes  hung on the trees, making a manifestation wheel and thoroughly enjoyed making my own Faery Queen And if all that wasn`t good enough The last meditation was brilliant I felt so empowered and inspired Thank you Annie & Terry -The Boys and I had an amazing time and in my 8 year old Toms words “Annie You are definitely the Best Faery Queen in the whole wide world ”

Love & Faery Blessings  Clare Tom & Sam XXXXXXXX

Clare Corfield – Coven – Jun 2014

Hopi Ear Candles

Liz Jones

“I would just
like to share my experience of Hopi Ear Candling with Annie today.
It was a wonderful relaxing experience I am a hearing impaired (hearing aid
user with a severe progressive loss) and since this evening after receiving
my treatment have felt my tinnitus seems improved and my overall hearing and
breathing seems clearer and lightened. Thank You Annie Xx”

Liz Jones – Brewood – Jun 2014

Sekhem Level 2

The Sekhem level 2 healing initiation was well thought out practical and informative as well as friendly. It is so nice to receive certificates on the day for all your courses. Thank you Annie & Terry Day for all your hard work..


Love & Thanks Michael & Ginny Bowden xx  

Michael and Ginny Bowden – Hertfordshire – May 2014

Tree Spirit healing

Hi Annie and Terry,Thank you so much for
the last weekend`s workshops. I was feeling so despondent because of family
problems when we left home, but coming back home I felt full of positivity and
joy! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for helping me get out of the hole I
was in!  
Thank you so much for
the weekend and for the printing out the tree portal picture for us it was very
kind of you. 
I really got a lot out
of  the Tree Spirit Healing Workshop. So much information and practical
work also helping us to link with our tree spirit, was as usual so friendly and

Love Michael & Ginny
Bowden xx


Michael and Ginny Bowden – Hertfordshire – May 2014

121 Meeting with Sally Wagstaff

Xodos wrote: “Thank you Annie
for a fabulous meeting this morning – we only had a chat and a herbal tea and I
came away feeling lighter and happier! What a positive and energetic influence
you are! thank you! x

Sally Wagstaff – Lichfield – Jun 2014

Egyptian Sekhem Level 2 Initiation

Dear Marvelous fantastic
Amazing Annie Day 

Thank you for the most
fabulous day yesterday it was so amazing.  It is always life changing and
more awakening in every sense in being in your company,  You are so
empowering and encouraging and you are a gift sent to us. I really am grateful
and really appreciate everything that you do for everyone.  

I thank you again for
always awakening the inner Goddess in me and making me more confident.  I
will see you soon.  It is very funny how today I get an advertisement
document on some legal insurance which has ISIS in big letters and is in the
shape of an open triangle but sits like a pyramid. Divine Synchronicity at work clearly.

I hope you have a an
amazing week.   I will see you very soon.  

Lots of love and
appreciation and thank yous to you


Rosy xxxx

Rosy Banger – Wolverhampton – May 2014


Thank you so much for your Love, Compassion, gentle healing hands, wisdom, craziness, positive energy, human frailty,courage, generosity, sparkly, magical, Faerydustness……………….and  a million other qualities & skills. And most importantly thank you for being you Annie Day.

The world is a much more magical place because you`re in it xxxxxx
Lots of Love Julie xxxxx

Julie French – Derrington – May 2014

Belly dancing lessons

Dear Annie I come home from work tired and grumpy on Thursdays an d I Come Home From Belly Dancing feeling Relaxed, happy and full of smiles Thank YOU

I cant recommend your classes enough
Love & Belly Dancing Fun – filled eves Yvonne x x x x

Yvonne Kinson – Coven – May 2014

Tree Spirit healing

Just wanted to say
thank you to you and Terry for such a wonderful, inspiring and lasting day on
Saturday with the Tree Spirit Healing course – I can`t begin to describe the
effect it has had on my world (or my bank balance, due to purchases of Tree Oracle
cards and Collins Guides to Trees, LOL!)

What a magickal group of people, it always
amazes me that whenever I go to “spiritual” courses and events the
mix and synergy is invariably perfect – with so many people in the world – those
are serious odds to work against and again, our conversation about the Universe
knowing the answers if we just surrender and accept the wisdom, comes back to

I loved using the Tree Spirit Oracle, the tree witnesses, communicating with trees in those amazing gardens at Rodbaston college. You two are amazingly gifted and explain things so that we could understand complex subjects easily. I loved making & using the tree  essences and making my own wand with runes & singing quartz was such a massive treat!!! I`ve been using it to great effect on all my family & friends. Thank you again I would love to receive your newsletter for more magical Heaven Scent Bliss courses in the future.  Thank you once again  

Love & Tree Spirit Healing to you Caroline xxxx                                                                                          

Caroline Evans – South Wales – May 2014

Skype treatments from Annie

Good morning Amazing  Annie ! Matt and I just had to let you know how much we`ve been  benefiting from the Skype treatments we`ve been having from you over the last year. We had previously had HK at your practice in Penkridge and so when Matts job was moved to the Netherlands we were struggling to find anyone in our area to deliver HK there ! Then when Matt called you and asked if we could do it by Skype quite frankly we were a little sceptical that this method would be as potent as coming to HSB for our treatments. Boy ! where we so wrong! We both “felt” every single correction that you did despite the distance between the two countries and literally as soon as you started our sessions although we knew we were sitting at a computer with headphones & mike attached – our bodies felt like we were on the couch at your practice. It has never ceased to amaze us that it works just as well ! Thank you for all your magical, mystical abilities we really appreciate it and can honestly tell everyone “to give it a try” you wont regret it Love & Blessings Matt & Yoke XXXXX

Yoke Vandermeer – Netherlands – Apr 2014

Tree Spirit healing

Hey Amazing Annie Day just had to say that since I`ve been having regular Tree Spirit healing with you I feel absolutely fantastic! The Tree spirit oracle that we`ve used plus the tree essences and tree witnesses have stabilised me,  inspired and grounded me like never before .

The ease with which you deliver these treatments has been a real inspiration as you are always present and in the moment and you as a person exude so much joy and loveliness! I cant tell you how cathartic and useful these sessions have been  I will be back for more soon

Jonathan Davey – Uttoxeter – Apr 2014

Herbal remedies course

Hi Annie It was wonderful to meet you today at the herbal remedies course – it was just what I`ve been looking for to increase and improve my business. I cant believe how much I learned from you in 3 hours Amazing !!! I look forward to meeting up with you again and would love to learn aromatherapy with you as well. I feel so happy since I`ve met you and started drinking lots of water YOU are an amazing person thank you Ana XXX

Ana Axten – Burntwood – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

Hi Annie, 


I found the Dragon
workshop, very informative, great fun, so nice to meet new people, it was nice
to link with my personal dragon and receive a manual to take home that is
really of practical use.


