I have prepared some simple tips on how to help you stay positive and maintain a strong immune system during this challenging period.

1) Take a walk in nature or at the local park
If possible, try to talk a walk daily, but avoid crowded places. Movement helps improve blood circulation; the sun will help you with your daily dose of vitamin D3 and as a bonus: research shows that the colour green has a calming effect on people.

2) Do things that make you feel good.
Stress can have a negative impact on the immune system. Choose your favourite method of relaxation: music, reading, chatting with friends & family over the phone, playing with your kids or dancing. I walk in nature and rebound ((*)) whatever you’re choosing to do for exercise make it fun.

3) Eat and drink well.
Eat as healthy a diet as possible. Remember MSG and aspartame stress your body avoid them. Drink good quality water at ambient – room temperature.

4) Get enough sleep
Try to get 7-8 of sleep per night. Our immune system cannot function properly if we don’t let our body rest.

5) Avoid negativity.
Watch as little of the news as possible as this can cause stress levels to be elevated. Look at meditation videos and gentle yoga postures you can do to reduce stress. There are lots online. Simply take deep breaths in through your nose and exhale thorough the mouth slowly. This helps to calm the body and mind.

6) Take a sea salt bath or a shower.
For the ideal relaxing bath – run your bath to the correct height and temperature after adding sea salt or magnesium flakes. This will detoxify the body beautifully. Then add 2 drops of frankincense essential oil to detoxify emotionally and mentally. Frankincense helps us to let go on every level, release fears from the past, promotes hope for the future.

7) Indulge in much needed self-care.
During challenging times we sometimes put our own needs as carers at the bottom of the stack. What I recommend you do is put your own oxygen mask on first. Do what makes your heart sing and if you do love to sing – just do it. It will help you to feel happy and improves your breathing too. Get your favourite songs on You tube and sing along.

8) Ask for help
A huge one for most of us I appreciate fully. It takes a strong person to ask for help and it reaps untold benefits and will help with a feeling of peace and solidarity once you’ve done that both for yourself and the person you asked for help from.

9) Remember that This too will pass.
You have survived 100% of all your challenging days. The Taoists say that It is All in Divine & Perfect Order. Out of this situation only good will come. We are entering a new paradigm of increased social and global mindfulness that will ultimately help humanity, all living creatures and our beautiful blue green planet.

10) Last and not least reach out for support.
I am currently doing Skype /Zoom sessions to support you with gentle kinesiology to strengthen your immunity system, relax and rebalance you. Call Annie on 07869 123 065 or email her on annie@heavenscentbliss.co.uk

Love & Sparkling Blessings Annie x x

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