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Call to Book 07869 123065

Indian Head massage   28/1/23 10am to 2pm fee £85

Reflexology   29/1/23 10am to 2pm fee £85

Hopi Ear candling  5/2/23  fee £85

Introduction to Tantra for singles and couples  11/2/23 10am to 2pm fee £65

Space clearing for the soul  11/3/23 10am to 2pm fee £65

Egyptian Sekhem level 1 12/3/23 10am to 2pm  fee £85

Goddess Celebration day 9/4/23 10am to 2pm fee £55

Sekhem level 2 9/4/23 2pm to 6pm  £175.00

Sekhem Master / teacher 29/4/23 10am to 2pm  fee £275.00

Dragon workshop 30/4/23 10am to 2pm  fee £65

Tree spirit healing 20/5/23 10am to 2pm  fee £65

Reiki 1, 2 or master / teacher attunements10am to 2pm Fees vary according to level of attunemnet 27/5/23

Faery and Elemental Workshop 17/6/23 10am to 2pm  fee £65

Seashell healing workshop 15/7/23 10am to 2pm  fee £65

Crystal healing and Crystal doorways training 16/7/23 10am to 4pm £85 certified for insurance purposes

Art of manifesting 3/9/23 10am to 2pm  fee £65

Angelic workshop 8/10/23 10am to 2pm  fee £65

Xmas gifts party lots of  gifts to inspire and relax 11/11/23 10 am to 4pm

Venue is Heaven Scent Bliss (see bottom of page) unless otherwise stated.

Call to Book 07869 123065

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