Thanks Annie & Terry


I hope this will help. See you both soon.
We are really looking forward to getting the Sekhem 2 Next month

Michael Bowden – Stevenage – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

14th April 2014

Dragon Workshop

As per usual, superb workshop ;0) The comedy duo,deliver a fantastic workshop that blows me away ! So full of knowledge and energies that are shared passionately and with such power. Another string to my bow that, I can not wait to try out on my next victim/ patient !!!.

Thank you Annie and Terry for a fantastic day
Lots   of Love & Dragon Breathing XXXX

Karen Miles – Allen – Wombourne – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

I loved the venue  – based in an awesome place ;0) I liked everything about the Dragon workshop! This day really could not have been better. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much! Thank you Annie & Terry Brilliant !!!! xxxx

Kelly Mc Keating – Featherstone – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

I have really enjoyed an loved every second of the Dragon workshop. My favourite part was  doing the  Dragon meditation  and  it was amazing and finding my Guardian  Dragons name was so easy it was both a shock and a huge blessing. Annie is the most joyful, positive, person I have ever met and she brings positivity to everyone around her. Thank you Annie & Terry Love and DragonBlessings To You Both Michelle xxxx

Michelle Bennet – Cannock – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

This is my 1st Dragon workshop I have ever been on { in this lifetime anyway ;0)} Words defy me – everything I`ve learned today has been transformational. I can really feel the dragon energies coursing through me and the dragon healing was so beautiful. Its very hard to say which aspect I loved most- as always Annie was just amazing, loving, inspiring, very wise & wonderful.  I so enjoyed Terry`s naughty playful energies too ;0) I loved learning about the qualities and aspects of the dragons energy, releasing negativity, welcoming in positivity, Annie`s beautiful dragon meditation which made me cry and discovering my Guardians Dragons name was so special. Learning to use the dragon invocations was great and being in the presence  and the  holding of the Bearded Dragons was brilliant!  Great people – great workshop! Thank you so very much It has been magical beyond words ;0) Love & Dragon Blessings Clare  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Clare Corfield – Coven – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

Very good Dragon workshop, informative and enjoyable, as usual. Many thanks to both Annie & Terry I really appreciate all the hard work and Love that you both put into the Dragon Workshop Love & joy Audrey xxxx

Audrey Badham – Uttoxeter – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

This Dragon Energy Workshop has really helped me to connect to Dragons & their energies. It has been a lovely day, filled with positivity, joy and great healing. I know its going to help me lots in the future Lots of Love & Dragon Blessings Ginny XXXX

Ginny Bowden – Stevenage – Apr 2014

Dragon Workshop

All of Heaven Scent Blisses workshops are amazing. The venues are cosy and the atmosphere is incredible while you learn so many things and the hosts Annie & Terry Are fabulous Lots of Love Cody xxxx

Cody Allen – Wombourne – Apr 2014

Dragon workshop

The venue was lovely with amazing energy and space. ALL of the course content was amazing. Lots of information and opportunities to let go and reflect on things that are going on at the moment. I`m so happy that I made time for “ME” and that I`ve met some wonderful like – minded people to share the day with . Thank you so much Annie & Terry XXXXX

Kelly Lingard – Burntwood – Apr 2014

Goddess Day

I loved every second of the Goddess workshop All of it was useful and worked on so many levels. It has opened up lots of energy pathways that need filling & completing  so Im now on a mission to complete the fulfilment of my feeling like an empowered Goddess all the time . I wouldn`t change a single thing it was perfect . Many thanks Karen Empowered Goddessxxx

Karen Miles – Allen – Wolverhampton – Mar 2014

7th Goddess Empowerment Day

I absolutely loved all the aspects of the Goddess workshop it was amazing and the only thing id like to change is that instead of it being just one day I wish it could be a whole Goddess weekend !!!!

Thanks Annie Brilliant Im feeling great Love & sparkly blessings Georgia xxxx

Georgia Wyldbore – Wolverhampton – Mar 2014

Goddess empowerment

All of this Goddess workshop was so useful! Annie is inspiring ! I loved the Havening techniques for affirmations, burning & releasing what no longer serves us, putting all our wishes on the stars for the wishing tree. The singing was great the Belly dancing & cheer leaders dance was so much fun in among all the bubbles it was so magical . I loved making the worry dolls and the manifestation wheels were so useful .

To be honest all of it was amazing! Annie`s wisdom is wonderful and I just loved being in her energy She is an awesome inspirational Goddess and I really cant thank her enough Love & Goddess Power Clare XXXXX

Clare Corfield – Coven – Mar 2014

Fertility issues

I`ve been working with Annie for about 11 months with regard to fertility issues as after 3 attempts at IVF which cost a fortune and the interventions of various NHS & private specialists which didn`t work I decided to visit Annie as  a friend had recommended her gentle effective HK treatments for a similar issue. Not only did I get pregnant and carry the baby to full – term I have  a very healthy happy son who I adore Thank you Annie from the bottom of my heart you are a star !!!!

with love  from Melaney Chris and our new addition Michael. Lots of Love to You Annie See you soon xxxxx

Melaney Jones – Sutton Coldfield – Mar 2014

Inspirational talk at St Dominics Brewood

As a female entrepreneur, Annie Day is a wonderful speaker. She has her feet dipped in a lot of different pools. She bounds in with so much passion and enthusiasm for what she does. As a complementary therapist, her skills are so versatile ranging from reflexology to ionic foot massages to sea shell healing. Annie is one of two people known globally who heals people through shell therapies. Through the talk she explains of her past as a special needs teacher to now running Heaven Scent Bliss. She explains that although an accident at work was a disastrous chapter in her life it was an opportunity that catapulted her into a career she clearly adores. Annie explained the importance of social media with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook giving regular updates to her followers on her business and on any new projects she embarks on. In addition to this she is currently in the process of getting her ethical practice approval and taking a Masters degree. Her inspiration? “To do what fires you up in the mornings, to have an interest and the ability to put your heart into it”. Annie made our talk truly interesting and with her bubbly personality gave much humour to her life story. Her lightness is amazing giving her the perfect networking tools to inspire all types of people. We were inspired by her talk and grateful for such a fantastic opportunity to listen to an amazing speaker.

Maneshia Johal 6th form student at St Dominics School Brewood

Maneshia Johal – Brewood – Mar 2014

Skype treatments and training

I have been working with Annie now for about 4 months having
some healing and some training, and I feel SO blessed to have been connected
with Annie.

I have always found her energy and fun infectious and her
generosity of spirit has blown me away every time we have worked (played)
together. I use the word play because actually it has always felt like play –
joyful, fun, exciting, deeply nurturing and good for the soul on so many

Her healing powers have had a huge affect on my life for the
better, and her wisdom and teaching have opened up my own healing skills to a
whole new level that brings delight and ease into my practice.

I cannot recommend Annie enough for her healing and her
teaching because she always shows up fully, with love, laughter, joy and
abundance and is always so generous with all those qualities that you can`t
help feeling a powerful effect whenever you come into contact with her.

