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Tree Spirit Healing

What is Tree Spirit Healing?

As we are all aware – trees are beautiful sentient beings, without whose presence we could not breathe. They are necessary for us to survive and for time immemorial there have always been strong links between trees and ourselves. 

As the Green man is an interweaving of human features with leaves and tendrils, this is also representative of the connectedness and interdependence of human kind with the tree and plant kingdom. 

Trees have their roots deep within the earth and their branches touching the heavens. The trees forms are visual expressions of living in harmony and balance in their own environment. 

They take their nourishment from both the sun and the earth and they are the protectors and regulators of their surroundings and also offer sustenance and sanctuary to many other life forms. 

For many centuries trees have been known to have profound and simple healing properties for many ailments and for emotional/ psychological balancing. We all experience that deepening of the breath and the slowing down of all movement whilst in the presence of these giants. 

Just seeing woods or forests can have an immediate relaxing and balancing effect on us in a gentle, but powerful way. The "greenness" of our surroundings when in such situations works on us in a holistic and comprehensive way.

What happens during a treatment

Your first visit will be slightly longer than subsequent treatments because it includes an assessment. As Tree Spirit Healing is a holistic therapy all aspects of your lifestyle will be taken in to account, including such things as diet and general medical history. 

In order to capture the qualities of tree healing, "bringing the outdoors into the healing centre"; I use a combination of The Tree Spirit Oracle, Tree Magick and Tree Angel cards, Greenman Essences, Tree Spirit Symbols, Wild woods as well as our own Tree Essences from local sources. 

This provides a truly unique and highly personal treatment in which you can ask to target specific issues: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or a combination of any of these aspects, as well as asking for specific guidance from your session with the trees in this wonderful healing modality. 

I am also happy to talk to you about collecting your own wild wood samples from windfalls and how to prepare yourself to enrich your life and connect with trees in powerful and simple ways. 

There are countless beneficial ways of working with trees; it is only limited by your imagination! Enjoy. 

What are the Benefits of Tree Spirit Healing?

The benefits of Tree Spirit Healing include:

• Grounding and centring, providing you with a deep connection to the Earth
• Assists with manifesting our goals and holding on to our visions and dreams
• A deeply relaxing experience
• Opens us up to different levels of consciousness and gives us a new understanding of our place in the Universe

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