Full Body Massage
I initially booked a FBM with Annie during my recovery from a painful lower back injury. Since going through these treatments I have noticed my back is much more tolerant of stress and occasional injury, and when i have pushed things too far then recovery time is hours rather than days. However, the good news did not stop there. I had an occasion where I was feeling physically unwell, caused by stress, but so bad i thought something was really wrong. I went to Annie for a treatment and I can only describe it as ‘transformational’. It really was exactly that. I had gone in with a feeling of deep unease and discomfort around the stomach and solar plexus area and was feeling extremely stressed. When I left, and in the immediate hours following, and since, the feeling around the stomach was gone, my stress disappeared and I was back to normal again. I do not exaggerate when i use the term transformational as it was an incredible turnaround. Annie takes such care in her treatments and they are personalised to the individual. Prepare to transform your life!
Love & Sekhem Blessings  – Dave xxx, December 2020

Health Kinesiology
I really cannot thank Annie Day enough for getting me back as she says to The best version of myself. I was feeling depressed, angry and ached everywhere and had lost my joy for life through some severe traumas .She was compassionate, empathic and professional throughout. Her biggest gift to me was she gave me hope which has made a huge difference. I had a few sessions of (HK) kinesiology and I am feeling better than I ever have . I’m fit and healthy, pain free and loving life. Thank you Annie You truly are an Angel.  – Angela, Cannock Jan 2020

Aromatherapy Massage
Hi I’m Steve and I’ve been having regular aromatherapy massages with Annie for some time.. She helps me to see the sunny side of life, releases all my many sports injuries, and relaxes me even when I’ve been through stressful periods due to my work. She has a wicked sense of humour that I thoroughly enjoy and always look forward to my appointments with her. Looking forward to my next appointment already Annie.  – Steve, Uttoxeter Feb 2020

Health Kinesiology
Well what can I say about Annie. She’s a great combination of a doctor, counsellor, masseuse. She is massively knowledgeable and inspiring. Whatever I’ve had issues with she offers friendly, down to earth advice and explains things well so I know what’s going on with my mind and body. She keeps things real and is thoughtful and kind and one of the least judgmental people I have ever met. I was very sceptical in my first session of kinesiology and boy was I proved wrong. My body told her about things that needed addressing that I hadn’t mentioned in my consultation and in the paper work. I’ve followed my bodies guidance with regard to what foods I need to avoid & cut down on that have made a huge difference to my weight, self-esteem and overall health. I’ve followed what she has suggested and am feeling optimistic about my future. Go and see Annie as whatever is going on with you I know she will be able to help you. Thanks Annie You’re simply the best.  – John, Lichfield Feb 2020

Health Kinesiology
Annie Day is like sunshine on a rainy day Her big beaming smile and happy disposition are so infectious. I’ve been having monthly treatments with her that made a huge difference to my mental health. I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety for many years and using natural sustainable techniques has resolved them so that I was able to reduce and finally to come off the antidepressants and feel fully alive for the first time in years. Go and see her she is truly and Angel. Thank you Annie Looking forward to seeing you very soon Love & Light Sam xxx  – Samantha, Newport March 2020

Health Kinesiology
I’ve had an allergy test with the amazingly talented Annie Day and it made so much sense. The results were given to me in a bespoke booklet explaining everything that I needed to substitute, reduce or avoid. As if that wasn’t brilliant enough she also checked with my body what I was depleted in so I now take the most relevant supplements that help me physically, emotionally and mentally. I cannot recommend her enough. She was professional and made it lots of fun too, I’ll be back for some more HK Annie Thank you. Love & Respect Goddess. Bright Blessings Dave.  – David, Cannock July 2020.

Lomi Lomi Massage
I have had many types of massages throughout many years, in countries all over the world and I have to say that Annie Days Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages are mind blowingly good. She is professional, intuitive and makes every massage feel superb. The sessions have reduced my high blood pressure, released anxieties and stress And are great pain relievers too. She has an incredible mind, is fantastically knowledgeable and she always makes me smile. These qualities coupled with her quick wit and hilarious sense of humour are all part of the massage experience. She is exactly what it says on the tin Heaven Scent Bliss. See You soon amazing Annie. I will continue to recommend you to my colleagues, friends and family as You are – Simply the Best. Paul xxx  – Paul, Stone September 2020

Skype Healing
I’ve had 3 skype healing sessions with the incredible Annie Day. I’ve been suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD for many years. I’ve tried counsellors, had NHS medication for many years none of which were making these better. I was giving up and feeling hopeless as my mental health further declined. It was hard to be motivated and to get up in the morning. I was at such a low spot in my life, made worse by the current situation. Then I was recommended to the Lovely, kind and thoughtful Annie Day. She really listened to me, was none judgmental and asked me questions that no-one had ever asked before that made me feel I had been heard. After just one session I’ve felt so much better and I’ve appreciated her refreshing approach in reframing and encouraging me. She has been teaching me techniques that interrupt unhelpful thoughts and have helped me to stop using old behaviour patterns to cope. I feel better now than I have for years and intend to continue to have regular treatments to maintain my positivity. Thank you Annie You are a Super Star Love & Bright Blessings  – Sue, November 2020 Cornwall

Annie is such an incredible woman…an intuitive, highly skilled, compassionate healer & she gets results! Real results, in one session. Annie is a magical Goddess!  – Sally, Stoke-on-Trent November 2020

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