Viola Gorgeous Mermaid Fairy Being!

love Shirley  xxxxx

Shirley Harvey – Bates – Canada – Mar 2014

Amazing Healing with Annie

Wow!!! well what can I say!

I came to Annie as I had problems with erectile functioning ED, which was destroying my relationship with my wife and was so heart breaking for me too. Years of too much caffeine, alcohol and stress in the workplace had finally taken its toll. When I went to see her I really didn`t know what to expect and was quite embarrassed about talking about this intimate issue. Annie immediately put my mind at ease with her warmth, compassion and down to earth manner. She made all of the sessions informative, gave practical demonstrations, and a wealth of knowledge on all things sexual & spiritual.
 I have honestly never met anyone as knowledgeable and so able to simplify complex information so that I could understand it. After 6 sessions of Annie`s Sex Therapy I`m delighted to say that the problem is none existent and my wife and I have the amazing relationship that we have always wanted. She has taught us Tantra & Taoist techniques that have revolutionised our relationship. She is amazing and I`m very grateful for finding her I thoroughly recommend her to anyone as there is noone that Annie Day couldn`t help  Lots of Love to You Annie.

Peter Robinson – Sheffield – Feb 2014

HK and Annie Magic

Annie has years of experience and qualifications in her field of expertise and will always go the extra mile for her clients. She is warm , friendly, inviting and absolutely brilliant at what she does. Cant wait to see her for my next appiontment.

Danny Delglyn – Gnosall – Feb 2014

Annie Magic

Annie is excellent at her work, friendly yet professional and makes you feel at ease straight away. She is a lovely healer, a wonderful teacher & I cant recommend her enough.

Tony Brassington – Cheshire – Jan 2014

Healing with Annie

Annie is very knowledgeable, professional personable and not pushy. Shes an absolute delight to spend time with whatever treatment you`re booked in for – 5 star service.

Adrian Walker – Birmingham – Mar 2014

HK Sessions with Annie

Annie is extremely knowledgeable in al areas of complementary therapy and I have significantly benefited from her treatments. She has a warm, lovely, friendly manner which puts everyone at ease.  I really do experience HEAVEN SCENT BLISS with any of her magical treatments.

Helen Goodall – Shrewsbury – Mar 2014

Health and fitness

Annie is so passionate about helping people overcome issues & feel better about themselves .

Always a pleasure to spend time with her
Try it you`ll love it XX

Charlie – Robinson – Jan 2014

Healing Session

I`m delighted to recommend Annie. She is a kind, compassionate, healer whose wealth of knowledge & eagerness to share it through her teaching is highly respected by everyone who knows her Love & Healing Blessings

June Meagher – Shrewsbury – Feb 2014

Transformation with HK

Anne Day is an absolute Healing Angel  (*) I visited her for a couple of sessions to help with my dangerously low self esteem

 The journey back to full self esteem has been very pleasant & joyful with lots of fun and nowhere near as daunting as id imagined it would be
 I`ve learned so much from Annie`s honest compassionate joyful approach and can say hand on heart Annie Day is my role model of excellence Love & blessings Yvonne x x

Yvonne Bryan – Tamworth – Feb 2014

Sex therapy

Dearest Annie Thank you so much for helping me with my ED problems after only 3 sessions Im back to being the virile hi libido man I`ve always been 1 The sessions were very professional & compassionate and I genuinely enjoyed spending time with you and consider you to now be a valuable, knowledgeable friend. Thank you so much – meeting you & having treatment from you has been life – changing Very Best wishes for the future Andy Gray xx

Andy Gray – Kidderminster – Jan 2014

Allergy test and correction

Thank you Annie So very  much – since I came to you for an allergy test and corrections I feel on top of the world! The IBS is none existent, the skin itches have dissipated and I feel completely rejuvenated ! I will be back for some more Annie Magic soon with my husband & children Love & Thanks Sonia

Sonia Brown – uttoxeter – Feb 2014

Kinesiology for pain relief

Dear Annie as you know id tried everything to get rid of the pain in my arm after id injured it and neither the NHS route or other treatments ive tried has stopped the pain

After 90 minutes with you the pain has gone completely and i can move it however I wish – ive delayed contacting you as I wanted to be sure that I was completely pain free and that my mobility had returned completely – which it has !! I cannot recommend your therapy enough and felt joyful & uplifted throughout I will definitely be back for more Lots of Love Lisa xxx

Lisa White – Penkridge – Jan 2014

Testimonials in 2013

Dragon workshop

Terry and Annie You`ve just gone and done it again !! Every workshop that Ive attended  I have thought it cannot surpass the last one. And then you`ve proved me wrong again! Thank you so very much for The Dragon Energy workshop I`m flying thanks to both you lovely people

Love and Dragon Blessings Anita  XXXXX

Anita James – Walsall – Dec 2013

Dragon Workshop

I just have to tell you what`s been happening to me since your Dragon Workshop and everythingwe did on that day. Ive become so much more trusting, my self confidence has never been so good since I cakll in my guardian Dragon an deverything seems to be easier to manifest since the workshop !! I really cant thank you Anniee & Terry for a wonderful day that Ill remember for many yaers to come Love and Dragon Energy to you from Karen Hayes xxx

Karen Hayes – Stoke – on – Trent – Dec 2013

dragon Workshop

WE really cant thank Annie & Terry enough for the most interesting, transformative, Dragon workshop :0)We all enjoyed it as a family and cant recommend the experience enough. We have always loved dragoon energy and thought we knew most things about Dragons – how wrong could we be XXXX Annie & Terry presented the information in a relaxed, exciting way that we know we will remember for a long time to come. Thank you Love & Dragon Magic David, Helen & Tom XXXX

David Griffiths – Wolverhampton – Dec 2013

Amazing HK

Hello Sparkling Annie!!! Just wanted to say that today`s Annie Magic surpassed even your very high standards of magical healing blessings. When I came in to you last week My arm/ shoulder was immobile and painful (and has been for a few weeks) and was diagnosed as a frozen shoulder by the NHS . You used: HK  magnets , affirmations, crystals and essential oils and Hey Presto!!! Its fixed beautifully I can move and DO everything with great ease Love & sparkling HK Blessings Kate X X

Kate Beddows – – Nov 2013

Learning Kinesiology

Hi Annie I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Kinesiology course. I now feel that I`m really getting to grips with completing the treatments and am looking forward to working further with this amazing treatment. Thank you soooo very much You have made very complicated information very easy to understand Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Helen Perry – Cannock – Nov 2013

Angelic Workshop

I got some brilliant information and it was lots of fun. I loved the grounds and connecting with tree angels.I enjoyed it all well done Annie and Terry x x x

Kelly McKeating – Bilbrook – Oct 2013

Angelic Workshop

I loved this so much -what a surprise ! :0) I loved the angel roles explained, connecting to them with crystals and essential oils, playing with the tree angels, all the wisdom, magic and inspiration. Thank you so very much from Clare X X

