Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil has a multitude of properties to boost the mind, body and spirit. Here are 10 of the main benefits, showing what a great all-rounder it is: 1. Aphrodisiac Well, it is nearly Valentine’s Day and roses are associated with romance for a reason… the scent of rose essential oil has been proven… Read More

Relaxing Christmas Tips

Here are some tips to help you remain stress free in the run-up to Christmas! However busy you are, take a 10-minute walk, preferably in nature This could be during your lunch hour. Take a good multi-vitamin and multi-mineral. Particularly make sure you are getting enough vitamin D3. Low levels of vitamin D3 have been… Read More


When I arrive at Heaven Scent Bliss for my ‘Time Out’ Aromatherapy Massage, the back door is wide open, and no amount of knocking brings any sign of life. I return to my car to give Annie a ring. Maybe I just can’t make her hear me. At that moment, Annie’s Vauxhall Corsa pulls into… Read More


I have always been interested in complementary therapy. There is something almost magical about the idea of boosting your energy-flow with Reiki or aligning your chakras (whatever they are) with crystal healing. But if you are anything like me, you might be wondering how it all works and what exactly is involved. And so it… Read More

Gentle Care

As a complementary therapist I have worked at Compton hospice for 5 years with acute terminal illness and respite care patients. The main factor for the underlying “Dis-ease” is anger which has been unexpressed and turned in on ourselves. Often this was even more problematic and complex as patients remembered past neglect and abuse issues… Read More