Relationship Success Blockers

For a long time, Claire didn’t know why all her relationships failed. After two failed marriages and a few unsuccessful relationships in between, Claire came to me, desperate to understand where she was going wrong.
I used kinesiology to determine what was blocking Claire’s success in the area of relationships. During the session, this gentle muscle testing technique highlighted a couple of issues, which meant that Claire chose the wrong type of partner. It was clear that this was a pattern that needed to be broken, so using a variety of natural and non-invasive techniques, we cleared these success blockers and freed Claire from their constraints that had constantly led her down the same path in the past.
A couple of months after the kinesiology session with me, Claire reported that she had met a man and that he was ‘quite different’ from previous partners. Their relationship blossomed and Claire and her ‘new’ man are still together three years later and very happy.

Career Success Blockers

At the age of 45, Gill left a stressful job in teaching to set up her own business. She had high hopes of earning enough to be able to make some savings and boost her pension pot. She dreamt of retiring early and moving abroad to somewhere sunnier, like the Mediterranean, and pinned all her hopes on creating enough wealth to do this through her self-employment. Three years into her small business, however, Gill was struggling to make money. No matter what she tried, she was finding it difficult to get new clients for her service. She started giving away her service at a knock-down price, but the additional clients this brought her seemed to demand all her time and attention, leaving her exhausted and making her feel resentful. When Gill came to see me she was ready to pack in her business and go back to teaching. She felt a failure and was hugely disappointed that she would never make the money she needed to retire abroad.
success - Carl JungUsing kinesiology, I determined Gill’s success blockers– the self-imposed obstacles to her success. An incident in her past had left her feeling that she was not worthy of success and wealth. This lack of self-worth and related self-limiting beliefs meant that she continually self-sabotaged her best efforts to succeed, which only served to prove to Gill that she would never achieve her ambitions. Her failure in the area of business became self-fulfilling – a vicious cycle that Gill could not break out of.
I enabled Gill to cut loose from her self-limiting beliefs by employing a variety of non-invasive and natural techniques, such as havening. These techniques removed the success blockers and equipped Gill with the tools necessary to keep these at bay.
A few days after the success blocker removal treatment with me, Gill reported that she had increased the price of her service and had made the decision to ditch those clients that she felt were draining her energy and holding her back. Within 6 months, Gill had engaged the right type of client, was charging what she was worth and was receiving more enquiries than she could handle. Her next step, she told me, was to employ and train a member of staff.

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  • Hi, great article, fascinating that kinesiology was able to specifically pinpoint why these people were experiencing difficulties in their day to day life. I am hoping to learn to be a kinesiologist and am using kinesiology software I discovered on Aeon to learn the basics.

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