Clare Corfield – Coven – Oct 2013

Angelic Workshop

All of this day was wonderful informative, fun and most importantly enjoyable.Which just proves that learning can be as easy as this. Thank you again Annie and Terry X X

Anita Jones – Wheaton Aston – Oct 2013

Angelic Workshop

I`ve just experienced the most amazing angelic workshop with Annie and Terry Day of Heaven Scent Bliss. The location was beautiful with so many trees. I loved being re-educated on essential oils and crystals to connect with Angels. Loved the Havening technique so useful. I meet wonderfulpeople and had a lovely day hopefully the first of many. Thank you so very much

Jo Conway – Walsall – Oct 2013


OMG ! honey I
just have to share this with you after only three days of doing my havening affirmations
one of which was “I am a great manifester and I am already manifesting great
health and wealth” and Ian has just been offered a wonderful job ! After all
these years of him doing only voluntary work this is amazing and life changing.
Thank you sparkly faery WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for my next session Love
and sparkly blessings Kate X X

Kate Beddows – Stafford – Oct 2013

Sex Therapy Relationship Counselling

Hi Annie,

I don`t know what you did to me (probably sprinkled some
fairy dust on me when I wasn`t looking!) but I`ve certainly felt mischievous
and impish! I had a bath last night feeling really ill and rotten and before I
knew it I was making beards on my face out of the foam bubbles and giggling non
stop! Chris came in to check I was ok as he thought I was crying and caught me
with foam all over my head and face! And i even had an unexpected lunch with
him today and a little giggle with him.

Really looking forward to our next session!

shirley x

Shirley Harvey – Staffs – Oct 2013


Thank you for those words. Actually I think maybe your very
vulnerability – your total willingness to be transparent and truthful in every
aspect of your life – is what makes you so powerful, as a healer and as an
individual. People love that about you, and it helps everyone you come across
to dare to be more open and accepting and willing to share of themselves. It`s
certainly true for me – I have learned SOOO much from you – more than I could
possibly express 🙂 And ultimately isn`t that what we`re all here for – to be
ourselves, naked and vulnerable, no hiding, no pretence, just a human – BEING!

Debbie Delglyn – Manchester – Oct 2013


Dearest Annie You inspire me! Your strength to carry on, your passion and energy for what you do is amazing and I just wanted you to know !! I cant wait to see you for our next CPD  I learn so much from you that is magical & wonderful Thank you

with much love and hugs Emma x x x

Emma Foden – Stoke on Trent – Oct 2013

Our Ref: PBClab

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS

NHS Foundation Trust

24 September, 2013
Mrs A Day
42 Grange Crescent
Porterbrook Clinic
Michael Carlisle Centre
75 Osborne Road
Nether Edge
S11 9BF
Tel: 0114271 6671
Fax: 0114271 8693
Email: porterbrook@shsc.nhs.uk
Website: www.shsc.nhs.uklporterbrook


Dear Annie
Re: Porterbrook Clinical Lunchtime Meeting and Workshop
I would like to-thank you-on behalf of the entire team for coming to speak to our staff and trainees recently.
The staff and trainees found the sessions an excellent resource in the development of their own skills and experience to date.
I hope that you will be able to share your knowledge and skills at a further meeting in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments.
We will send you the specific feedback from your session when assimilated.

With Kind Regards.
Professor Kevan Wylie MD FRCP FRCPsych FRCOG
Course Director Post Graduate Training Programme

Testimonials in 2012

Sex Therapy Relationship Counselling

 I`m delighted to do this testimonial for Annie Day. This lady has brilliantly
saved my marriage. Dawn and I were very unhappy in our sexual relationship due
to work -life balance issues, high stress levels resulting in the passionate,
sexual relationship that we used to have becoming a thing of the past!! We were
recommended to Ann
ie by a therapist who knew of Annie`s work & had
experienced it herself as effective. We did our 1
st session with Annie face
to face & all other sessions were done via Skype. We were both amazed at
how effective everything was for both of us. Annie assured us that reason she
gets consistent, effective r
esults is because it is
your body saying what you need so there is no guess work in it. She did several
sessions which bought u
s to be in the great frame of mind were in now. We have the most pleasurable, amazing,
passionate sex life that we`ve ever had!! If you want to enhance your sexual
relationship Look no further than Annie Day & before too long you will have
the amazing sex life you deserve too!” Ben & Sarah Gordon.

2012. West London.

Ben and Sarah Gordon. – West London. – Oct 2012

Sex Therapy Relationship Counselling

is a testimonial for the very competent Annie Day`s Sex Therapy. I visited
Annie for the 1
st time 6 months ago as I
had a problem with erectile dysfu
nction which Id had for 5 years, that I wanted to address. I had already tried the NHS route which was
painful & didn`t work. Then in desperation, my wife and I saw a consultant,
privately, which cost several thousands of pounds all to no avail!!! Then we
went online
& found Annie`s Heaven
Scent Bliss website
& the solution to our
problems! I wa
s immediately put at ease by Annie & with the great way that
Kinesiology works – to pinpoint what I needed to address thi
s problem. She recommended herbal remedies, which immediately
worked, coupled with Taoist exercises, visualisations & aromatherapy, to
name but a few. Everything she did was done none judgementally &
compassionately. I found her absolute belief that my body could & would
repair this issue effectively- contagious. My wife and I are delighted with the
results & thoroughly recommend Annie to anyone. She is definitely well
named as Heaven Scent Bliss” Tina & David Jones. Sh
effield. November 2012

Tina and David Jones – Sheffield. – Nov 2012

Faery Day

Hiya Annie & Tez Thanks For yet another amazing day working with the Faeries & Elementals Riely Fell asleep in the car and then couldnt stop talking about the Faeries Thank you for an amazing day Fairy Goddess and Naughty Elf See you soon Love & Faery Dust Tracfie Fairfax- Henry

Tracie Fairfax – Henry – Bloxwich – Jun 2012

Angelic Day

Just a quick note to Thank You so much for a fantastic day pob Saturday. Everything was so much fun & I felt so full of joy for the next week!!! I loved all the creativity & know this is just what I neededd You have a special & wonderful happy energy that is infectious! I am honored to have met you & to be part of your life Thank you so much Annie You really Are an Angel Love & Joy Helen Metcalf x x x

Helen Metcalf – Rugeley – Oct 2012

Angelic Workshop

Dearest Annie Just a quick note to say Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge experience and love for the Angels I`ve learned so much It has changed my life as I didn`t know how easy it was to experience the Help & Support of the Angels Thank You Love & Angelic Blessings Lynne Brown x x

Lynne Brown – Coventry – Oct 2012

Complementary Therapist

Annie is a lovely, caring and very genuine person. Her knowledge of her specialist fields is staggering and the results she achieves are incredible. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her.

