An Angelic Afternoon

By Rachel Robb

I’ve always liked the idea that we might have a guardian angel hovering over us, ready to pull us out of the path of a speeding car, or to guide our decision-making by whispering in our ear: “Go for the sticky bun…someone’s sneezed on the carrot cake” – that type of thing. How comforting to think that someone is looking out for us. So I am more than a little excited about today’s Angel Card Reading at Heaven Scent Bliss.

I sit at the end of the bed in the treatment room and discover that I’m feeling nervous. Annie gives me a piece of Selenite to hold. It’s a pearly-white, translucent crystal, which, she says, will help calm me. She places a large piece of pale blue, raw Angelite in my other hand. Both crystals, Annie explains, are used for communicating with angels for guidance.

Annie spreads a few different boxed packs of cards on the bed in front of me. Each box is a different colour and has a picture of an angel on the lid. She asks me to choose a set of cards. I go for the pink one.  Next I have to shuffle them and set my intention, which means asking the angels for guidance on an issue of my choice. I know instantly what to ask about. There’s a relationship I need help with.

On Annie’s instruction, I split the cards into three piles and pick three cards from each. The first pile represents the past, the second the present and the third the future. I choose one card from the ‘present’ pile, which I am told is my pivotal card. It says “Victory! Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith”. Annie reads more about the ‘Victory’ card from a book that accompanies the cards. It says my future has been taken care of in a positive way, so I am reassured that the relationship in question is on the right path – a thumb’s up from the angels!

The nine cards are laid out on the bed in a grid, which can be read horizontally or diagonally from past to future, with the pivotal card at the very centre. One of the ‘past’ cards is a message from Archangel Chamuel saying “I am helping you with your spiritual soulmate relationship”. I am encouraged, as it’s a soulmate I am asking about. Looks like I’ve definitely tuned into a higher realm! If you read across, the Victory card comes next, of course, but the future card seems to make no sense at all. It’s called ‘Career Transition’. Firstly, what does that have to do with my relationship? And secondly, I’m quite happy in my job, thank you. But wait! My soulmate isn’t. Mm, interesting……

I notice that two of the cards are messages from Archangel Metatron. Metatron?! Aren’t angels supposed to have names like Gabriel and Raphael? Metatron sounds like a robot. But however peculiar the name, one of the Metatron cards says that I should ask him for an assignment to help children who are sensitive. Well, well! This is in line with some voluntary work I have been looking into recently. Another stamp of approval from Robo…er, Metatron. I suddenly feel slightly overwhelmed. I like Metatron; he and I are on the same wavelength.

I choose the blue card deck next, and the procedure is repeated. This time I ask for guidance about a house that I own, which has been the cause of much angst (I won’t go into detail, but the very mention of it makes my hackles rise). I desperately want to sell the house, and it is under offer at the moment – but I suppose I want to be certain that the sale will go through.

Well, would you believe it? Metatron pops up again! I feel I’m in safe hands here. And the messages are clear:

·         I’m doing the best I can.

·         If I’m stuck or confused I need to ask for a sign.

·         I am not alone.

·         I should not run away from the situation, as an aspect of it is not yet complete, and the lessons I learn from it will serve as a priceless asset later in life.

So, whatever happens with my house, I feel it is all for the higher good anyway. I might as well relax… and smooth down my hackles.

My final task is to pick a number between 1 and 999. I pick 12, and Annie reads from another book. The passage instructs me to “have faith” and let my “repetitive thoughts, ideas and insights” guide me.

“It’s the kind of practical advice you’d receive from a friend,” I remark, and Annie nods in agreement.

For angels, Metratron and co really are quite down-to-earth!

Later on, back at home, two things happen:

1.       A letter arrives from my solicitor saying she has finalised the contract for the sale of my house. A step closer.

2.       Eager to find out more about my afternoon’s spiritual guide, I Google Metatron’s name, and what I discover makes me smile. Apparently, he is the “celestial scribe”. No wonder I have an affinity with him – he’s a writer, like me!

Rachel Robb is a Marketing Consultant at DStorm Marketing in Stafford where she writes her own blog posts about marketing issues for the small business. Rachel can be contacted on 0121 2883422 (Skype) or 07961 832668.

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