When I went round to see Annie the other evening, I thought we’d be giving each other an Indian Head Massage – our usual Friday night energy swap. Little did I know I would come out initiated in the Egyptian art of Sekhem! I had a Sekhem treatment with Annie about a year ago, and… Read More

I struggle with mindfulness. I’ve got the meditation apps and I’ve tried yoga, but I find it difficult to completely empty my mind. I start off with all good intentions and even do the deep breathing, but before I know it, I’m working through a knotty problem at work or wondering what to buy for… Read More


I have always been interested in complementary therapy. There is something almost magical about the idea of boosting your energy-flow with Reiki or aligning your chakras (whatever they are) with crystal healing. But if you are anything like me, you might be wondering how it all works and what exactly is involved. And so it… Read More