Peter Robinson – – Feb 2012

Hopi Ear Candles

Annie was great when my hubby was driving me and the family mad because he couldn`t hear properly, but wouldn`t admit it! He was convinced by us, after Annie gave us some information on ear candles, to try it. He was so pleasantly surprised at how gentle it was and didn`t think it would have worked – we can confirm it certainly did! So thanks Annie from all of us.

Jan Wright – – May 2012

Complementary Therapist

Annie is amazing. There are no other words to describe her kind and healing personality and she has always made myself and my partner feel so welcome to her therapy room. Definitely the best in her business and would recommend ten times over.

Thank you, Annie, for everything that you do!

Matthew Flint – – Oct 2012

Holistic Therapist

I feel Annie is a wonderful healer who knows exactly what you need and when. At a time when I was really in need of some healing I visited Annie and was highly delighted with her approach to the healing and the wonderful knowledge that she has within.

As a Holistic Therapist I highly recommend you use Annie and you will not be disappointed with the results. Annie is creative and very intuitive which also add to a fantastic energy healing session

Suzanne Williams – Shropshire – Oct 2012

Animal healing and communication

This is a huge testimonial for the great skills of Annie Day. I was taking care of a gorgeous labradoodle for  a friend who was travelling the world for 6 months. I had been having very effective HK treatments from Annie for a couple of months & asked if I could bring Mia to my sessions as I had no one to leave her with. I explained that Mia might not take to Annie as she had a fear of dark – haired petite women but I would at some time in the future like to get her sorted out with this fear as it was impacting on my social occasions. Mia had other ideas as soon as she walked through the door she walked up to Annie & put her face close to hers & did a big sigh And the rest as they say is history. Both Mia & myself both enjoyed a magical, very touching, healing session that changed Mias fears & addressed lots of other issues that were causing her to be unhappy. We both felt light as a feather after our sessions & have both felt so much happier since then I cannot recommend Annie Highly enough Jane Brown

Jane Brown for Mia – Birmingham – Sep 2012

Animal communication and healing

My wonderful dog Lotty had been mistreated as a puppy & we had got him from a rescue centre. Although she is a beautiful dog she would repeatedly bite the lead & seemed to be constantly agitated, anxious even when the family were all seated & relaxed. I had been having HK from Annie so understood the benefits so when I discovered that Annie did animal healing with HK I brought Lotty straight away for a session. Annie was very gentle with Lotty & let her roam around the room whilst she did the most amazing treatment discovering why Lotty was so afraid. It all stemmed from her being hit with a lead as a little puppy & also that she was taken from her mum far too early so was continually scared of being abandoned  again. After the 1st session we saw a massive improvement in her behaviour & so we took her back to Annie to sort out the best diet for her & the best exercise routine for her We are absolutely delighted that we have such a happy healthy dog Thank you from Lotty & all the Smith Family

Kim Smith on behalf of Lotty – Stafford – Sep 2012

Animal healing

At the time of seeing Annie Yaron had a cyst on his right eye was limping on his right shoulder & was prone to skin infections & quite frankly he had lost his sparkle. Annie used her magical skills & using kinesiology found out what was happening to him & addressed it with some corrections for his emotional & mental mind set & herbal remedies. By the end of the healing session he was barking & walking pain free & after taking the herbal remedies is back to his former self. Both Yaron & I are very grateful to Annie for her skills & expertise .

Sue Rook on behalf of her dog Yaron – Walsall – Apr 2012

FAERY workshop

Wow! My girlfriend had told me how wonderful Annie was from a previous workshop that she had experienced, but nothing prepared me for the magical wonderful amazing and transformative workshop that I`ve just experienced in the fairy workshop. Thank you so very much. It has been informative and lots of fun. Love and naughty fairy dust John XX

John Butler Meadows – – Nov 2012

FAERY workshop

Both myself and my daughter had an absolutely amazing day at Annie`s fairy workshop. I wasn`t sure that she would concentrate for the entire time. Annie made it very engaging for everybody. We genuinely had lots of fun and learned lots too. Lots of love and fairy blessings from Nicola and Emily.

Nicola Taylor – – Nov 2012

FAERY workshop

I`m not really sure what I expected from the fairy workshop but what really happened was it exceeded my most highest expectations. Annie is knowledgeable, fun, and made very complicated information very easy to understand. I can`t wait for the next workshop. Lots of love Frank

Frank Kane – – Nov 2012

FAERY workshop

The workshop overall was excellent the content was great pace was good the presenter was amazing the location was perfect and the handouts were really easily understood. The adults and children all had a magical and life changing experience. Thank you so very much. Love light and naughty fairy dust Jo X

Jo Felton – – Nov 2012

FAERY workshop

The workshop was so much fun. I had lots of ideas before I came and expected it to be good. What actually Happened was that it was so much better than anything I could have imagined. I love the meditation, the guidance cards, burning the things we don`t want, tying our wishes to the trees, the singing and dancing. In fact I loved all of the workshop. Many thanks Niamh

Niamh Howarth – – Nov 2012

Angelic workshop

The overall workshop was excellent the content of the workshop was absolutely excellent. The pacing of the workshop was great the presentations were brilliant the location was great and the handouts were really good too. The healing session was amazing-I didn`t know I could do this I`m so going to practice my husband when I get home. I adored Terry`s chai too. Lots of love Julie X

Julie Howarth – – Oct 2012

Angelic workshop

I found all of the workshop most useful. I have learned so much and reinforced so much of what I already knew but didn`t have the confidence to move forward with it. Thanks to today`s workshop I will be using my angelic skills in the future. The chosen angel cards were absolutely spot on. Thank you Annie and Terry for a wonderful, wonderful, amazing, angelic, day XX

Karen Allen – – Oct 2012

Angelic workshop

thank you Annie all of the workshop was really useful and wonderful. I had an absolutely fantastic time and appreciate all the thoughtsand kindness that you put into the workshop. I`m going to use my new skills as soon as I get home. Many thanks. Lots of love Jo. XX

Joanne Felton – – Oct 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie you have inspired me to always look inside myself and love what I see. You`re beautiful, fun, inspiring and happy. You radiate joy and angelic qualities. Thank you so much for the last 11 weeks lots of love and fairy dust Wendy XX

Wendy Fraser – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie, you are a delightful wonderful and inspirational spirit, full of kindness and love. It has been a pleasure coming to class every Monday and I am really looking forward to learning more with you in 2013! Love and light Esther XX

Esther Howes – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie your larger than life personality and your positive attitude is contagious and infectious. Thank you for everything can`t wait for the next course. Lots of love Genevieve X

Genevieve Upton – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

You are a fabulous teacher Annie and a very caring and giving person. It has been a pleasure and an honour to be part of your class. With love and joyful blessings Alison XX

Alison Minchin – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie you inspire me to be a better person. You are so joyful in everything you do, you make the world a better place. I wish more people will like you. Thank you for being an amazing teacher, I am so very glad to have met you. All my love Rhiannon XXX

Rhiannon Jenkins – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Thank you for embracing me into your class. I`ve enjoyed every single minute of it. You have taught me to be positive and to believe in myself and encourage me to stand up for myself. Thank you so much Ellie XX

Ellie Brown – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie to have half the knowledge that you have would enable me to make the positive difference that you do whenever you meet people. You are inspirational, knowledgeable, determined and your certificate show your growing ICT skills`s! LOL thank you so very much Julie xxx

Julie Barnard – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and learned a great deal about each element of the course. You have made it so much fun, especially now as with all your help the affirmations just trip off the tongue. Thank you so very much Maggiex x

Maggie Jennings – – Sep 2012

10 week course at South Staffs College

Annie you are an inspiration and you always amaze me with your knowledge and attitude. You are a great teacher and such a fun person to be around. Love from Emily x.

