The Law of Attraction is based on the quantum physics phenomenon that our thoughts become our reality. Focus on the things we want and positive outcomes – and these are exactly what we will get.

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass” – Paul J Myers

DoubtIt sounds ideal. But those who have tried to think positively may be feeling discouraged if they’re not seeing that dream job/perfect relationship etc. materialise. If this is you, there are three key reasons you might be finding it difficult to manifest your true desires:

  1. Fear. Fear of not having enough money/being alone etc. will bring about negative emotions surrounding the very thing you are trying to manifest. Rather than hear all the positives, the universe will pick up on your negative energies and respond to these. Release these fears. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and concentrate on the things you do want.

  2. Lack of trust. When you want something really badly, you can start to doubt you will ever get it. These doubts send out the wrong signals to the universe and you thwart your own success. Learn to relax and have faith. Say thank you to the universe even before there is any evidence that positive change is on its way.

  3. Limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs and thought patterns can be obstacles to manifesting. Next time you manifest something you don’t want, consider which limiting beliefs brought it about. Use the experience to resolve these negative thought patterns and change your viewpoint.

If you’re thinking this all sounds like a lot of hard work, here are two very simple ways you can start to overcome all the above and give your manifesting endeavours a rocket boost.


Havening is a therapy that helps to create permanent positive alterations in our brain. The therapy uses touch to produce an electrochemical response that can heal past traumas, anxieties and limiting beliefs that have become encoded in the ‘fight or flight’ area of the brain, the amygdala. After recalling the trauma or anxiety, the practitioner strokes the arms, palms of the hands and face in a set pattern. This touch produces a surge of hormones and chemicals through the body and into the brain, disconnecting the encoded memory from the emotional response.

Another havening technique that will raise your vibration by helping you to visualise positive outcomes is affirmations. Affirmations can boost your confidence and trust and alleviate your fears. You can learn how to stroke your arms, face and palms while repeating those affirmations that will help you the most. Here are some examples of affirmations:

I’m a magnet for prosperity and abundance”

Everything I touch is successful”

I deserve the best and I accept the best now”

I am a radiant being enjoying life to the fullest”

Read about a client’s experience of a havening treatment with me here

Manifestation Wheel

Manifestation WheelCreating a Manifestation Wheel will help you focus on what you want to bring into your life. A Manifestation Wheel is a collage or chart of images or text showing what you would like to bring about in each area of your life.

With yourself at the centre of the wheel, label each of the spokes of the wheel ‘Relationship’, ‘Job’, ‘Health’, ‘Friendships’, ‘Wealth’, ‘Leisure Time’ etc. (the areas you choose are up to you). Then with images you find online/magazines etc. that represent your ideal in each of these areas.

Put your Manifestation Wheel in a prominent place to remind yourself what your intentions are. Seeing it will reinforce positive thoughts and help you to visualise your ideal life more easily, thus sending out the right signals to the universe.

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