When I went round to see Annie the other evening, I thought we’d be giving each other an Indian Head Massage – our usual Friday night energy swap. Little did I know I would come out initiated in the Egyptian art of Sekhem! I had a Sekhem treatment with Annie about a year ago, and… Read More


Like many of my other treatments at Heaven Scent Bliss, my seashell healing session starts with Annie asking me to set my intentions. In the last week my brain has been processing lots of hurt and anger, and I am emotionally wrung out. I’d like my whirling mind to be calm and peaceful once more… Read More


I’m cooking bacon and eggs for my lunch, and as the comforting aroma fills the kitchen, it seems more like a Sunday morning than a Wednesday afternoon. I’d normally grab a sandwich or have a salad at this time on a working day, so why the bacon and eggs? If I say I’ve just come… Read More


I have an important event coming up. It’s a day on which I need to feel confident, have my wits about me and most definitely NOT let my emotions take over. I go to see Annie at Heaven Scent Bliss. She’s promised me that a havening treatment will sort me out and I’m interested to… Read More

hopi ear candle

I used to know someone who swore by ear candles as a relaxation therapy. I couldn’t understand it at the time. I mean, why would you want to stick a lighted candle in your ear? Surely wax drips on your face? It turns out, they’re not really candles at all, but tubes made out of… Read More

I struggle with mindfulness. I’ve got the meditation apps and I’ve tried yoga, but I find it difficult to completely empty my mind. I start off with all good intentions and even do the deep breathing, but before I know it, I’m working through a knotty problem at work or wondering what to buy for… Read More

crystal pyramid

It’s true to say I’ve been a little frazzled recently, so a crystal therapy session with Annie at Heaven Scent Bliss sounds very appealing. Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system, which treats the body and mind with the precise placement of crystals on and around the body. Since this holistic treatment is concerned with… Read More

An Angelic Afternoon By Rachel Robb I’ve always liked the idea that we might have a guardian angel hovering over us, ready to pull us out of the path of a speeding car, or to guide our decision-making by whispering in our ear: “Go for the sticky bun…someone’s sneezed on the carrot cake” – that… Read More


When I arrive at Heaven Scent Bliss for my ‘Time Out’ Aromatherapy Massage, the back door is wide open, and no amount of knocking brings any sign of life. I return to my car to give Annie a ring. Maybe I just can’t make her hear me. At that moment, Annie’s Vauxhall Corsa pulls into… Read More

Health Kinesiology

When Annie explained that Health Kinesiology improves well-being by muscle testing, I thought I’d be lifting weights; a scary thought for someone who struggles to lift a full kettle! But I needn’t have worried, because, to my relief, the muscle testing has nothing to do with strength at all. The Heaven Scent Bliss treatment room… Read More

Ionic Detox

Two weeks after vowing to treat myself to some complementary therapies with Annie Day, I arrive back at Heaven Scent Bliss eagerly anticipating my Ionic Detox Foot Spa. My treatment happens to coincide with Annie’s 60th birthday. “But surely you shouldn’t be working on your special day?” I say. “Why not?” Annie giggles. And why… Read More


I have always been interested in complementary therapy. There is something almost magical about the idea of boosting your energy-flow with Reiki or aligning your chakras (whatever they are) with crystal healing. But if you are anything like me, you might be wondering how it all works and what exactly is involved. And so it… Read More