Emily Slater – – Sep 2012

I have done both Sekhem and Wicccan initiations with Annie-and I have to say they are the most powerful I have ever experienced. Every experience was a very energetic and wowing one! I can honestly say I`ve never experienced anything like it! Thank you again for wonderful initiations. Can`t wait to see you next time x with love and light. David x x x

David Griffiths – – Nov 2012

My wife has had stomach problems for over two months. We have been to see numerous doctors to ascertain what was causing the pain and cramps, all to no avail. So, in desperation we chose the private healthcare route-we saw three consultants and so-called specialists and 2 ½ grand later they still couldn`t tell us what it was or what the solution was either. A friend recommended Annie Day and after one session of kinesiology the pain was less and the cramps less frequent. After only two sessions she is back to being pain-free and a very happy lady again! So, two sessions at heaven scent bliss at £45 each treatment for a wonderful solution that was effective and sorted out a problem that the so-called experts couldn`t! I really can`t recommend Annie day enough she is professional and knowledgeable, effective and economical. If any of us have any health problems in the future we will be going straight to Annie Day at heaven scent bliss.

Andy Robinson – – Oct 2012

Adults and Teenage ADHD sufferers and carers support group

I have just had the most loveliest chat with the lovely Annie day. I can tell you that it is so nice to be heard and understood. Annie is going to be putting some information together with a summary of her experience and areas of expertise with her contact details. I will upload this as a running file in the files area, so when this is uploaded you will be able to check out Annie for yourselves. Phew! Relief.com to have someone with expert knowledge who cares. Thank you Annie I really appreciate it.

Lisa Olson – – Nov 2012

Thank you Annie for a remarkable workshop. I saw this card and thought of you. YOU are one of the strongest women I know. Not only are you an amazing teacher but you are one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. I am so glad I have you in my life. much love and joy Jo

Joanne Felton – – Nov 2012

Thank you Annie You are one very special lady thank you for the amazing gift you gave me and all the DAMSELS members. The Awakening your senses with tantra and using the five Love languages was amazing . It was so much fun and informative.
Please put your thinking cap on because our members want you to come back in Valentines week to help us with our romantic relationships with love from Lisa Baker damsels in success female networking group.

Lisa Baker – – Oct 2012

You are the therapists choice of therapist which speaks volumes about your skills and abilities.

Thank you so very much for the most fabulous attunement on Saturday I have been feeling really great since then as it helped me shift into a much better space The world is now a gentler space for me Please thank all the other attendees as I’m not sure I thanked them properly in my slightly dazed post – attunement state!

Victor O. – Uttoxeter – Jul 2012

I have never met anyone with your level of competency, knowledge and compassion.

This is the best I have felt in years! Your great treatments, support and fun – filled sessions are brilliant! It is a winning formula of that you can be assured! I would recommend you to anyone with whatever their problem as I know you can help anyone who asks you for help as by now you have treated most of my family and friends Just keep up the great work.

Ralph R. – Birmingham – Jul 2012

Your treatments are magical just like you

Just felt compelled to send you this testimonial text to thank you for the way you have peacefully provided me with the space and time to heal and relax at a very profound level. All of my original symptoms have disappeared and I feel so energetic and alive Thank you .

Graham S. – Stafford – Jun 2012

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great therapy session.

When I 1st came to you I was feeling very low in mood and energy with complicated problems which the HK has really shifted me on from and I’m feeling more at peace than I have for several years. Can’t wait for my next appointment and to see you again Just looking at your smiling face makes me feel happier.

Lisa W. – Rugeley – Jun 2012

I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Thanks seems like such a tiny word to say for everything that you have done for me over the last few months. My blood pressure is normal, the heart palpitations are none existent and I sleep for at least 8 hours every night Thanks to you and the comprehensive range of complementary therapies you practice.

Andy C. – Alridge – Jun 2012

You are a star!

Of all the complementary therapies I have tried over the last 15years nothing compares to your wonderful Shamanic HK! It is effective, gentle and superb at shifting a whole host of my mind body and spirit issues. I feel wonderful

Keith A. – Tamworth – Jun 2012

Thank you for4 being such a Brilliant Empowering teacher !

Thank you Annie from all the Wednesday evening students at Stafford College your courses are fun – filled joyful and we’ve learned such an enormous amount about complementary therapies Its been wonderful and brilliant and life – changing for all of us. Were all just booking ion for September and more Annie fixes

Amanda C. – Aldridge – Jun 2012

Thanks again Annie – you are a star

I’d just like to thank you for all the help you’ve given my daughter. Following some problems at school she had been in a very dark place and your help, support and treatment has made her so much happier and confident. She’s away for the next 2 weeks but is already looking forward to her next treatment, ……… or as she described it – ‘cool’!

Peter – Staffordshire – Jun 2012

Annie just had to tell you a huge THANK YOU.

I’ve woken up this morning and feel so full of energy and joy. I can’t remember when I last felt like this Thank you for the great HK I feel like the real me again Love and big hug

Nicky H. – Uttoxeter – Mar 2012

Dearest Annie – Thank you for the brilliant treatment yesterday!

I feel so much lighter and happier in my heart and so full of hope for the future.

Matt C. – Tamworth – Mar 2012

Universal Shift and Transformation Session with Annie Day

Landed on Annie’s doorstep feeling pretty shattered and out of sorts, not sure what was causing it but knowing I couldn’t sort this one out myself. Had a lovely chat over a relaxing cuppa, expressing my current feelings, both emotional and physical, giving us a varied palette to work from. Annie was able to draw from her extraordinary selection of Universal tools and infinite wisdom to allow us to work through many shifts and dimensions as transformation took place. There is one main word to describe the actual event and that is `Re-birth’. On a physical level I felt like I was back in time to the first time I actually gave birth, on a spiritual level it was just as intense but it was more of a dazed feeling. I was in two places at the same time…multi-dimensional.
It took me a while to come around…in fact it wasn’t until I had been to sleep overnight that I felt so much better. I am also aware that it will take a while longer and some self-nurturing for the whole process to unfold and complete itself. Annie has given me some help in this area with shells to support emotional shifts and affirmations to read and absorb fully into my conscious self. When you know you really want to get things sorted and are prepared to go through the shifts…go and see Annie…you are in safe hands, connected to the Oneness…all knowing, all understanding…just All. In Love and Light

Jayne S. – Staffordshire – Feb 2012

Wow! Annie’s Essence course was so comprehensive and lots of fun.

