The Old Church, a beautiful deconsecrated church in Gailey, Staffordshire, is home to Magenta Circle.  Magenta Circle is a forum for people who are interested in metaphysical subjects such as Sacred Geometry, the Knights Templar and The Holy Grail, and it hosts speakers from all over the country.
Built on the Rodbaston Estate in 1849 to serve the people of Gailey, the church eventually fell into disrepair, and in 1980 it was sold and renovated as commercial premises. Since 2003, founder of Magenta Circle, Philippa Smart, has occupied the Old Church with her company, Be Smart Designs.

It was a brush with death that led Philippa to conceive the idea for Magenta Circle. After having been diagnosed with a spinal tumour in 2000, which was subsequently removed, Philippa sought the advice of spiritual healer, Minnie Ellis. A combination of crystal healing and visualisation techniques meant that Philippa recovered from the operation with a new zest for life. Spurred on by the breakdown of her marriage, Philippa decided to build her graphic design business and her life again.
Philippa, who has always loved history, developed a passion for topics such as the Ark of the Covenant, Ascension and Egyptian Mythology. Wanting to create a place where like-minded people could come together to discuss these subjects, Philippa set up Magenta Circle in April 2015.
“It is clear the building is loving being activated with the energy of Magenta Circle. We even have a space ship in the stained glass windows!” Philippa says.
January was a particularly busy month for Magenta Circle. Mark Booth (also known as Jonathan Black) and author of the best-selling books. The Secret History of the World, The Secret History of Dante and The Sacred History, spoke about how to live in a supernatural universe. He discussed what the wisdom of the secret societies has to teach us in our daily lives, and gave a very interesting and informative talk. Then later in the month, Sandy Humby held two fascinating Rose Alchemy workshops: the first one, an attunement to the Rose energies, and the second, about deepening our connection with the power of the Rose energies.
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The Old Church is located on the A449 Gailey roundabout, easily accessible from junction 12 or 13 of the M6. The address is The Old Church, West End Studio, Watling Street, Gailey, Staffordshire ST19 5PR (although the best sat nav postcode is for the Spread Eagle pub just opposite – ST19 5PN).


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