According to official data 72% of women and 52% of men in the UK are failing to consume sufficient
dietary magnesium. 25 years ago we could have eaten a portion of broccoli and a portion of spinach
daily, which would have been sufficient for our magnesium requirements. However, because our soil
quality is so poor now, we would need to eat a wheelbarrow full of each just to get our daily
requirement of magnesium. Subsequently, magnesium insufficiency has become commonplace
globally. The effects of magnesium insufficiency are wide-ranging and include the occurrence of
muscle cramps, fatigue, low moods and depression.

This important mineral is responsible for 300 different functions throughout the human body. It is
essential for bone growth and the proper functioning of nerves and muscles especially those of the
heart and lungs.

It is very clear that the only way we can ensure that what have sufficient magnesium on a daily basis
is to take a magnesium supplement. It is also essential that we use magnesium which provides high
bioavailability. This means that the body can utilise it and digest it easily.

There is much research that suggests that this importance mineral is the best remedy for depression.
Other antidepressants have issues in how quickly they work, and how slowly one needs to come off
them to ensure that the person does not have withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, magnesium in its
bioavailable form is effective in addressing issues caused by the depletion. Research also concludes
that it helps women to overcome many symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause and
menopausal symptoms.

As a kinesiologist I test for each individual patient how they need to take it, and which is the best
company for maximum efficacy. I recommend Lambert’s health care Magasorb and Higher Natures
True food magnesium. Both of these products are easily absorbed and highly effective in the
treatment of pain, muscle cramps, fatigue, and as a wonderful natural antidepressant.

If you would like to learn more about magnesium or kinesiology then please do give me a call on
(07869) 123065. Alternatively, email me at
With love, light and sparkling blessings Annie

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