She made the whole process very easy to understand and being able to practice straight away was great. She gave us lots of hand outs with practical demonstrations and tips. Brilliant course run by a fantastic teacher!

Caroline L. – Telford – Feb 2012

Annie you have made my day with your wonderful treatment and teachings.

You have touched my life and are a true inspiration to me as I’m sure you are to all your students, even though we may not tell you directly or every time that you positively influence our lives THANK YOU Blessings and Love Kirsty Covington Jan 2012.

Kirsty C. – – Jan 2012

Testimonials in 2011

Complementary Therapy

Annie, has a wonderful depth of knowledge around many subjects on complementary therapy, and equally delivers a professional service. She is a delight to work with and has a delightful demeanor that keeps me wanting to get a top-up. Thank you Annie – Keep shining bright.

Richard Bisiker – – Jun 2011

Complementary Therapy

Annie is passionate about her work….and it works as well. A dedicated,
adorable lady who knows what she`s talking about and how to instill
a welcome feeling of well-being in all those she comes into contact with.

John Fisher – – Jun 2011

Complementary Therapist

My wife Sarah has used Annie and found her `heaven scent bliss` extremely worth while. Sarah commented that Annie was professional, thorough and excellent value for money. She would have no hesitation in recommending others towards heaven scent bliss.

Neil Weyham – – Jun 2011

Complementary Therapist

“Once seen never forgotten!”
Annie is a dazzling character and is a breath of fresh air, bringing her infectious unique personality to everyone she engages with at all levels.

Susan Gardner – – Jun 2011

Complementary Therapist

Annie is a truly wonderful therapist. Highly skilled and qualified, she operates fromt he heart and with the upmost integrity. Annie`s significant experience in working with groups and individual clients is immense – I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to grow and develop.

Debra Goldston – – Jun 2011

Annie I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you’ve done for me! You have made a huge impact on my life. Since meeting you I am more confident, outgoing, positive and I now always try to look on the bright side of life in every situation You are a fantastic teacher a wonderful woman and most of all a treasured friend You will always have a place in my heart and thoughts Love and Joyful blessings.

Stephanie – Staffordshire – Jul 2011

Thank you lovely Annie for all you are and for everything that you do. You are an absolute inspiration. Keep on shining like the star you are.

Gavin – Staffordshire – Jul 2011

Annie is a special person who cares deeply about all her clients, which is why everyone who has a treatment from her finds truly beneficial.

Karen N. – Staffordshire – Jul 2011

Dear Annie – Just needed to say thank you so much for all the wonderful classes you have held.

I feel like my life has changed so much for the better since I met you and you have inspired me in so many ways, I am so grateful that our paths have crossed

Nicki – Staffordshire – May 2011

Annie is truly a marvel. I always know any time spent in her company leaves me feeling full of positivity and light. Annie Day helped me with my allergies. My nose was streaming doctors couldn’t help me but she got to the root of the problem. x

Chris R – Staffordshire – Jun 2011

Annie’s range of healing gifts is so tropical and magical that you have to experience her treatments to believe the wonders she can perform! Annie is my inspiration and my mentor. Her magical range of treatments are relaxing and unique and leave you feeling wonderful

Kate B. – Staffordshire – Jun 2011

Just needed to say thank you so much for all the wonderful classes you have held. I feel like my life has changed so much for the better since I met you and you have inspired me in so many ways, I am so grateful that our paths have crossed

Nicki – Staffordshire – May 2011

Annie, Thankyou x, for helping me on my path to become more balances and connected. With Love and Respect, B xxx

Belinda – Sutton Coldfield – May 2011

Thank you for letting your light shine and inspiring us all to do the same! It was really nice of you! Lots of love from us all at Colours & Crystals Colours & Crystals at

Chase Terrace Technical College – – May 2011

I would like to send my thanks and share my pleasure and happiness with you. As you know I got married on the 5th September 2009 and had asked you to manifest a great day along with great weather, well as you can imagine it was the best day of my life, there are not many days that we get to spend with our loved ones and friends all together. Not only did we have a fabulous day but fabulous weather too, not sure if you can remember but my weather request was for warm weather not to hot not sunny and then to go a little cooler in the evening, well that is just the way it happened. So huge thank you to for your magical powers, not sure how you make it happen but it works. Thank you and best wishes

Helen E. – Branston – Jun 2011

Thank you so much for yesterday’s treatment. It has made an amazing difference! I do feel vibrant & energized & am enjoying getting stuck in to doing things – which is amazing – haven’t felt like this for a long while – so thank you a million! Its also had a very positive effect on K – who is getting sorted & organized! I can certainly recommend all your lovely healing tools Annie – they’re just magical – and work a treat! I was thinking about the Tree Spirit Healing Day & I’m going to make a point of collecting a variety of woods during our visit to the Lake District. I would love to know about the symbols & mantras – thank you Annie for introducing me to such amazing tools. Thank you again Annie – I’m hoping this feeling is now well & truly locked in & here to stay! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone started having more positive things happen after all the difficulties & challenges!!

Sally – Staffordshire – May 2011

Annie’s HK Rocks! She is delightfully warm and has a way of making you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. She has genuine compassion, great energy, enthusiasm, and is a real joy to have a treatment from. I love her ”new ” HK. Thank you HK Goddess – You are amazing!

Steve W. – Lichfield – Apr 2011

To describe Annie and what she can do — impossible! She has a very committed and professional approach, the patience of a saint and has helped my wife and I with a problem that was damaging our relationship. She has also given HK treatments to our 4 year & 6 year old sons with great benefits! We all love Annie Day

The Charlesworth Family – Stoke – Apr 2011

“Annie is a truly gifted therapist with who I have always enjoyed HK with. But a few weeks ago I went for a treatment for a new trauma that had happened and by using aromatherapy oils it was literally “done and dusted” in a few minutes gently and effectively. Thank you! I would recommend this treatment to everybody.”

Penny W. – Stafford – Apr 2011

Annie is the most understanding person I have ever met and my HK sessions have always been very useful and joyful experiences! I honestly didn’t think they could be improved upon and then she gave me a “Blast” of the new HK system and it was literally mind blowing. Feeling is believing!

