So, this Kinesiology shizzle!? What’s that all about?


My journey….
Kinesiology is muscle testing.
Dictionary definition; the study of the principle of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement.
It is a simple, non invasive assessment tool, used by many health practitioners to assess different ailments, from a broad, general health status, to specific physical, emotional or psychological stresses. Or a combination of these factors. Kinesiology evolved from the basic muscle testing used in the early 20th century, to measure muscle weakness in polio victims. It progressed further, when in 1949, two physiotherapists, Kendall and Kendall, decribed specific applications, where it could be used to evaluate individual muscles for neuromuscularskeletal conditions. Later on, a chiropractor named George Goodheart, developed this research further, into a technique called, applied kinesiology. He was not interested in muscle power alone, more on the interaction of the nervous system on these muscles.

The kinesiology most widely used by practitioners today, has progressed even further. Health kinesiology (HK) is used when there is some stress or abnormal input from the nervous system. Lets use muscles as an example, as that’s where we started with this. During an HK session, a practitioner applies a force to one or a group of muscles, with a particular intent in mind. That muscle’s effectiveness can then be evaluated. The stressor from the nervous system, that is preventing the muscle from performing at optimum function, can then be determined.

Kinesiology can be applied in this way, to determine the state of organs, evaluate nutritional imbalances, therefore the need for any supplementation or dietary adjustments. It can also detect imbalances in the meridians and chakras, discover the presence of mental or emotional stress, the presence of mental or emotional stress and identify chemical sensitivities or allergies.

Ok, so now I was armed with the history and basic background, my science trained, naturally sceptical brain wanted a more. I have a basic grasp of Quantum Mechanics and know that everything in the universe is made of energy. Science has proven time and again with quantum experiments, that energy can be channelled, influenced and manipulated at a cellular level.

After 30+ years of searching for answers, help and cures, for my complicated health issues, I was becoming increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by anything that mainstream medicine could offer. This was usually confined to copious amounts of opiates and the like, which led me to a lonely, very dark place, that took me two years to escape from. During this time of research, my spirit guides led me to Annie, via a chance, random encounter. ( that is an entirely different story)
So, nothing ventured etc….

I wont bore you with a long list of ailments and the corresponding strategies Annie and I have implemented to cure and manage them. Maybe let me use the most significant example. I had a shoulder injury, which had caused a sharp spur of bone to fray and irritate the nerves leading to my arm and hand. This had caused decreased fine motor function in that hand and burning/tingling plus weakness in the arm. I was in excruciating pain. I had gone through several rounds of corticosteroid injections, while i was waiting for an appointment for scheduled surgery. Those injections alone have massive, undesirable side effects. especially if like me you are also diabetic. (I was hospitalised after a severe hypoglycemic attack, narrowly avoiding a coma) However, for various weird reasons and coincidences (universal forces) my surgery kept being postponed, leaving me to rely heavily on painkillers.

During my first ever HK session with Annie, my shoulder problem was one of the first things she picked up. With her help/advice/healing/magic and a lot of what my dear husband refers to as “voodoo business!” the shard healed, my pain totally subsided and on further investigation from consultants, no longer required surgery. Since then, I have massively reduced my prescription medication and am entirely hopeful for the future.

I am in no way advocating ditching your GP completely. They do have their uses. Annie’s therapies are called complimentary therapies for that reason. However, the NHS is grossly underfunded and understaffed. Doctors have to stick to strict schedules and just do not have the time or resources to discuss an holistic approach. Plus, when can you ever consistently get to see the same doctor every visit? They also have their own agenda re prescription medications. My advice is that you have to be in control of your own health and wellbeing. Do research.

The look on my doctors face when I told him that I no longer required surgery, thank you very much, as my shoulder has been completely healed by a Shaman using magic! Priceless!!!

I can obviously only relay my own personal experiences. However, I have read and heard first hand, so many lovely testimonials, detailing success stories and positive experiences following treatments with Annie, one can only conclude, that she does indeed, know her shizzle!!! Thank you Annie Day for your continued support and friendship. You were the light in my darkened world. Words aren’t really enough. xxxxx

Rachel Sturman-Panter

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