Tree Spirit Healing

Recently, I adopted a puppy. Taking him out on his walks every day, made me realise a startling fact. I don’t spend enough time outdoors in nature. I believe in our busy lives, a lot of us are guilty of the same thing. This morning, I took the pup out early, it was chilly, but… Read More


Some people love beautiful clothes, others like expensive wine. Me? – Well, my passion’s a bit barking. You see I love trees. Yew, birch, oak …. you name them, i adore them. It all started when I was four years old and my grandfather built me a tree house in his back garden. I spent… Read More

green health

We should all get out and enjoy the natural world, a walk in the woods is good for mind and body Many of today’s pharmaceuticals are derived from trees. Aspirin comes from willow bark; yews are the source of Taxol, used in the treatment of some cancers; ginkgo biloba improves circulation; tea tree oil is… Read More