Gavin T. – Shrewsbury – Apr 2011

Sorry its taken so long but I just wanted to say thanks so much for the Tree Spirit Healing workshop which I thought was great. But then I expected nothing less. I am having a think at the moment about where to go with all I have learned. I really enjoyed the wand making and making my runes last year so that’s an option, and I do plan on going on a shaman drum making course. I was going to go to the last one that was run in derby but our friends in Wednesfield were going so I gave it a miss. But I am also thinking elixers and sprays, and medicine pouches and about a million other ideas!!!!! Used my iolite crystal earlier and I think that eased things a bit but really need sleep. Hope Terry had a great birthday.
Sparkly hugs – Xxx

Paul R. – Staffordshire – Apr 2011

Annie’s HK assimilation treatments are giving me the most amazing results and her personality seems to have an immediate cheering and reassuring effect. She has an innate ability to improve a whole range of issues of the mind body and spirit. As a local GP I would and have recommended her to patients and colleagues alike as l’m certain she can help anyone with any problem large or small.

Charlotte W. – Brewood – Mar 2011

Well what can I say other than wow! I came to see Annie as my MS symptoms were getting worse not least my depression and pain & in one of our sessions together Annie “downloaded” her joyful, elated, energy into me and I have felt like a new person since! She does exactly what she says and is Truly Heaven Scent Bliss.

Katrina G. – Rugeley – Mar 2011

What an experience! Annie’s HK is amazing. I literally floated out of her practice and couldn’t really remember what I had been so stressed out about Thank you Annie. I can’t wait for my next treatment

Graham P. – Cannock – Mar 2011

Annie has transformed my life with her wonderful HK and not only is she a great therapist but she always makes me feel wonderfully relaxed and at peace. She is genuinely one of the most incredibly caring and giving people I have ever met. Thank you Annie I can’t wait for my next session of HeavenScent Bliss.

George M. – Uttoxeter – Apr 2011

Testimonials in 2010

Faery workshop

Dear Gossamer Moonshimmer Thank you so much for an absolutely marvelous Workshop! I just loved all of it !!! I`ve since put 2 Gnomes and Faeries by the pool in my garden & I`ve bought a book called Faerie-craft that I saw at the workshop and its brilliant thank yuo so very much I feel fabulous Thanks to you both Love & Faerie Blessings David x x x

David Griffiths – Wolverhampton – Jun 2010


I`ve been privileged to work with Annie for the last 2 years and she has helped me to grow tremendously, both as a therapist and as an individual. She has an amazingly warm and welcoming manner which immediately allows you to feel comfortable and supported through your healing process. Whatever your problems, whatever the issues, she will bring to it her extensive knowledge, a deep level of understanding and her complete faith in your greatest wellbeing. She has an irreverent sense of humour and sessions with Annie are always the best fun as well as being deeply relaxing and enlightening.

I`ve also been to a couple of her workshops: she packs them with information and they are an excellent way of sharing in her passion and experience of her subject.

I cannot recommend Annie highly enough whether your goal is to get well, get successful or get transformed: her energy is a vital one and to be exposed to it will change your life for the better!

Debra Delglyn – – Jun 2010


Annie is a lovely lady, always making sure your needs are best catered for. She provided massage to someone very close who was refreshed and supremely relaxed.

Mark Wingfield – – Aug 2010

“I’ve been privileged to work with Annie for the last 2 years and she has helped me to grow tremendously, both as a therapist and as an individual. She has an amazingly warm and welcoming manner which immediately allows you to feel comfortable and supported through your healing process. Whatever your problems, whatever the issues, she will bring to it her extensive knowledge, a deep level of understanding and her complete faith in your greatest wellbeing. She has an irreverent sense of humour and sessions with Annie are always the best fun as well as being deeply relaxing and enlightening.

I’ve also been to a couple of her workshops: she packs them with information and they are an excellent way of sharing in her passion and experience of her subject.

I cannot recommend Annie highly enough whether your goal is to get well, get successful or get transformed: her energy is a vital one and to be exposed to it will change your life for the better!”

Debbie – – Jul 2010

Oh God Bless you both with all my heart and Soul 4 that very beautiful and poignant text Words cannot describe how much you have helped me with every aspect of my life
All I have to do is think about you and I feel confident and happy you are very infectious Mrs Beautiful day And your uplifting texts always come at just the right time _ your timing is perfect and heaven sent!!! Love and hugs

Julie H. – – May 2010

Dearest Annie and Terry thank you seems such an inadequate word to describe what you two have done for me I feel alive happy and content. The depression is clearly gone and I’m more in love with my girlfriend every second This really does feel like Heaven Scent bliss!
The HK is incredible I cant believe how gentle and amazing it is Its really obvious that my body does have all the answers Thank you You have made my heart sing.

Matt S. – – May 2010

Well you wont be at all surprised to know that after our last HK session I felt fantastic and am at peace with myself Things that were issues for me I can see in a different perspective now I feel very gorgeous And my lovely friend Pat has just called to say thank you to You she has had a long overdue conversation and the Hk has made a really big change for her You are the Hk Goddess Annie Day.

Debbie M. – – May 2010

Good morning Annie cant tell you just how fantastic I feel after our telephone Hk session (in the Netherlands) It was amazing that I felt all the corrections and shifts in energy as if I was still @ heaven scent bliss with you Thank you so very much That session shifted lots of old/ childhood /unhelpful stuff Look forward to our next session together Again Many thanks

Yoke V. – – May 2010

Your timing is perfect as usual! You always \`know\` when to send me an uplifting message I cant thank you enough for all the great treatments the Hk has been transformational at every level. Really didn\`t think I would ever recover and get back my usual high energy levels or love for life thank you.
THANK YOU THANK YOU and also thanks for all the `after care` it means the world

Allison M. – – May 2010

Have you any idea just how wonderful and magical you really are You have helped me so much with your range of truly amazing and wonderful treatments Bring on that sunshine very day

Shone S. – – May 2010

Thanks for yet another fabulous day on Sekhem 2 You and Terry made very complex information very easy to understand Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and for making it so much fun .

Gemma – – May 2010

Very beautiful, magical, wise, amazing wonderful Annie Where would I be without you two wonderful people you and Terry have completely transformed my life with you wonderful healing ways Just driving past your fantastic practice.
Heaven scent bliss gives me the most incredible feelings of peace Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are and all you do Love light and sparkling blessings to you both.

Sue B. – – Apr 2010

Unfortunately I missed my last appointment with Annie, due to a holiday with the kids and so missed Annie … HOWEVER … I have had many treatments with Annie, including one only yesterday. Annie truely is a fabulous person and an expert in her field. Highly recommended!!! You have to try one of her many fabulous treatments…

Sara – Lichfield – Mar 2010

Thank uou so much Annie, you are SO efficient! I was going to contact you today to thank you for such a wonderful day. It was fun but informative and I loved every minute. I did my self healing last night and can really feel the difference which is amazing! I can’t wait to get started on other people and teaching this magical and wonderful gift too.
I already have three friends who are interested so that is brilliant! Take care sweetheart and thank again, you truly are a fabulous faery!

Kate – – Feb 2010

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