Relaxing Christmas TipsHere are some tips to help you remain stress free in the run-up to Christmas!

  • However busy you are, take a 10-minute walk, preferably in nature This could be during your lunch hour.
  • Take a good multi-vitamin and multi-mineral. Particularly make sure you are getting enough vitamin D3. Low levels of vitamin D3 have been linked to immunity weaknesses.
  • When you’re shopping, remember to keep yourself well hydrated and well fed so that your energy levels are as high as possible.
  • When you are wrapping Christmas presents, make sure that the presents are on a table and not on the floor. Ensure that this table is the correct height for you. If you sit on the floor to wrap presents it has an impact on the sciatic nerve and the coccyx.
  • Have a tape dispenser, tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift cards and ribbons on the table at the correct height for you.
  • If you know you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), buy a SAD light. These are quite economical and make a significant difference to your mood and your immune system.
  • Ask for help. Tell those around you when you are feeling stressed and need a hand, rather than biting their heads off!
  • Remember to always put your own oxygen mask on first. By this I mean take very good care of yourself as a top priority. If you put yourself last, you will be unable to help others.
  • Avoid or reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and junk food. By eating high vibrational, nutritional food, you can make a big difference to your energy levels and your mental health.
  • Drink plenty of good quality water.
  • Breathe deeply. Often as we become stressed we start to shallow breathe which distresses our body further.
  • Find a therapist that you trust and book in for a mini treatment – for example Indian head massage, reflexology, Hopi ear candles, hand and foot massage. Or make the time to have a full body aromatherapy massage, guaranteed to relax you beautifully.
  • Last but not least treat yourself as you would your very best friend.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Love and sparkling blessings
Annie xxx

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